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Friday, June 15, 2007

Tom Severson's Precision Marketing Behind Dirty Campaign Against Monahan

In the primary race for Easton's magisterial district of Williams Township, Glendon Borough and Easton's south side, things got ugly. Smear tactics, or guerrilla politics, victimized Brian Monahan, a Republican lawyer in a three-way battle with designer Cindy Greene, another Republican, and Easton councilman Dan Corpora, a Democrat. Both Corpora and Greene convincingly deny being involved in dirty politics, but someone was trying hard to trash Monahan. And it's someone who knows how campaigns work.

Anonymous mailers viciously distorted Monahan's career as a defense attorney. It is impossible to defend against them without violating attorney-client privilege. Monahan is falsely accused of preventing "the prosecution of a heinous double murder." "We deserve an ethical judge who will be tough on crime - NOT Brian Monahan!" Of course, the candidates suspected each other, but they were all innocent. Unfortunately, this anonymous smear also probably turned off a lot of voters. Why bother?

These unsigned mailers violate The Elections Code. A person who pays for a direct mailing designed to influence an election must "clearly and conspicuously" identify himself. That's the rule, bippy. The author can be anonymous but the person who pays for it must identify himself. And any person who spends more than $100 to advocate the defeat of a clearly identified candidate, is subject to the same reporting requirements as any candidate or committee. Violating these laws is a misdemeanor that can get you two years in Northampton County's overcrowded slammer.

Yesterday, a "John Doe" report was filed in the elections office, revealing that $861.91 was paid to Tom Severson's Precision Marketing on May 21 to oppose Monahan's election. So, as some of your probably guessed long ago, we now know that Tom Severson is the bastard behind the smear campaign against Monahan.

The expenditures occurred before, and not after, the primary. This bogus report was prepared and filed only because Severson knows I'm on to him. It's not going to help. Because more than $500 was spent to influence an election after the final preelection reports were due, Severson was obligated to disclose the expenditure within 24 hours of his visit to the post office. He didn't.


Severson is laughing at us all, and has made a mockery of our election finance laws. He thinks he can ignore election finance laws because of his friendship with District Attorney John Morganelli. He had better think again.

I'll have more on this next week.


Anonymous said...

It's time you start a weekend host series.

It's 12:41 and not a single post regarding the Easton political shennanigans which begs the question, who gives a shit what happens there?

So, who could it gonna be, Kissingler, BTNP or Jolly Fuckin Joe? Come to think of it, where are you in all of this online chatter Ron Angle?

The last few weekend stories have been in my opinion, pretty boring.

It's like you're taking the weekend off?

Anonymous said...

Tom, is that you???

To answer your question about ''who gives a [redacted] what happens there'' - apparently Tom Severson does! So much, that he was willing to fork over almost a thousand bucks to influence the race. Too bad it backfired!

Hey Bernie - do you think you could do us a favor and keep everyone advised as to which politicians use Severson? I, for one, refuse to vote for ANY candidate who would hire such an unethical firm. I know my friends feel the same way, too.

Anonymous said...

no surprise, but what's severson's motivation?

Anonymous said...

Severson is a cockroach and it'll be entertaining to watch him scramble as cockroaches do when the light is turned on.

I'm no fan of Monahan's, but cowards of Severson's ilk deserve to be exposed.

Good on you, Bernie. And, yes, please keep us informed of Severson's spineless antics.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 12;50AM, this is what you do on Friday nights? Only the Lonely! I guess you missed the 130 comments about Kieklak, a regular "boring" story! LOL

Anonymous said...

Oh, and I see it took you 9 minutes to type less than 100 words. do you have opposable thumbs?

Anonymous said...

Politicians are IFO's--IDENTIFIED

Anons are Unidentified.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Folks, Whenever I post about the troll who slimed Monahan anonymously during the elkection thru the US mail, a troll comes on this site and slimes just about everyone. His purpose is to draw attention away from his disgusting activities as a political consultant, where he really has damaged democracy by spewing and half-truths and lies for years in political campaigns.

Severson's Precisiopn Marketing is known for its midnight anonymous attacks in political campaigns. And it's highly likely that Severson is the modnight poster here.

He wants you to think you don't give a shit. For years he has relied on a MSM that doesn't like to cover political campaigns. It's enabled him to get away with a lot.

Anonymous said...

Are you able to tell us why he hates Monahan so much? It's frightening to me that he has that much anger towards someone - to the point of spending a considerable sum of money on what most perceive to be a fairly low-level position.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Anon 10:40,

Monahan had the audacity to represent someone who sued Severson over his employment or something, and actually beat Severson.

