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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Thanks ... For Nothing!!

Yesterday's harmless little post about possible county exec candidates resulted in some nasty shots directed at Express Times editor Joe Owens.

"A slave to Joe Owens is worse than the lowest bowels of hell ... not even Stoffa deserves such a fate."

"I really hope you do not schmooze with the likes of an ignorant, pompous, self-important load like owens ... you deserve a better slave master."

I'm already in enough trouble with that guy, thank you very much. Not a good thing with a dude who buys his ink by the barrell.

Honest John Stoffa, who was talking to Owens today, just had to dime me out. Now Owens is demanding a full investigation, the Spanish Inquisition is pounding at my door, and Wayne Grube is slicing my tires again.

"Some might says it's more sex-charged ranting. It's an outrage. Or how would they say it in cyber space ... IT'S AN OUTRAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "

I'll make it up to him. I'll do his lawn and snow-shoveling next year, and this time I won't even ask for Italian ice. I just hope he doesn't discover the nasty comments being posted about Deegan.


LSTresidentPIA said...

"Honest John Stoffa", please. Are you trying to characterize him to be of the same intergrity as Abe Lincoln?

This is the same man who when I first approached him about saving the county owned bridge 15, he was right there with me brainstorming on ways to save it. A few months later I find out that not only does he not have any interest in saving this bridge, but called it in the MCall "a heap of rubble."

He is still months later sticking his head in the sand about problems I brought to his attettion while trying to utilize the county's MH/MR services. I am still a year later, having the same issues and they still have not been resolved by his administaration.

I have sast through enough county council meetings to realze Stoffa may come off as a sweet, kind,intelligent and wise older man who only wants the best for the county, but, I ain't buying that act anymore, Bernie and neither should you!

Anonymous said...

I hear you but forget Bernie he drank the Kool-Aide with the editorial Board. Stoffa represented the anti-Reibman and the press and the likes of L.Bradt jumped on the Stoffa wagon because revenge was in the air and Stoffa was harmless. Anyone who has known him for any amount of time knows he says whatever you want to hear to avoid conflict then does what he always planned to do. As a community member involved in the Health Burea, it was ready to go in NorCo. Reibman was on board. It would cost county $$$. Thats the point any plan thats like Bethlehems will cost county $$$ and Stoffa knows it. His pledge of no new county $$ is the same as saying no. So he sends it back to committee for a regional review. The Press chrees. Guess what! thats where the plan was 15 years ago. It will go nowhere yet he will be praised for a great idea that was no idea at all. I will give him credit tjhe activists on Health have rolled over for him, that is one talent he has. A real lack of leadership, its a shame. Bob Nyce would have been better and thats a stretch. This guy is a lifelong bureaucrat with a history of disaster.

Anonymous said...

Isn't Joe Owen's a hard core Republican? Who is the Express endorsing for the november election.

Anonymous said...

Why are you picking on Joe. He is a good man. I don't know him personally but he always seems to stick to the truth. And i read his column a few months ago about how sometimes the Express is wrong. What's your beef?

Bernie O'Hare said...

Anon 7:01,

You're not too bitter, are you? And why are you using this topis to vent your irrational frustrations over a bicounty health bureau? When we have a pandemic, you'll be thankful for the regional approach.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Anon 9:56, I read seomwhere that Owens has only been registered R for a few years. He believes in open and accountable government. We don't see eye to eye onm everything, but I always appreciated his ability to laugh at himself and look forward to his Sunday columns.

I havce no idea who the ET is endorsing in November. Do you think that they even know that themselves?

Bernie O'Hare said...

Anon 10:04,

I have no beef w/ Joe. He gave me a good-natured shot on his blog, and I wrote a post cowering in fear. I admire Joe and my post was intended as humor. If I have to tell you that, I must have failed.

Anonymous said...

Just try to open your eyes on one topic regarding Stoffa. We had a plan ready to go. Bethlehem WILL NOT buy in if the new HD offers less then the city. Without Bethlehem it just won't fly. Stoffa said the HD must pay for itself, it can't,period. Anyone tells you different is giving you BS. The problem is Stoffa knows all of this. I do worry about a pandemic and without honest leadership we are all in the dangerzone. On this topic you can call me irrational but I obviously know a great more than you about it. Maybe this is one case where your irrational support of Stoffa buts everyone at risk.

Anonymous said...

Owens,Till and Deegan pond scum. Open and accountable Govt. by ET standards. Thank God that rag is dying on the vine.

Anonymous said...

Agreed! What is this feel good piece all about. Kissing some ET ass are we. Please Bernie it is benneth you.

Bernie O'Hare said...

I happen to like most members of the media. I've learned the hard way they are the only real friends a private citizen has. I've seen and impressed by the reporters at both papers. And over the years, I've grown to respect the editors at both papers.

I don't agree w/ them about everything. But when it comes to transparency and accountability, I'm pretty much 100% in agreement.

Contrary to the assertion made by one of the anons, the ET is actually a growing newspaper.

And these guys, unlike most of us, can laugh at themselves.

You say it's beneath me? You don't know how low I can go. I'm a frickin' blogger. That's pretty damn low.

