Monday, July 30, 2018

Easton's Creeping Anti-Semitism

One of the debates leading up to the Congressional primary herein the Lehigh Valley took place at Bethlehem's Congregation Brith Shalom. Moderator Barry Goldin's said that there's a 60% increase in anti-Semitism the United States, Britain and France in recent years. He added that there's an 80% rise on college campuses, and it even includes professors. Wayne Woodman, a Jew who was standing in for eventual GOP nominee Marty Nothstein, agreed that anti-Semitism is on the rise in a way that has not been seen since the '30s. "We're the canary in the coal mine," he warned, in what to me was one of the most memorable lines of the campaign. That canary is struggling for oxygen here in the Lehigh Valley, art least in Easton.

There are two Easton Facebook groups - Laini Abraham's Easton, Pa. (14,000 members) and Easton, Pennsylvania Unsensored (3,000 members). Laini's group is very Easton-centric. Uncensored is not. Formed by a few people who either dislike Abraham's comments policy or feel they have been treated unfairly, they waste a lot of time calling her childish names and promoting racism, xenophobia, anti-Semitism and Authoritarian Donald Trump. They want to Make Easton Great Again.

Up until this weekend, I belonged to both groups, although I've largely ignored Uncensored. Now I just belong to the original Easton, Pa. I've been censored from Uncensored group for registering a complaint with Administrator James Gischel about the anti-Semitic post you see below. It suggests that three of the four women (three Supreme Court justices and the US House Speaker) depicted should be shot. Two of these women are Jewish, although the author of the Uncensored post, James Rotchford, has convinced himself that Roman Catholic Sonia Sotamoyer is actually a Jew in disguise.

In an attempt to delude himself into thinking he has nothing against Jews, Rotchford ( from Riegelsville) claims his real beef is with Khazars, who just happen to be ... Jews. "Three Khazarian's and a Goy walk into a bar ....," he jokes. "That’s a lot of kosher salt," adds Matthew Kozloff (Hellertown). I skipped a few comments about nose sizes, but I think you get the point.

Most of the comments there come from Authoritarian Donald Trump cheerleaders. But active participants also include Easton Zoning Hearing Board member Matt Loebsack and Wilson Borough Council member Jeff Bracken. Both are Democrats.

Rotchford the anti-Semite is also a xenophobe. He posted approvingly at Uncensored about a woman moving back to Chile "with her two spawns," saying that "people are getting less tolerant of those people thumbing their noses at ALL our laws." Instead of condemning Rotchford's dehumanization of two children whose only offense is having been born, Democrat Bracken childishly threatened, several times, to repost this xenophobia at Easton.

When Easton Pa group founder Laini Abraham suggested she'd like to monetize her group with a tip jar or something along those lines, Loebsack went ballistic and threatened that "she better get her appropriate business licenses, pay all her taxes on her revenue."  One member of Uncensored warned, "Don't let me see her on a dark crosswalk at the wrong time."

Most of the stuff going on at Uncensored is just childish nonsense. But I feel it's important to draw attention to the very real hate that has infected that site.

James Rotchford
July 25 at 7:14 PM

You're stuck on a deserted Island with them and just three rounds left in your mag .... then smile when you remember your wrist band is made of para-cord ....


James Rotchford Three Khazarian's and a Goy walk into a bar ....

Bill Welsh I mean technically, if there’s three rounds left in your magazine, one must conclude that there’s still one in the chamber

Travis Loebsack My guy 😎

James Rotchford We see if anyone can come up with a scenario where there a mag inserted and no round chambered ...anage

James Rotchford miss fire cleared .... squib ? .... show clear, reinsert mag ?

Bill Welsh Well yes there are obviously scenarios where there wouldn’t be a chambered round.

James Rotchford One always assumes a gun is loaded for safety, until shown clear .... but one should never assume a round has chambered if you really need it .... a chamber round saves 1.5 seconds .... and has also killed many

Stephen Andre If any photo could be a boner killer ....

James Rotchford A Detective friend of mine shot and killed his partner while exiting the squad car while perusing an armed bank robber ... one in the chamber Glock .... I passed the memorial on the side of the road daily for 10 years .... and why I was taught 30 years ago not to a carry a semi with a round loaded unless I'm in a firefight

Ant Mondillo You could make them stand in a line, and still have 2 rounds to hunt with

Matthew Kozloff That’s a lot of kosher salt.

James Rotchford SC is intentionally stuffed with Khazarian Socialists ... that drunk RBG think the Constitution is an old, outdated document .... also thinks the age of sexual consent should be 12 years old .... so how much more do you need to know ??????????????????????