Severson also worked Nyce's exec campaign for exec and beat Peg Ferraro. I don't know why, but there is now a lot of bad blood among local Republicans over that race. Whenever there's bad blood and acrimoiny in politics, Severson is nearby. Mopnahan was part of the Ferraro camp, and that's another point against him in Severson's eyes.

Nyce now works for Severson.

In addition, Severson used to have a contract to do polling and that kind of stuff for the state Rs. He made lots of money and was able to slime Dems so everyone was happy. But because Severson was caught running a few campaigns for Dems, like when he ran Roscioli's judicial campaign. So he lost his big contract with the state Rs. Monahan is a Republican state committeeman who wanted Severson dumped.

Now this was a big contract ans Severson. It was so big that he had hisd pal, John Morganelli, publicly deny that he did work for Dems. And yes John, you did that, and it's in the MC.

But Severson was working for the candidate Morganellie wanted elected judge. And he's also worked for other Dems. Whoever has the bucks gets Severson.

Three very highly placed Republicans tell me Severson did not go gently into the dying of the light when he lost that big contract w/ Republicans. He swore revenge, and promised that no Republican would get elected to anything in Northampton County.

I believe he was trying to make that point w/ Monahan, and will be even more brutal to Peg Ferraro.

So that's his motivation. I'll have more on this next week. I posted this late Friday, and will have more details nexty week.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the explanation. Severson sounds like a big, fat, LOSER!

Many, many people I know were extremely disturbed by the smear campaign, and even more when they found out that it was a so-called political consultant behind it. NONE of us will vote for any candidate who uses Severson's firm. We don't want anyone who would use a firm that would not only purposely try to mislead voters, but to do so ILLEGALLY!

Anonymous said...

I was "on to" this nitwit 20 years ago when I was NC R Chairman '86-'88! Front page story in mcall (Sunday circulation, no less)) back then tells it all about my & his differences!
ask Tom Goldsmith who was one of his first victim's!
Bernie? in all humility (not my strong suit), forgive me when I say "I told you so" in private email when first blogs appeared
about Monahan attacks? Severgate man? doesn't even know how to spell my name in "his" first post here! He should, since I kicked his wife's ass BC of his good(ugh!)name as we both ran for delagate to R National convention after mcall article. result was Kisslinger 2nd to Congressman Ritter in NC, 13th and last for Severson name as I recall.
"Severson's motivation"? has always been MONEY at "anybody else's" cost. Go figure why anybody uses him for services(sic)!
His candidate's lose more than they win elected office. When they win is BC candidate is good person and has nothing to do with Severgate tactics, is my opinion. Why anyone pays him is beyond me!
BTW, Bernie has my permission to take weekends off if he so desires,
especially since that's when he spends time as a "real" Father should! Happy Father's Day to all "real" Father's from larry@kisslinger.com!

Bernie O'Hare said...

Happy Birthday, Larry! 6/16 and 27 years old!

Anonymous said...

sorry, it's delegate, not delagate, to R National convention after mcall article. I don't want Severgate pointing out my bad spelling. Also, I admit that I, too, type slow and with one finger!!!! so what? most important
reason for this post is to substantiate Severgateman works for anybody willing to pay him. Political Party and any ethics mean didly squat to him...was part of our mcall story 20 years ago. I'm certain he wishes I would go away with all my info about him! Notice I'm still here Tommy Boy! You can fool some of the people sometime...etc...but you can't fool me. Take everyone's money with you to....#&$%! Love, Larry

Anonymous said...

Many of the stories about Severson are in the Morning Call archives, and you can get the gist of them just from reading the summary.

As Larry said, this guy was a nitwit 20 years ago and remains one today.

I hope anyone considering a political run decides to use any firm but Severson's!!

Bernie O'Hare said...

Severson and his Precision Marketing are at the heart of most dirty political campaigns. But he's no nitwit. To the contrary, he's very bright. But he's made too many mistakes in his slime campaign against Monahan.

Anonymous said...

Bernie, we agree to disagree but maybe only a tiny bit. OK, let's compromise! I'll give you, maybe Severgate is a "bright" nitwit!

BTW, was mentioned Bob Nyce is now
working with/for "bright" nitwit.
I didn't know and thought I knew everything! We learn stuff every day, even when you're my age as Bernie suggests...thanks for the birthday wishes.

Also, if any honest consultant would like to work with somebody interested in good government and good candidates seeking public office, I'm available! Let me know at larry@kisslinger.com My grandkids always need new shoes!

