Monday, October 08, 2018

NorCo DCED Recommends $840,000 in CIPP Grants

NorCo' CIIP (Community Investment Partnership Program) was established under former Executive John Brown to award table games taxes with an emphasis on aging communities. Awards, which require a dollar for dollar match, go to façades, capital improvements, operations and last year, $730,000 was awarded. This year, $850,000 has been budgeted, and awards will be announced when the 2019 budget is approved. NorCo's Department of Community and Economic Development (NCDCED) is recommending $849,202 in grants. This is based on a review process that included the assistance of two Council members. Nearly $1.5 million had been sought.

Bangor Area School District - $15,000 recommended for improvements to one room school house.

Bangor - $13,412 recommended for Memorial Park Playground Improvements

Bath - $5,000 recommended for adaptive traffic signal design study.

Bethlehem Economic development Corp. - $5,000 recommended for Southside Arts District streetscape improvements.

Freemansburg - $15,000 recommended for façade program.

Easton Boys and Girls club - $15,000 recommended for Easton Playground and Gardens project.

Community Action Committee of LV - $25,000 recommended for city lights and planning.

Community Action Dev Corp of Bethlehem - $3,000 recommended for Spanish language business development.

Center for Animal Health and Welfare - $4,290 recommended for Operation clean Air.

Bethlehem - $15,000 recommended for a Christmas lighting and decor plan.

Bethlehem - $50,000 recommended for S. New St. streetscape improvements.

Easton - $50,000 recommended for Northampton Street lighting.

First United Church of Christ - $20,000 recommended for steeple restoration.

Forks Tp - $40,000 recommended for Sullivan Trail streetscape improvements.

Greater Easton Dev Partnership - $30,000 recommended for Easton Ambassadors (West Ward)

Greater Easton Dev Partnership - $47,000 recommended for Easton façade program.

Habitat for Humanity - $0 recommended for habitat home ownership program (received $40,000 in past for project that has not been completed)

Hellertown - $25,000 recommended for façade program.

Hispanic Center Lehigh Valley -$25,000 recommended for renovations at 520-26 E 4th St.

Lower Nazareth - $0 recommended for recreation and parks plan (received funding via CDBG).

Lower Saucon Tp - $20,000 recommended for Seidersville hall interior modifications.

Lehigh Valley Center for Independent Living - $4,500 recommended for job development and staff training.

Moravian Historical Society - $9,000 recommended for fire suppression system design and archeology work.

Nazareth Council of Governments - $10,000 recommended for multi-municipal animal control officer.

NCDCED/Hellertown - $22,000 recommended for ADA improvements at Dimmick Park.

NCDCED/Lower Nazareth - $25,000 recommended fornewburg Community Park playground.

NCDCED/NorCo - $20,000 recommended for roofing and bathroom ADA improvements.

NCDCED/NorCo Office of Aging - $25,000 recommended for senior center warming and cooling station and restrooms.

NCDCED/NorCo Public Works - $40,000 recommended for ADA playground replacement.

NCDCED/Tatamy - $15,00 recommended for stairlift and playground equipment.

Nazareth Economic development Comm'n - $20,000 recommended for façade program.

Nazareth Economic development Comm'n - $15,000 recommended for new downtown manager salary.

Northampton Community College - $50,000 recommended for Center of Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

Pen Argyl - $40,000 recommended for revitalization plan.

Plainfield Tp - $25,000 recommended for sewage facilities plan.

Plainfield Tp - $0 recommended for fire department emergency generator. (My notes on this are vague)

Portland Boro Water Authority - $0 recommended for State St. Bridge Waterline replacement.

Roseto - $21,000 recommended for storm sewer drains, but $0 recommended for ambulance.

Third Street Alliance - $25,000 recommended for critical electrical repairs.

Via Events - $20,000 recommended for consultant to work on marathon course.

West Easton- $10,000 recommended forwar Memorial Park Development.


Anonymous said...

Steeple restoration? What happened to separation of church and state? Let them raise their own funds..not tax revenue that can do something..anything for our communities in need!

E Mest said...

I have to agree with the steeple restoration. That doesn’t seem to be a community project. I’m all for churches, don’t get me wrong, but it doesn’t seem right to me. All churches in Northampton County would love this kind of help.

Bernie O'Hare said...

I agree with both of you and will look into this. I'm surprised no one flagged it, especially Kraft.

sezary said...

The steeple could have some historic preservation implications. A church would be part of the community and they may be just as in need as anyone else in the community. I would disagree with an interpretation of the US Constitution which would prevent a CIPP grant award going to a church for a steeple restoration project.

Anonymous said...

B.O. Is there a meeting (Committee) you could attend to make clear your application or change it before it's pasted in the budget plan since these are only recommended.

Bernie O'Hare said...

There will be numerous hearings before the budget is adopted. I would suggest you contact the County council clerk, let her know your concerns, and ask her the best time for you to be there. also ask for a scheduleof the specific budget hearings. there are four or five of them.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Jeff, in Trinity Lutheran Church v. Comer, decided last year, the Supreme Court ruled 7-2 that taxpayer money can fund a church project that is ostensibly secular. In that case, it was a playground renovation. Here, it is a church steeple. I consider the restoration of a church steeple to be primarily religious in nature and am troubled by this grant. I would need to know more.

Anonymous said...

Via Events - $20,000 recommended for consultant to work on marathon course. Via must have better needs for the money.

Bernie O'Hare said...

The Via grant is a good grant and was discussed. The marathon is a Boston Marathon qualifier, is very fast and brings in tourist $. The idea is that a consultant from the Boston Marathon could probably come up with some ideas to draw more runners and tourist $.

Anonymous said...

Plainfield Twsp. does not have sewer service or a plant. Are they planning on hooking everyone up to a possible, proposed sewer service? I would think that would be ridiculous and tremendously expensive.

Anonymous said...

No church tower with taxpayer money. What the hell kind of game is McClure playing? Of course Kraft was not going to question it, he was getting a job.

Anonymous said...

How about some money for Bath to pave that perennially bad street that connects 248 to itself, the one that goes by the pizza joint. I can't believe that this never gets done .

Anonymous said...


Maybe you can explain why CACLV should receive a grant for city lights. Isn't that something the city should apply for?

Anonymous said...

1:46AM: Bath took care of it themselves. NC cares more about municipalities that don't need the funds.