Monday, May 15, 2017

Do Miller and Sultana Have a Prayer in Easton?

Miller in Saturday's rain. 
Terrence Miller and Taiba Sultana are two candidates seeking the Democratic nomination for Easton City Council in Tuesday's primary. They've battled nomination challenges from their opponents, Jim Edinger and Sandra Vulcano. They've endured candidates' nights in which Easton's Dem machine has given them less than 24 hours notice  They endured a NAACP candidates' night that received no publicity, in which Sandra Vulcano tried to talk the entire night and Ken Jones, who is not running this year, got into a shouting match with Miller.

Over the weekend, some Democrats received a letter from Mayor Sal Panto endorsing his rubber stamp, Jim Edinger.  Panto is the person who was posting on Lehigh Valley Live under two different sock puppets, but was so stupid about it he began posting comments under those names as the Mayor. Having the endorsement of a dishonest man is no reason for cheer.

But this is Easton

Expect the same ol' same ol'.  


Anonymous said...

If that is the worse a politician will do then I say "God Bless Em". I remember JIM Edinger as an ole timer who waited his turn to run for office and then did "successfully". Because he is endorsed by the Mayor is no reason to vamp him. The mayor has brought the City a long way,whether you want to admit it or not. He has to be held accountable for his actions but for the most part he has done good. So he did something stupid on your Blog. Is this the best you can do.

Bernie O'Hare said...

He did something that demonstrates he is fundamentally dishonest.

Anonymous said...

If that clown showed up at my house with that stupid get up on, I would throw him of my porch. Some of these pol's think they are comedians.

Anonymous said...

I met Ms. Sultana, she is a very nice and sincere woman. I hope she stays involved no matter what happens tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Supposedly this Miller guy is an old Stoffa flunky.