Thursday, July 12, 2018

Hats Off to Bushkill, Lower and Upper Nazareth Tp

At her informative Upper Nazareth blog, Becky Bartlett reports that Bushkill, Lower and Upper Nazareth Townships are considering an ordinance to adopt an intergovernmental agreement to allow them to assist each other in road projects. So this may be a little less awe-inspiring than the cooperative international effort that rescued 12 Thai boys trapped inside amine, but it's still nice to see.

I suspect that Gary Asteak, who just happens to be the Solicitor at all three municipalities, might have something to do with this cooperative effort, but we all know how humble he is. He would only tell me that all three are well run townships that know how to get along and play nice.


Anonymous said...

Where's Nazareth Borough in this? It's obvious, out. No one wants any part of this criminal corrupt government.

Anonymous said...

Smart, common sense initiative and should be done more often!