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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

New York Times Tags Philly as Unluckiest Sports City

Elitist reporters at the New York Times tell us, from the Pinstripes Club, that Philly is the unluckiest sports city. It's a clear case of media bias.

"The Philadelphia Phillies have lost more games than any professional franchise in any sport. The Phillies are 14 losses from a particular threshold of ignominy — the 10,000th defeat for a club that has won one lonely World Series title (in 1980) during its 125 years of often dreadful existence."

"No city with teams in the four major professional sports has gone longer without a title — 24 years, since the 76ers hoisted the N.B.A. trophy in 1983."

The fightin' Phils just swept the NY Mets.


LVDem said...

and then lost the series to the Royals... the lowly royals. Sigh.

And yet, I continue to watch.

Chris Casey said...

Everybody watches car crashes, LVDem, why do you think "Spike" and "Speed" network get such great ratings? The Phils just signed over 40 Jose Mesa to their bullpen. Remember his last visit? He couldn't get Stevie Wonder and Ray Charles out!
Cole Hamels and Lieber have been getting it done. but after that, the pitching is toast.

Gort said...

Sweep the Mets and before that the Braves then lose to bad teams outside the division. That's our up and down Phils. And Jose Mesa is back. Whoopie! There was a reason why the Tigers cut him.

Anonymous said...

Well Philly might be the unluckiest sports city in recent history, but that has not always been the case. Nothing like Boston’s 80-year drought anyhow. The current Phillies have been around since 1883. So they average about 81 losses per season. They only had 2 100-win seasons back to back in ’76 and ’77. Danny Ozark was the manager those years, but they did not win a National League Championship. The Big Read Machine and Dodgers beat them in the 1976 and 1977 NL Championships respectively.

They did have 14 seasons with 100 losses. From 1939-until 1941 Doc Prothro lead them to a total record of 138-320 over those three years.

In 1883 they opened the season 0-8 and then finally won the first game in team history on 5/14/1883 against the Providence Grays 12-1 in Providence. They did not win at home until almost a month later on 6/6/1883 against the Detroit Wolverines 20-4.

In 1883 they played teams like Providence Grays, Chicago White Stockings, Detroit Wolverines, Cleveland Blues, Buffalo Bison, and the NY Gothams. The Boston Beaneaters won the league that year and finished 46 games ahead of the last place Phillies in a 99 game season. The Phillies were 17-81-1 that year.

Now the other Philadelphia Team that existed from 1901-1954 did much better.

The Philadelphia Athletics won 9 AL Pennants and 5 World Series Championships in their 53-year history. Connie Mack was the team owner, manager, played a bit for them and was everything to the club. Hence the reason Shibe Park was renamed Connie Mack Stadium. They even had Jimmy Fox who from 1929-1931 when the A’s were unstoppable hit .342 over those three seasons.

However, upon Mack’s death and giving the team to his kids circa 1951, attendance off and Mack’s sons sold the team to Arnold Johnson who moved the team to (of all places) Kansas City after the 1954 season.

Kansas City being the team the Phillies beat in 1980 to win the World Series.

So I say congratulations to the Phillies on soon reaching the 10,000 losses. However, most jinxed sports city. Maybe in recent history, but I am not convinced they are the most jinxed of all time.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Thanks for all that history. I loved it!

J. SPIKE ROGAN said...

as a Phighting Phillies phan, and a long time season ticket holder to the Philadelphia Soul I must say.

I rate the NY Times the ugliest NEWS PAPER!

I mean who else would let reporters write bogus stories never leaving their apt, and take Chalbis info as fact and never do any simple fact checks or background checks on the guy. (IT WAS PAT BUCHANON in THE AMERICAN CONSERVATIVE, that exposed him as a big time fraud and imbezzler, talk about irony in that reporting!)

And as for the SPIKE network I'm still waiting on my bribe check from those viacom bastards.

I too had the name before them but lacked the millions of dollars to sue unlike LEE!

J. SPIKE ROGAN said...

Anon 1:06 we had a 98 year drought before 1980 thank you. And Booston had two championships pre-2004 so oh well.

Then again people don't feel sorry for us because were not Irish (aside from the fact the {hilly area is loaded with us Irish) maybe its because we act like jerks, (wait ever go to fenway? Jerkcity USA there!), maybe its because we have terrible accents and pronunceations. WAIT ever hear a Boston fan a drunk one sounds boarderline retarted. I know I shouldn't insult the mentaly challenged by comparing them to drunk Red Sox fans.

I'll never get why the national media loves thos drunks so much. We are the same but easier to get sound bytes from that people can understand.

Anonymous said...

Go Yankees Go A-ROD Phillies stink Eagles are Bums!

Bernie O'Hare said...

What's an A-rod? Is that some type of old car?

J. SPIKE ROGAN said...

Well I'm not a Eagles fan so that remark dosn't mean much to me.

I wonder whom Blue roots for.

As for the Yankmes. Just keep hoping Grandpa Rocket gets you there. Hopefully he won't take a old fart nap through august and september.

Its easy to be a band wagoner/yankee fan.

Alot of those goofballs also were Bush supporters at one time. lol

Anonymous said...

I do not feel sorry for the Philadelphia teams.It is their fans!

Anonymous said...

j. spike:

"And Booston had two championships pre-2004 so oh well"

What sport are you talking about? It can't be baseball. The Bosox won 5 of the first 15 WS; number 5 being in 1918. After the 1919 season, they sold a player to the Yankees. Hello curse.