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Monday, June 18, 2007

Wit & Wisdom of State Senator Lisa Boscola's COS Bernie Kieklak

For the past few days, Bernie Kieklak has been in hot water over sexist and misogynist remarks on this blog. He's state senator Lisa Boscola's chief of staff, and she incredibly claims she had no idea he was like that. Since November, BTNP, aka Bernie Kieklak, has shared his views on political players and issues. I'm sharing some of his views with you.

On Michael Molovinsky, former Allentown mayoral candidate:

What a major league douchebag! Whenever I see ego-idiots, assholes, phoneys, fakes, and political poseurs like this dickhead, I immediately think: "Less competition."

P.S. Listen, numbnuts, why don't you try getting elected dog-fucking-catcher or Village Idiot before you continue your fantasizing, mental masturbating, and pretending that you're actually smarter than ANY elected official, anywhere, on any planet.

P.P.S. You couldn't lick Don Cunningham's ass if NASA trained you to do it.

On Mike Fleck, former Easton mayoral candidate:

Fleck is a moron. (And I mean no disrespect to all the morons visiting this blog... but THIS GUY really is your king!) I know for a fact he fucks fat girls. * * * Fleck is an idiot . . . and I mean no disrepect to all the idiots out there, but this guy really IS your King.

On civilians in Iraq:

Fuck 'em all! Get our troops outta there, drop the big nuke, and let Allah sort 'em out...

On The Morning Call: REPUBLICAN PAPER. REPUBLICAN PAPER. REPUBLICAN PAPER. REPUBLICAN PAPER. ... Charlie Dent could fart tomorrow and he'd get accolades on the front page. If a Dem did that, the paper would blast him or her for causing global warming!

On Morning Call State Editor Pete Lefler: The bottom line is that Pete Fucking Lefler coddles Republicans (I mean, can his tongue get any further up Dent's colon?) and despises local Democrats.

On Express Times Managing Editor Jim Deegan: I've also heard from good friends of mine in the Express-Times newsroom that sometimes, when Deegan doesn't comb his hair "just right," you can see the numerals "666" on his scalp.I know what you're thinking... if the Anti-Christ was going to take the shape of ANY human being on the planet, why wouldn't he choose a MUCH BETTER (less repulsive) shape than Deegan?

On Dent's political consultant, Shawn Millan: I respect and admire Shawn because he is really and truly "the Lehigh Valley's Karl Rove." Plus, he had the class to send Lisa flowers on an occasion or two in the past, which shows how effective he is on so many levels.

On fellow blogger BillyBytes: Billy Fucking Givens IS the biggest, dumbest asshole in the universe. Long may he reign as Surrogate Super Idiot for all those villages around the world that lack one.

Bernie Kieklack to me: WHY CAN'T WE ALL GET ALONG?


Anonymous said...

"the Best of Bernie K!" sounds like a book of the month club selection!

Anonymous said...


Don't you think we're kind of beating a dead horse here? The guy has been publicly chastized for the past week already, I think it's been made clear enough that he has some problems he needs to deal with. He's made mistakes, and now we should let him quitely come to terms with whatever issues he needs to overcome. Blogs rehashing all of his past mistakes aren't going to help the situation - I don't think any of us need anymore evidence to convince us that Kieklak has a history of making offensive remarks.

- C

Bernie O'Hare said...


I don't think I'm beating a dead horse. Let me tell you why. Boscola has made no decision concerning Kieklak. Her public statements indicate she's leaning towards anger management.

I wanted to lay out a smattering of quotes over a few months so that it is known that Boscola intends to keep a guy who can be pretty insulting to others. Many people who go to see Senator Boscola end up seeing him. He's her public face.

I think we do need evidence that Kieklak has this history.

Anonymous said...

Please Bernie, don't dare let up Kieklak until the exorcism is complete.

The last time I checked, I was still paying his salary, while his elected employer was hoping for the Bernies of the world to lose interest and stop writing about the story. The local newsrags' editorial boards have been conspicuously silent on this. as Lisa's their girl. Let the blogosphere pick up the slack for an irresponsible local media.

