Thursday, October 18, 2018

Pa-7: How Much Have Nothstein and Silfies Raised?

Yesterday, I told you about Susan Wild's campaign finances in the Pa-7 race. What about her opponents, Marty Nothstein and Tim Silfies?

As of September 30, Nothstein has raised $856,359.88. This includes $145,000 of his own money. $219,058.19, or 26% of his total funding, comes from Pennsylvania.

As of September 30, Silfies reports having raised $48,276.00. Of this total, $33,975 came out of his own pocket. The site was nonresponsive much of the night, but it is clear from his own contribution that most of his money comes from Pennsylvania


Anonymous said...

and Nothstein took money from the NRA so outside interests will tell him what to do?
or does outside money only affect Democrats?

Anonymous said...

Wild wins. Bernie bitches. Life goes on.

Anonymous said...

Every time I turn the TV on, there's an attack ad from Wild. The RNC has obviously written off this race. God help us if Wild wins.

Anonymous said...


Where is he spending it? I see Wild ads constantly, but nothing from Nothstein or the RNC. Has anyone gotten a mailer (other than one for fundraising?) Looks like the Trumplicans have thrown in the towel on a D+1 district.