Thursday, July 19, 2018

Protecting Our Children

Kevin Dolan, NorCo CYF Director
Lamont McClure hails from coal cracker country, not the Indian subcontinent. But he subscribes fully to Mahatma Gandhi's belief that "the true measure of any society can be found in how it treats its most vulnerable members."  This was a major theme of McClure's campaign for NorCo Executive. Since his election, he has put that principle into practice. He is beefing up the Department of Human Services, adding personnel who can insure a safety net for our elderly, our young and those of us who have developmental issues.

Last night, McClure proposed eliminating two positions from Human Services and adding 11. These  including seven caseworkers for Children, Family and Youth (CYF), along with two casework supervisors and support staff.

Human Services Director Sue Wandalowski told County Council that each CYF caseworker manages between 15-17 cases at a time, almost twice the 9 case per caseworker recommended by the state. She added that overtime is excessive. between January 6 and June 2, CYF caseworkers have spent 514 hours of overtime doing paperwork. They spent another 2,512 hours of overtime in home visits. "We talk about retention, we're wearing out people, to say the least," she noted.

In determining how best to beef up his department, CYF Director Kevin Dolan invited the state to help him. The state will pay between 80-90% of the cost of this manpower.

"I'm not going to miss an opportunity to protect our children," said Lamont McClure  "We can't protect everyone all the time, but we can look ourselves in the mirror."

County Council will vote on this proposal tonight.


Anonymous said...

Does any of this have to do with the flood of illegals entering the country?

Bernie O'Hare said...

This has nothing to do with illegals, and everything to do with jerks who abuse and neglect their children. I know that the increases in abuse are occurring in the 'burbs. Kevin Dolan has said the opioid crisis has had a direct impact on what his office does. Like it or not, the need is probably greatest in very white families who have been here for generations. But nice try at spreading racism and xenophobia. Authoritarian Donald Trump would be proud.

Anonymous said...

"Does any of this have to do with the flood of illegals entering the country?"

No. This is about the flood of legals entering the country.

A much more serious problem in terms of numbers, they're lazy, they sleep all day, crap there pants, wine and cry for food and free stuff, privileged little brats, and on top of that, they allow lazy good for nothing adults to use the scope of their care and education for political credibly and advancement.

Anonymous said...

anon 1:13 what do you mean? Your comment is confusing.

Anonymous said...


If this were another well known blog someone might think you're Ethiopian.

Anonymous said...


Good Point, and 1:26 may be Polish (lol).

Anonymous said...

There two positions were the aftershock of amyz trapped door opening for the children allowed to be abused because of the pandering of influence that left with her from allentown,.... Just think now it is trying to come back to Allentown's human services again for the abuse to continue.

Anonymous said...

I am happy to hear they are bolstering Children and Youth with much needed additional caseworkers. But CYF is not the only department that is dealing with high turnover and unbearable caseloads. Early Intervention caseworkers are also working with a vulnerable population of children, ages birth to 3. The EI caseloads are well over 100 families per worker. No overtime is allowed to get caught up on paperwork, each worker receives about 3 referrals a week. Mr. McClure needs to look at all of Human services and not just CYF.