This is EXACTLY the time to repeat and repeat and repeat the litany of Kieklak and Boscoloa sins. He and Lisa are incapable of shame. They should at least pay a political price for their foul behavior.

Nice try, C. Don't buy a word of it, Bernie. No quarter until they're both gone from public disservice.

michael molovinsky said...

As a conservative, i've been insulted by democrats for being so outspoken about entitlements and social issues. I've been insulted by republicans for not hesitating to criticize and oppose them. As an independent, a one man crusade, i've been a soft target with no support organization to defend me. On my campaign handout it said end the arrogance; i suspect Bernie Kieklak is more humble this week.

Anonymous said...

I suspect BTNP does not suffer from penis envy. Since he claims Sam Bennett has a plastic pussy, it is fairly evident that his blowup doll is Sam Bennett (which suggests something else).

One week is not enough time. Any political consultant will tell a client to wait 2 weeks for something to blow over. Give it another week and Bernie KKK will surely have another blowup. Which should give us another 2 weeks of wacking at that wackjob.


PA progressive said...

I'm outaged that this man continues being on the public payroll. The only plausible explanation to me is that Sen. Boscola endorses his statements and positions. Her refusal to fire this man means she supports what he says and does.

This is the end of Boscola's political career. There's now ay she can ever divorce herself from these comments. I can see the Republican commericals now, in fact they're probably already writing them. She's dead meat. Hasn't anyone taught this woman anything about damage control?

Let's hope the powers that be step in and do what she's refused to do: fire Kieklak.

Tom Foolery said...

Somebody needs to tell Pa. Progressive that the districts are gerrymandered. No one will beat Lisa in that district whether she fires Bernie or not. Be serious..

Anonymous said...

With all due respect to pa progressive, Boscola has controlled plenty of damage in the past. She took a taxpayer salary while staggering drunk through Harrisburg during her first couple of terms. Then, when exposed after a potty-mouth tirade (that we later learned was more a rule than exception, she went to rehab on taxpayer money and continues to leech from the public trough. It's time for Lisa to get a real job where there are consequences for showing up drunk, insulting your employers (taxpayers), and forcing them to pay for a hateful ex-drinking buddy's salary. I guess we get the government we deserve. I just don't know what I did to deserve a mess like her pretending to represent me in Harrisburg.

Bernie O'Hare said...


It's a gerrymandered district, and Lisa did pull in 73% of the vote. But she was running against Bonnie Dodge, a well-meaning candidate w/ no money and too closely identified w/ religious fundamentalists.

The way Lisa has handled this has hurt her. Frmo "Do you want me to fire him now?" to later equivocation to hiding from the MSM and going on "vacation," she has given every indication that she supports BTNP. And since he is closely identified to her previous troubles, all of that is resurrected in a way that does not get her any sympathy.

I would not say her political career is over, but she is damaged. And unless she acs swiftly to cut all ties to a person who has demontrated no remorse, she's vulnerable. She might even face a candidate from within her own party.

Chris Casey said...

You have to admit that reading Bernie K's descriptions of SOME of other players makes you laugh out loud. God forbid I ever read what he might have said about me. It was absolutely horrible that he wrote these outrageous statements, but you have to admit, he did it with style, and an absolute lack of any grace at all.
If you are going to purposefully blow yourself up, I don't think Bernie K can be topped for show stopping, attention grabbing macabre fascination in his antics. In a true analogy Bernie K himself would appreciate, It's as if one of his farts had detonated a nuclear bomb!

river said...

I love BK Broilers !!

river said...

put Bernie K on the grill and let him get flamed all night

Dear Maddy said...

I like pig roasts myself! Hey Bernie, how is this for synergy, she moves away, I come back to play.

Anonymous said...

Is it possible that maybe BTNP was drunk and in a blackout when he posted those offensive comments? I am in no way saying that is an excuse for him. I agree with Alexis, don't let up on Kieklak. I think there could be even more to this. There are too many drunks in power around here.

