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Monday, June 18, 2007

Benefit Concert for Family of Fallen Nazareth Police Chief on June 22

The Holy Family Social Club in Nazareth will host a benefit concert on Friday, June 22, between 8:00 PM and midnight, for the family of Nazareth Police Chief Bruce Ruch, who passed away recently after a lengthy illness. Bands featured include 9919, Point-O-Eight, Magic Bean and Doll. Tickets are just $12, and a famous Martin guitar will be raffled off.

You can pick up tickets at the Holy Family Social Club or Nazareth News Agency (Java Lounge).

Update: Reporter JD Malone at The Express Times has written a small story about this fundraiser. Organizer Chris Thomas says it best. "It's all about a community coming together to support a family who lost a loved one who had given so much to Nazareth."


RossRN said...


Thanks for spreading the word!

And now that your site (thanks to the other Bernie) has a greater readership than any other media outlet in the Lehigh Valley the timing couldn't have been better for the announcement!

Anonymous said...

Is there somewhere where a donation can be sent for those of us unable to make it?

Bernie O'Hare said...

I would stop at the social club or news agency to buy a ticket or make a donation.

Anonymous said...

there was a county employee by the name of tim bannor. he has MS. I understand that a foundation has been set up to help with his medical expenses. bernie, have you any information on this?

Bernie O'Hare said...

Anon 3:57,

I'm sorry to tell you I don'yt know about that. I've asked around and I'll see what I can find out.

Anonymous said...

Tim Bannon worked in parks and retired because of his illness several years ago. he currently is in good shepard and still volunteers at the information desk at Bethlehem city hall a couple days a week. A group of his friends heard about some bills that apparently aren't covered or the need for some other expenses and are having a golf tournament this weekend at Bethlehem golf club. They set up a Foundation (The Bannon Foundation) and will help to defry any additional expenses Timmy may have in the future. His good friend Paul Hanchick(Bimby) owner of Hanchick and Learch Used cars in Bethlehem township is on the board. If someone is interested in making a donation or still playing in the golf outing they can contact him at 484-357-6817 or Jim Hintze at 312-560-0444. Hole sponsors start at $100.00 bronze, 250 silver, or $500 for gold. Golf is $100.00 per player. Shotgun start at 1pm with dinner at the BVFHA afterwards. Some great prizes ie: tv's callaway golf bags, equipment, tools, golf clothing ect. have already been donated for give aways. It is a scramble format and there is still some room for golfers. You also can contact me at my office for any additonal information, but I think I covered it all.
Thanks to all who can help

Judge Stocklas

Bernie O'Hare said...

Judge Stocklas,

I'll be happy to lost this as a separate post.