Tuesday, July 24, 2018

It's Official! Sheriff Johnston Sworn In

Sheriff Johnston and Judge Koury
So there I was at the courthouse on Monday, not having shaved all weekend and wearing a ratty grey T-shirt. In other words, I looked like a slob instead of a debonair bottom-feeding blogger. Most of the time, that's fine. The property records I examine don't mind a bit. But out of the blue, the blogger beacon began flashing. I was wanted in a Courtroom because Rich Johnston, the new Sheriff, was being sworn in. And I had no time to go home and change.

I like to dress informally most of the time, like the Israelis. They wear no suits and ties. They keep it real, baby. They know a scud can fly up their ass at any minute. Why ruin a good suit? I feel the same way. I'm Moshe O'Hare.

L to R: Executive Lamont McClure, Sheriff Richard Johnston and
President Judge Michael Koury, Jr. .  
But if I know I'm going into a courtroom, I like to wear a dress shirt and tie, and if I have time, rubber underwear. It might shock you to learn this, but I'm not always on the best of terms with the black robes. Any one of those bastards can give me 20 years in the electric chair. So I was taking a chance when I walked into President Judge Michael Koury, Jr.'s courtroom looking like someone who needs to be committed.

Nobody noticed. Apparently, I am such a shitty dresser that people have become habituated to it.

Kinda' like Trump Tweets.

Having been spared by the President Judge, I was still a little nervous because the new Sheriff is still a little miffed with me.

"On the night that I get confirmed as Sheriff, you just have to hit on my wife!" he accused me.

"That's not true at all, Sheriff," I lied. "It was that damn Bucky Szulborski."

Sorry, Bucky. I hear Graterford is lovely this time of year.

Anyway, they had to hold up the swearing-in ceremony until Court Admin Jermaine Greene could locate a Bible. Apparently, former Council member Mat Benol stole them all when he left. He's very religious, you know.

My shots of the actual swearing in ceremony are terrible. Sheriff Johnston and President Judge Koury were about 40' away from each other for some reason, and there was too much glare. But after the ceremony, I got a nice shot of President Judge Kourry and Rich Johnston together.

"Would you smile, Sheriff?"

"I am smiling."

I also got a shot of Sheriff Johnston, flanked by Executive Lamont McClure on the left and President Judge Koury on the right. I wanted the three together because both Executive McClure and President Judge Koury had Johnston as the number on pick.

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