And I don't think my blog or any blog is anything more than a complement to what you'll mind in the MSM.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Anon 12:34,

First, why not give yourself a name? I don't have a problem with you posting anonymously, but if you give yourself a name, it's easier for everyone to recognize you when you comment. You don't have to do this. It's just a suggestion.

Now to the matter at hand. We are unable to start a county or a bi-county health department unless the residents of Bethlehem receive the same quality of service they currently enjoy. You're absolutely right about that.

A county health board would require tax $. You're absolutely right about that, too. But the situation is different with a bicounty health bureau. Remember, bethlehem is in two counties, so a health buraeu that includes Bethlehem really has to be in both counties.

What you don't realize is that we are already paying taxes to the state for a county or bi-county health department. It goes into general coffers because we are not using it. If we do use that money, the state is willing to match it. That gives us an immediate pool of money. In addition, the hospitals are also willing to kick in some big bucks.

The latest plan I heard presented was one centered around Bethlehem. The city would still get all the same services it has now, but one service might slowly be extended into other parts of both counties. Eventually, over time, we would have a full bi-county health department. It would not cost us any more than we currently pay. No county tax $.

The panel that is studying this has that mandate, and has already informally told a very suspicious council it thinks it can reach that goal. It's currently working on some scenarios for a formal presentation.

So the bottom line is that this can work, and I'd rather study the possibilities than dismiss it out of hand, as you suggest. Public health is and should be a major concern. That should be one of the reasons why we have government. It makes a lot more sense to me than a brewpub funded with taxpayer dollars.

Anonymous said...

Bernie we already pay money that COULD be applied to a health Dept. Those $$ are spread over numerous County Depts. It is a logistical nightmare but doable. That process alone will cost money to implement. The Two county approach has no bearing on price sorry, a report exists showing this. Finally you cannot slowly implement services like Bethlehem has over the rest of the region, any service offered one citizen must be available to all immediately that is state mandated. Not all services are reinbursed and Private sector promises are for start up not ongoing expenses. Even that promise is just that, a promise. I will be happy to identify myself once I work to get through the BS and get this thing done. I don't care if its Reibman, Stoffa or anyone else the facts are the facts. My beef with Stoffa is he is the most knowledgable about this and he is just not being upfront about the law, the process and the history. I won't post anymore as you and the Editors were so hot on this till he took office and everyone backed off after he put the entire process in the freezer and made it sound like a great new strategy. Another indepth story that will never get written.

Anonymous said...

As the originator of the accurate characterization of Mr. Owens, I wish to state he is a metaphor for the editorial writers of both local papers. Hence, he should find comfort knowing he is not alone in his indulgent self-rightousness. Indeed if Dante were alive today the first ring of the Inferno would be shared by the likes of Kransley, chiles, till, etc (where is Frank Keegan the Insane when u need him).

Blogmeister, your sometimes alliance with this right wing/left wing neo-populist axis of Know-Nothing nihilists is most troubling.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Blogmeister, your sometimes alliance with this right wing/left wing neo-populist axis of Know-Nothing nihilists is most troubling.

At one time, I shared your view. I was always angry at the press for failing to cover this issue or giving too much attention to something else. And naturally, I lashed out. I once had a screaming match with Joe Owens, in which I called him every name in the book. The same thing happened with Kranzley, although I was the only one yelling.

Seven years ago, I was convinced the mainstream press was evil, beholden to powerful people who buy advertising.

I no longer feel that way. In fact, what I've learned leads me to believe the fourth estate is the only thing standing between us and a dictatorship. I saw the press speak out when LEPOCO workers were picked up outside the Palmer post office for "trespassing" on a public sidewalk. It is the press, even now, that highlights the folly of Norco council in its effort to jam a $10 million contract dowen Stoffa's throat.

I know many more reporters than editors. I have yet to find a single reporter covering news in the LV who is not conscientious and fearless. And that's at both papers.

Do I still wish they'd cover one item more and another item less? Yes, but I no longer feel it is media bias. We all have different perspectives. And they are human, just like youa and me.

Think about your statement. if your complaint is true, you are condemning everyone in the MSM, including its reporters. No conscientious reporter would allow an editor to change a story or alter facts.

And you are the Wordmeister.

Anonymous said...

Blogmeister, I am humbled by your Wordmeister appreciation of brilliance.

My designation of the bowels of Hell are strictly relegated to its editorial writers I actually like reporters.

Perhaps you are a changed man and not the Neanderthal Know Nothing of the bond debate. I stand revised and welcome the possibility of your, and anyone else's change.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Wordmeister, I am still a Neanderthal Know Nothing. Sorry.

We'll save that bond for another day.

Bernie O'Hare said...

The Two county approach has no bearing on price sorry, a report exists showing this. Finally you cannot slowly implement services like Bethlehem has over the rest of the region, any service offered one citizen must be available to all immediately that is state mandated.

This is contrary to what the bicounty health bureau study group stated to council, unless I misunderstood them. I believe their conclusion is that a bi-county health bureau is cheaper.

If all services available in Bethlehem must be immediately available in both counties, you're right. It will cost money.

I can only think of one members of council who favors this approach right now. Perhjaps they're right and I'm wrong. I'll look at it more closely when that group submits its report.

But you and I both agree that public health is important, right? You do agree that's one reason why we have government, right?

I'll do as you ask and study it more carefully.

Anonymous said...

We argee!