PA progressive said...

A lot of people believe Lisa is toast, not just me and not just outside of Harrisburg. I predict she'll see a primary challenge. When you combine this with her drunk driving down I-78....

Anonymous said...

the drunk driving was like 6 years ago... only token opposition since. Sabitine was the best that she drew and she destroyed him in 2002. If she draws a serious primary challenger I'd be shocked. Remember, this will be in 2010... three years from now.

The LV has elected people with bigger mistakes than this. Ask Pat Browne who has a rap sheet of DUI's and still managed to be reelected several times as a state rep and then get elected to the state senate.

Anonymous said...

He wrote that stuff and we had a good time reading it. Until, suddenly, we realized that a line had been crossed.
And then we looked back and we realized we couldn't even see the line anymore.

This isn't going to kill her, unless she shoots herself in the foot. If she handles this well (hint: fires BTNP), most people will have forgotten by this time next year.
Heck, it might not even destroy her congressional chances in 2012 (the next time she'd probably think about running).

Bernie O'Hare said...

Anon 9:51,

Yes we did have a good time reading it. A lot of it is pretty damn funny.

I thought he was out of line w/ MC editor Pete Lefler, and told him so. I believe he crossed the line then.

One of his comments about Fleck is totally wrong. I never picked up on its insensitivity.

A lot of it is just flat out name-calling.

And he did finally and blatantly cross the line with his remarks about Bennett and to LOLV.

I think this hurts Boscola. She has not responded well to this at all. Her game right now is duck and cover.

People can forgive a drunk driving conviction, but this incident will cause people to lose the sympathy they have for her. She's probably safe in the senate if she gets rid of Kieklak or if Kieklak delivers a heartfelt apology. Absent those things, my guess is she's got trouble.

Anonymous said...

Nice Try!
Yea, lets move on stop beating a dead horse. Right. I have an idea. Bernies' resignation is accepted and Lisa steps down. Then we can all just move on, what do you think? Don't like that one do you. ToM F. is right, no Dem can take her without tons of money and the party insiders dropping her..not likey. Her family is deeply entrenched. The repub.s don't need har seat they have the Senate so why waste money on a seat that means nothing to them at this time. Why do you think Sabatine had to sell lemonaide to finace his campaign. She is safe enough. She won't go for Congress, for that seat the Repub.s would fight and they have enough to do significant damage.
All of this doesn't change the facts how the Senator handles this situation will tell a great deal about her character.

Anonymous said...

Your list of smears by BK is amazing. The entire episode is both sad and disgusting. But what is so wrong about the Deegan part, you mean that isn't true? I mean BK went over the line, but lets give him credit where credit is due. By the way I know the anti-christ, and Deegan you are no anti-christ(not enough class).

Anonymous said...

Anyone who thinks Lisa Boscola is vulnerable in her seat is more nuts than Bernie K. As, long as she is seen as doing what the people in her district want they will keep electing her and would probally elect her again if she was up for election in 2008.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Anon 8:41,

Well then I'm more nuts than Bernie K. If she keeps an unapologetic COS whose sole claim to fame is his ability to antagonize others witrh hateful speech, she's not doing what the people in her district want.

Right now she's vulnerable. She weakens herself every day she allows this to fester.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Why all these shots at poor Jim Deegan? I think Joe Owens is posting them.

river said...

Just remember...Bernie Kieklak is getting paid $94,000 a year to do what he does

Anonymous said...

bernie's salary is about to be cut to $ 0 lisa is getting an ear full on what to do. bernie is about to be history in her office.

river said...

anon 3:55 We can only pray that you are right !!!

Anonymous said...

'POOR JIM DEEGAN' those words should never appear together. Deegan should have been tossed when the last whack job was tossed. His editorials are hatchet jobs that bear little resemblence to fact. That entire paper is a joke and soon it will be out of business, and the sooner the better.