Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Disgraced Reading Council Prez Seeks Sentence Reduction

Francis Acosta, the Reading City Council President who was the first public official to plead guilty to federal political corruption charges in an investigation embracing both Reading and Allentown, wants his sentence reduced to time served. Acosta was sentenced in February 2016 by US District Judge Juan R. Sánchez to two years in prison as a result of his participation in an $1,800 bribery scheme.

“He abused the trust of the people of Reading," Judge Sánchez said when sentence was imposed. "He took a bribe and showed that he could be bought."

Acosta is seeking early release because he has back problems, high blood pressure and needs to care for a special needs child.

The political corruption investigation in Reading and Allentown features many of the same players.

Like Allentown Mayor Edwin Pawlowski, Spencer, aka Public Official No.1, has yet to be charged. But unlike Pawlowski, Spencer lost his re-election bid two years ago.


Anonymous said...

And is this going to change the situation at all ?

Cry Wolf Wolf Wolf Wolf so many times people no longer listen

Anonymous said...

1:46 Wow! How original. Nice cut and paste job. Same comment on the Pawlowski mismanagement of Fire Trucks post. Your obsessive love for Pawlowski is creepy. Get some help.

Anonymous said...

He got two year for $1,800 bribery charge. What will Fed Ed get for the multi-thousands of dollars he extorted? Oh delusional one, Judge Sanchez has a special place for you, and it is not to ship you back to Chicago or the "Club Fed" in North Carolina.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Why not just roll some real estate, pay your taxes and come out clean? Amateur.