Thursday, October 25, 2018

Morganelli Designates $5,000 For Youth Mentoring Program

Tina Queen
NorCo DA John Morganelli yesterday presented Shiloh Baptist Church Senior Pastor Phil Davis with $5,000 to help fund The Next Mentoring Program for area children ages 7-18. The current class of 95, which meets on Wednesday nights, runs from October until May. There are 50 adult mentors, who help these kids avoid the danger of drugs, gangs, alcohol and crime.

Morganelli is using the drug forfeiture fund for this grant. Seventy-five percent of that fund goes to law enforcement, but Morganelli has been travelling to different municipalities within Northampton County to determine worthy projects to support.

In addition to providing classes every Wednesday night, the students are also fed.

In addition to providing gang awareness and drug prevention workshops, Lehigh University and Easton Area School District have agreed to provide SAT preparation for juniors and seniors at no cost to the students.

Minister LaVar Landers
According to a 2014 study of Lehigh Valley education, only 13% of Latino Americans and 18% of Black Americans earn a Bachelor’s degree or higher.

Rev. Davis said the mentorship program is "preventative maintenance" designed to help children before hey get into trouble.

Davis said his wife Kristina is actually the originator of the program, which began 15-20 years ago. He also introduced Jason Vanderburg, who handles community outreach, the food pantry and homeless shelter; and Minister LaVar Landers, who oversees the teen portion of the program. . 

A highly respected member of Morganelli's staff, Ms.Tina Queen, is herself a mentor. In addition to her work for the DA, she also works at a local retailer to help ends meet, like many county employees. Yet she makes the time to be a mentor.

Lavar Landers described a mentor as someone "who has a heart for children." He said mentors "sharpen themselves while they sharpen others."

Morganelli said that this program has operated "under the radar," but is precisely what is needed throughout the Lehigh Valley.

Easton NAACP President Lance Wheeler has alsooffered his organization's assistance.


Anonymous said...

Misleading headline, sounded like Morganelli gave his own money. How about designates?
A lot of Wild signs in Hanover Township. Are you working Hanover School on Nov 6?

Bernie O'Hare said...

I corrected my headline. It is presumptuous of you to ask where I am in election day when you lack the basic courtesy of identifying yourself.