Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Celtic Classic Looking For a Few Good Poets

A seanchaí is an Irish storyteller. I consider myself a seanchaí of sorts, at least here in the blogosphere. I also like to tell stories at the courthouse, but I pale in comparison to others. The best seanchaí I know is Ron Angle. He can tell story after story for hours on end. Some of them are even mostly true, but that's not the point. A story can be 90% fiction and tell a much greater truth. The purest truth, however, come from poetry. If you consider yourself a bard, now's your chance to shine.

The Celtic Cultural Alliance has announced its annual poetry contest for writers of all ages. They need to be original and reflect Celtic culture, arts, history or literature. Personal anecdotes of family memories or travelling experiences are also encouraged.

Poems must be original in any style or length with one author. The three brackets are: 3rd through 6th grades, 7th through 12th grades, and adult. The entries must be neatly written or typed. Top poets in each category will be given a certificate, a major award and will be invited to read their poems on the stage at Celtic Heritage Hollow on September 30, 2018, smack dab in the middle of the Celtic Classic..

Writers should submit their entries to Marcie Mulligan at mmulligan@celticfest.org, subject: Poetry Contest or by mail to Celtic Cultural Alliance, Celtic Poetry Contest, 534 Main St., Bethlehem PA 18018 by the deadline of September 7, 2018. Only winners will be notified of the contest’s outcome before September 19, 2018.

For more information on the contest, please visit the http://www.celticfest.org/celtic_poetry_contest.

Celtic Classic runs from Friday, September 28rd through Sunday, September 30th in downtown historic Bethlehem. For more information, directions, volunteering opportunities and the weekend’s schedule, log on to www.celticfest.org. For up-to-the-minute information and updates, follow Celtic Classic on Twitter (@CelticClassic) and friend them on Facebook (facebook.com/CelticClassic).

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Roy k said...

Sam Murray should not judge the contest=may fix the Vote !