Monday, October 22, 2018

LWV Hosting "Running for Office" Workshop

The League of Women Voters is hosting a morning workshop November 17 for those of you interested in running for office next year. It will take place at Northampton Community College's Kiva Hall. You can register here. The cost is $45 until November 1, when it shoots up to $50.

Every participant receives a loose leaf binder toolkit so that you can run without running afoul of Pennsylvania's murky campaign finance laws.

Next year's races are municipal, where party affiliation is far less important than in this year's races. It helps to have a good name. In California's Orange County, that name is Nguyen (pronounced Winn, with a very slight n sound in the beginning).Thirteen Nguyens are among 24 persons of Vietnamese descent seeking office.

They are all nguynners.


Anonymous said...

Now we know why Republicans dodge their debates. This is counter to their gerrymandered districts.

Beverly999 said...

Thanks, Bernie.