Wednesday, October 24, 2018

NorCo Liberty Bell Finally in Courthouse Rotunda

Liberty Bell finally in rotunda
One of my first stories as a blogger was about Northampton County's forgotten Liberty Bell. It was tucked away in some forgotten hallway. In response to numerous complaints from yours truly, former Executive John Stoffa had it moved next to some courtrooms. That way some people would see it. I felt the best spot was the rotunda, where every visitor would see it. Guess what? It's finally there, where it belongs.

I understand that Administrator Charles Dertinger is the reason this finally happened. 

The iron tongue of Northampton County's Liberty Bell proclaimed Independence on July 8, 1776, in Easton's circle. It tolled from our first courthouse. In fact, that bell is all that's left of the original courthouse.

It was first forged in 1768, and summoned the people of Easton to fight fires, rang out the opening of court sessions, and was also used to announce news. The bell tolled to announce courthouse sessions when the courthouse moved from Easton's Centre Square to its current location in 1861.

Thousand of county residents lined Easton's streets at the end of WWII to tug on the Northampton County Liberty Bell, which rang out for twenty-four hours.

Northampton County's Liberty Bell is a symbol of independence and a warning against tyranny

There is a terrible poetry in the sound of that State House Bell at dead of night, when striking its sudden and solemn — One! — It rouses crime from its task, mirth from its wine-cup, murder from its knife, bribery from its gold. There is a terrible poetry in that sound. It speaks to us like a voice from our youth — like a knell of God's judgment — like a solemn yet kind remembrancer of friends, now dead and gone.

There is a terrible poetry in that sound at dead of night: but there was a day when the echo of that Bell awoke a world, slumbering in tyranny and crime!

Yes, as the old man swung the Iron Tongue, the Bell spoke to all the world. That sound crossed the Atlantic — pierced the dungeons of Europe — the work shops of England — the vassal-fields of France.

That Echo spoke to the slave — bade him look from his toil — and know himself a man.

That Echo startled the Kings upon their crumbling thrones.

That Echo was the knell of King-craft, Priest-craft and all other crafts born of the darkness of ages, and baptized in seas of blood.


Anonymous said...

I see two "Rotunda's" Bernie... you being one of them. Love ya- signed a disgusting deporable

Bernie O'Hare said...

Yeah, but tgat’s Only bc the camera added 100 pounds.

Unknown said...

I believe that the clock in Rock Church was from the old center square courthouse.