Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Freemansburg Ave Construction For Six More Years

Bethlehem Tp's Municipal Building is located at 4225 Easton Avenue
Eight years ago, Bethlehem Tp and St.Luke's Hospital entered into a three-phase Master Development Agreement for $40 million in improvements to Freemansburg Avenue, which is the main access point to the hospital's Anderson campus. Two of these phases are substantially completed, and construction on the third phase is imminent. Bethlehem Township Commissioners voted 4-0 at a lightly-attended July 16 meeting on new timetables for the final third phase. What this means is that all road work outside the hospital should be done within the next six years.

Voting for this agreement were Mike Hudak, Malissa Davis, John Merhotten and John Gallagher.

Tom Nolan was absent.

Solicitor Jim Broughal, who helped draft this "First Amendment to the Amended and Restated Master Development Agreement," pointed out that all costs of this $40 million project have been borne by the hospital. President Michael Hudak added that he travels frequently along Freemansburg Avenue, and has not been unduly inconvenienced. He observed that roadwork is done at night when possible and is usually suspended over the rush hour.

In other business, commissioners discussed a policy for admitting swimmers to the outdoor pool at the community center. As a result of overcrowding in weekend, pool use has been limited to residents and members of the community center.

Jackie Bittel, the community center's director, said that only time overcrowding has been a problem has been on weekends. She favors the approach used in Palmer Township, which limits pool use to residents and members on weekends. She did note that the temporary policy has resulted in about 80 new three-month memberships.

A three-month family membership at the Bethlehem Township Community Center can be purchased for $175 by residents and $260 by nonresidents. Single memberships are $60 for residents and $90 for nonresidents.

The next regularly scheduled meeting of Bethlehem Township Commissioners is set for Monday, August 6, at 7 pm at the Municipal Building located at 4225 Easton Avenue. The public is invited to participate at every meeting.


Anonymous said...

I was not able to attend last nights meeting and was wondering about the Birchwood Commons agenda item. Did the commissioners allow full occupancy? Pecktor was crying poor and the project seems to have stalled with site & road improvements. Thanks.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Under advisement.

Anonymous said...

WELCOME TO NYC WEST ! This is getting out of hand around here. No more sense of community or identity . Build at any cost and the hell with the rest. And what about the rest of the Freemansburg Ave corridor from 18th St in Wilson to Bethlehem City line. You know, the gridlock goes past the 33/Freemansburg interchange folks. Try driving it between 3-6 pm on a weeknight. Wm Penn highway just as bad.