Thursday, July 19, 2018

Mike Emili Reports - NorCo Capital Projects

NorCo Director of Public Works Mike Emili briefed Bob Werner's capital projects committee last night on the status of our physical plant:

Courthouse Campus
- Boilers have been replaced at the Juvenile Detention Center and Criminal Administration building. Boiler replacement at Domestic Relations is nearly complete.
- Milides Building. A meeting is planned with an engineer to  design a new parking lot after demolition of the Milides building. A curtain around the edge is being considered  to increase stability.         in September, after steam line is finished.

- Security upgrades are planned later this year. Bathroom showers are complete Kitchen flooring work will start in August. Paving in the area around central booking is complete.

- After a five year wait, three emergency generators are sitting in concrete pads. Conduit installation is underway. When ready, Executive Lamont McClure:has vowed to christen them as if they were ships. He told Council member John Cusick, that he could christen one of the generators.
- Kitchen flooring work complete.
- Two Elevators (#5 and #6) to be replaced this month.
- Steam line by boiler to be replaced in August
- Parking lot paving will start
- Arcade roof is leaking and in process of being repaired.
- Therapeutic garden in design stage.
- Home renovations at Louise Moore Park nearly complete

- Bridge 115 (Mill St, Bath) goes out to bid this summer.
- P3 bridges. One bridge is done, two bridges are close to completion and another two bridges are underway.


Anonymous said...

does anyone know what is going into the house at Louise Moore?

Bernie O'Hare said...

I do not know if that has been decided.

Anonymous said...

Executive Compound ! lol