J. SPIKE ROGAN said...

with all I know of Easton politics and all the players I know or of. Seversons name dosn't ring a bell.

Any pics of this guy.

I'm just wondering who he is.

Anonymous said...

If Severson is reading and posting on this topic, I wish he would clear up one issue that many people still scratch their heads over. Mainstream NorCo repubs (Daub, Bradt, etc.)backed Ferraro, so when Nyce won it was understandable they backed Stoffa to get at Nyce/Severson. But if Severson is so low why did he roll over on the Nyce/
stoffa campaighn. He could have had a fieldday with Stoffa over the LC C&Y scandel when children died and the State had to step in under Stoffa watch. Not a word on that or other things. Dispite his reputation he ran a pretty lame campaighn. This isn't about Stoffa so don't get all defensive, everything I said was reported in the paper when it happened. Besides, that race is over and it doesn't matter. Those of us in County always knew about it I'm trying to get a better understanding of this Severnson guy. Whats his background, I was told he won't work for Dems,so whats his story?
Curious NorCo

Bernie O'Hare said...


If Stoffa is so bad and Severson (the king of attack politics) worked for his opponent, why wasn't Stoffa nailed? Good question.

I'll be giving you Severson's background next week.

Anonymous said...

Severson's background? Google Nazi!

Forget about his picture! He lurks way in the shadows as candidates take "hits" and he collects their money. I never could, and never will be able to, understand why anybody deals with him! Guess I'm just too human to understand! Maybe I could sell snake oil to his clients & have money for our grandkids shoes?

Anonymous said...

Bernie is right, Severson is very smart man. He is a millionaire who invented the Logo watch. You know, the watch with sports logos and company logos. I'm sure you've all purchased one in the past. He made his millions selling watches. He has backed away from the dirty campaigning so i am surprised to hear of this news. I remember the 80's when he ran some nasty ones against Panto.
Spike, Severson was much more popular in the 80 than today especially on the local level. I believe he now does campaigns all over the country.

Anonymous said...

Not to bring up this up but i did hear that he has helped out Boscola in the past. Severson is a millionare who has all of the money in world to blow on attorneys. He lives in that mega mansion on the hill in Pen Arygl. He's a smart and clever man. Last i heard he was still running republican campaigns.

Anonymous said...

The Boscola part should be confirmed as it is only hear-say. I don't know if its true.

Anonymous said...

Bernie, annon 10:50 is correct, Severson is a millionaire who made his money from the Logo watch. I think he has a patent on it and he makes money everytime one is sold. He got started in the proffession because he ran for office and lost. He just kept it going and turned into another business that is now a money making machine. He ran some nasty shit against Panto in the 80's in Easton. Actually i think Tom Goldsmith hired him to do so. The man is smart and works for many local politians. He hides it well. So good luck finding out anymore about his background. Ask your buddy Panto about him. I'm sure Panto is fearing another attack from the man....just for old times sake.

Doctor Rick said...

Bernie if there's one thing WE agree on it's that pretty much everyone who doesn't use their real name is a coward.

Dear Maddy said...

Severson wouls sell a first born child for the ecsatic feeling of sexual satisfaction he gets when he hammers a rated political adversary. His big secret might be the LOGO watch, but I'll bet he's secretly a big fan of the LOGO TV network!

Anonymous said...

anon 10:50 PM said: "He is a millionaire who invented the Logo watch. You know, the watch with sports logos and company logos. I'm sure you've all purchased one in the past. He made his millions selling watches."

I never "purchased" a logo watch, but I did get one "free" from Jolly Joe Timmer. Yes, it's true, a "free" WGPA logo watch from JJT!

Bernie O'Hare said...

Dr. Rick, Actually, we don't agree! Is Dr. Rick your real name? I allow people to post anonymously.

Anonymous said...


"Three very highly placed Republicans tell me Severson did not go gently into the dying of the light when he lost that big contract w/ Republicans. He swore revenge, and promised that no Republican would get elected to anything in Northampton County."

Interesting. He worked Julie Harhart's campaign last year.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Anon 12:58,

This promise, from what I'm told was made after the primary in '06. I'm sure Severson only intended that promise to apply to Rs seeking office for Northampton County seats. I don't think he'd mess w/ state rs, where he has a good thing going.

Anonymous said...

Bernie. If u want to find out about Severson than you should talk to Vulcano they are friends and have been friends for years. Our kids all went to school together and they were always buddy buddy.

Anonymous said...

Someone should ask Severson about the 2 wives and 4 kids he abandoned and has kept as a secret for years. A few of the kids he has never even met. The political stuff pails in comparison.