James Rotchford Khazarians are not a religion or race .... they are atheists with a common political ideology, Marxist/Socialists .....

James Rotchford It's all about how you were schooled .... been a big problem in this country and europe since the late 1800's .... study and learn history

James Rotchford Most Khazarians are Eastern European .... the same people who brought you the Russian Revolution .... killing or starving 10 million of their fellow country men, women and children .... all in the name of "Fairness" ..... Marxism was the basis .... so …See More

Stephen Andre Socialism is a disgusting platform and followed mostly by youth or older lazy types. It’s always said “it’s never been done the RIGHT WAY”... it all ends the same, except American is where people go to escape it!

James Rotchford Socialism is taught to many at a young age .... by people who were taught socialism at a young age .... by people who followed Marx back in the old country .. who controls the media worldwide ? ... then follow these owners lineage back 2-5 generations ... there is your answer .... if you want to know who controls you, and things, think of who you're not allowed to criticize .... think "Easton Commie Page"


Anonymous said...

People like this Rotchford character would have to be total idiots to make comments like these on Facebook using their real names. Nobody has anything to gain from posting anything on Facebook. This stuff can and will stick around online for long after you regret posting it and try to get rid of it.

I don't think this anti-Semitism is anything new, it just used to be spoken amongst people who believed similar things in private, instead of public forums like Facebook that anyone can read.

Adolf said...
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Anonymous said...

I suspect the real antisemitism is being generated by the recent middle east immigrants who have brought their ingrained hatred with them. Their antisemitism will translate into action rather than stupid jokes on the internet.

Anonymous said...

It's alarming. Both sides have them. The far right has always had them. I wonder if they know Trump's daughter and family are Jewish? The left has nominated vocal anti-Semites to run in November (e.g Ocasio-Crtez, Cockburn in VA, etc.). The canary died a while ago and nobody said anything.

Trumpster said...
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Trumpster said...

6:50. When does it matter what religion someone is? Most Americans don't give a damn what religion someone else it. Why are you fanning the flames of religious bigotry ?

Anonymous said...

I've noticed a fair amount of antisemitism everywhere, especially online. I've seen a lot of people reading Culture of Critique. Worrying.

Bernie O'Hare said...

In response to a comment here, Ocasio-Crtez actually blasted the anti-Semitic stances of one of her volunteers. If she were, there is no way she could be elected in NYC. Don't be ridiculous.

Anonymous said...


Bernie O'Hare said...

The primary's over, Capslock. If it bothers you so much, vote for Wild or Silfies.

Anonymous said...

I joined this group not knowing what it was, and I'm currently still a member of the group (for the past couple years), because it's like watching a train wreck and I can't look away. The group is an absolute cancer on the community and I've reported many multiple posts to Facebook due to vile or threatening content which have been subsequently removed. The lead admin, James Gischel, has had his account temporarily suspended from Facebook multiple times, but brags about how he has multiple accounts for such occasions and will post from a different account when his primary account gets muted. (This has been reported to FB multiple times also.)

They claim to be a haven for those who were ousted from the real Easton, PA group and that everybody is welcome and free to post and say basically anything they'd like to... however, if you say something in support of Democrats or against the great almighty Trump, you are endlessly piled on and chastised by most of the active members and I have seen people get booted from the group for not agreeing politically with the majority of the active members there. It's become an alt-right den of hate, bigotry and extreme hypocrisy.

Recently, James Rotchford and the lead admin, James Gischel, got into a spat over some Q-conspiracy crap, and Rotchford left the group in a hissy fit.

Just today, somebody found your post here, and it was shared to their group, which is how I found it. I'm glad you made this post and called out these bigots for who they are. You've stirred the hive... They are VERY angry and have some choice words for you, I'm sorry to report. Although I suppose you won't be surprised.

Best Wishes.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Not at all.

Ronnie DelBacco said...

I saw that group target someone who raised an objection in 2017 to something vulgar and unpatriotic posted by James Gischel. Then, just last weekend, I saw Gischel - with no provocation whatsoever - attack the same poor guy again. Gischel decided to hate somebody, and has held onto that hate more than two years. That's a very sick man, and a danger to himself and the community. That person needs to be institutionalized, if not lobotomized.

For sure, that group is a cancer on the community. Like many of its members - but to a greater degree - Gischel is a miserable person who lives only to hate and hurt. The word is that he's disabled and probably all junked up on opioids. He's probably also very insecure about the fact that his wife and our society have to carry him along until he finally dies.

You'd think a parasite like that would try and make good on the fact that other people have to provide for him. Instead, Gischel chooses to shame himself and anyone who knows him.