Friday, May 12, 2017

Cartwright Gets Homeland Security Grant For Lower Mount Bethel Firefighters

Maybe someone should ask U.S. Congressmen Matt Cartwright and Charlie Dent to team up with Allentown firefighters. Cartwright has just secured a  $118,096 Operations and Safety grant for the  Lower Mount Bethel Township Sandt’s Eddy Fire Company .

The funds will allow the fire company to purchase Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) units. Each unit will include: harness/backpack, face piece, and two cylinders. This type of equipment is worn by rescue workers, firefighters, and others to provide breathable air in an immediate dangerous-to-life or health atmosphere.

“Our firefighters work tirelessly every day to protect our communities and keep our families safe,” said Rep. Cartwright, a member of the Congressional Fire Services Caucus. “I will continue to support this federal program which helps to ensure safety of our communities.”

The purpose of the AFG is to award competitive grants directly to fire departments to enhance their ability to protect the health and safety of the public, as well as that of first-responder personnel. Since 2001, the AFG program has provided approximately $6.7 billion in grants to first-responder organizations to obtain much-needed emergency response equipment, personal protective equipment, firefighting and emergency vehicles, and training.

I wonder whether Allentown Mayor Edwin "Fed Ed" Pawlowski ever bothered to apply.

During the current funding cycle, the AFG program will award another $310.5 million to first-responder organizations that need support to improve their capability to respond to fires and emergencies of all types.


Anonymous said...

"Fed Ed" probably threw this application out. He only cares about himself; not the firefighters, the public or the outside workers working in his new downtown!

Anonymous said...

These grants are based upon need and financial resources. Allentown would certainly qualify. The only downside is that the current grant period is now closed. The 2017 application period begins in October, runs for about a month, and takes about 6 months before grants are awarded. Allentown needs help now.

Anonymous said...

The grant was probably gotten and reallocated just like the quater billion water war start up funds that were supposide to take car of the unsurmounting pension issues and its MMO? Pretty slick trick to not show were all that monies were spent if that were posible when the forensic accounting team comes in with the nue administration that will be able to redue a proper accounting task force.
Counsils hands are tied at this point and time with the human calculating miscalculator answering for his hiness and than we have the weeble waddleing down from its honda.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Wherever you learned grammar and spelling, demand your money back

Anonymous said...

I will some day Bernie when I stop texting and can get a working flip phone again thank you very much though for the exemplimentary comment and you should have mentioned sentence structure and make-up! I think and talk on my feets, I don't know how well that comes accross because a proffessor tryed to requestion my question and it was in no way my formulated question at all?
I will be putting a money back in my next corrospondence with said allentown academy charter schooling of under acheivers yet recieving the same funding if not more under state home schooled law charter keeping things hampered hindered and hemmed up?

Anonymous said...

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