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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Phillies Draw First Blood!

In the bottom of the first, Phillies ace pitcher Cliff Lee blew Derek Jeter away with just three pitches, an omen of things to come.

The Bronx Bombers were a bunch of duds last night. Pitching a complete game, Lee sent ten Yankees back to the dug out, shaking their heads and grumbling. He walked no one and allowed no runs until the bottom of the 9th, when he began to tire.

In the meantime, the Phillies made it a point to grind out every at-bat, easily scoring six runs against a team whose fans are already wondering who they'll be playing in next year's World Series. Chase Utley blasted a HR in the 2d that just landed here in Nazareth.

Final score? 6-1 Phils. Go Phillies!


Anonymous said...

6-2? I think NY scored only 1 run. All the Phillies needed was to come out of the Bronx w/ 1 win. Can't wait to see the reception Pedro will receive tomorrow night. Prediction: 5-3 Yankees.

Bernie O'Hare said...

You're right. It's one unearned run. Their 3,4 & 5 hitters had 7 ks. Not a good sign for a Yankee fan.

The Village Idoti said...

It is early in the series. But I hope that the Yankees decide to show up tomorrow. That was a boring game to watch.

Lee answers to a new name now, the Yankee's daddy. They will be caling Pedro their daddy tomorrow, too. Time to get the monkey off his back...

Peace, ~~Alex

Anonymous said...

The Yankee fans were easy to spot with their over greased gerry curls.

Phils in 5!

Anonymous said...

How incredibly clutch was Superman, I meant Cliff Lee, in tonight's game. 10 K's. And that behind the back grab?

Get outta here!

Andy and Harry are smiling tonight!

lighthouse said...

Lee pitched a hell of a game....at least the Yanks are past him for a few games, and the series continues...

Game 7, Yanks will prevail...now where's my winning lottery ticket??

The Village Idoti said...

What would have Billy Martin done?

Gotten fired!


Anonymous said...

The New York Yankees personify everything that is wrong with our culture today.

lighthouse said...

I was just listening to Charles on the post you had, and was going to comment, but see the post is gone. It did need some cleaning up, but assume it will be back up.

I guess no need to comment, though. Express editorial picked four of the five I think best, and Charles! wasn't the fifth one.

Bernie O'Hare said...


I inadverdently posted it while still writing it. Let me explain how I blog. I spent 3 1/2 hours researching the post, noting links. I then started writing and was about a half hour into it when I accidentally posted it. I still have about an hour writing left.

That one post will eat about 5 hours of my time. Sometimes, I can have one up in ten minutes, but I usually have at least one post that eats a few hours.

I never know whether a post will be liked or panned until it is up.

Anonymous said...

Bernie I am amazed at the time and research you put into this blog. Your contribution to the local political process is unparalleled. Thank you. As the MSM coverage gets thinner and thinner, I find myself turning to local blogs to try to stay informed and your blog is the first one I read in the AM.

Chris Casey said...

Yankee fans are already wondering who they will play next year in the series?
Shouldn't they worry about playing (and losing) in this one first? I hope the Phils sweep these crybabies, but I think the Phils more likely to win in 5, like Rollins predicted.
As for next year, maybe the Spankees could lose to the Phils, (Again?!)

Oh, and by the way Phils fans, you are welcome for stealing Cliff Lee from my idiotic Indians management.

Anonymous said...

We watched the game. It was fabulous. What a pitcher! Go Phillies.

Anonymous said...

Did everyone see all the empty seats at Yankee Stadium in the late innings? What a pack of losers.


The Banker

LVCI said...

Down to the 9th it looked like an (oh so close) 'shutout'.. who'd thunk it

LVCI said...

New York Post Voting:
Yes, the Yankees are in trouble 80% (4,875 votes)

No, the Yankees will bounce back and win it 20% (1,186 votes)

Total Votes: 6,061

Anonymous said...

I like the Yankees because they built their own stadium. The Phillies (and Eagles, and Pirates, and Steelers, and Iron Pigs) play in corporate welfare stadiums that were political gifts to already filthy rich owners.

I also like baseball's lack of salary cap. These are two of the finest assemblages of talent that over $300m per year can buy. The outrageous salaries aside, it's enjoyable to watch excellence at this level. These are the two best teams in baseball.

ironpigpen said...

Anon 9:10


How much do you think the salary cap should be?

Anonymous said...

Anon 910am, you might want to rethink your position on Yankee Stadium. Gov't support for the stadium was HUGE. Here's a good article from the NY Daily News on the topic:


The Banker

LVCI said...

Banker... Got that right!

The new Yankee stadium got up to $850 million in taxpayer investments but will create just 15 permanent jobs... The report says the Yanks got $336 million from the city and state and up to $500 million in interest savings on IRS-approved tax-exempt bonds.

May 21, 2009 Metro-North Station Opens at Yankee Stadium. It cost $91 million — $39 million financed by the city and the rest by the Metropolitan Transportation Authority

ironpigpen said...

I saw a poll this summer from somewhere stating 1/3 of Americans believe baseball players SHOULD NOT make over $ 1 million dollars...

This is, after all, the age of Obama and the Pay Czar.

Since MLB (and minor league teams) take Government money to build their stadiums, should the Government then be able to dictate how much the players make?

So, what about that salary cap for a Major League Baseball team, then.

What should Obama and his Pay Czar say it should be?

Anonymous said...

Salary caps are un-American. Excellence costs money. In the age of Obama's Malaise of shared misery and ever lower standards, it's nice to watch excellence at any price. Just wish the damn games started earlier. But that's about the money also.

ironpigpen said...

It will be November soon.

It does seem strange to still be playing baseball as we stand just a few days from November and it is because of the money...

Won't anyone set a cap figure for us or throw out a figure of how much is too much for a ballplayer to earn?

The Village Idoti said...

Are Phillie franks still sold at the supermarket? I think this is a Hatfield product.

Also, are the Reggie Jackson candy bar still sold?

Peace, ~~Alex

ironpigpen said...

Reggie Jackson bar - that's old school.

I used to like those - I doubt those are still around!


RYAN HOWARD's current contract:

2009 : $ 15 million
2010 : $ 19 million
2011 : $ 20 million

(bonus monies available for things such as All-Star, Gold Glove, World Series appearance not included)

So, is this "excessive compensation" and, if so, what should baseball players be limited to?

Some other contracts for 2009 season:

Brett Myers --- $ 12 million
Brad Lidge --- $ 11.5 million
Chase Utley --- $ 11 million

Mordecai Brown said...

Any player is worth every dime some knucklehead is willing to pay him; just as any of us who work for a living are.

Those who complain about others' compensation are either jealous, or covetous, or underachieving, or all of the above.

In other words: they are liberals.

Richie Call Me Dick Allen said...

I think Phillies Franks contain ground up feral cats that were collected from the Vet before it was razed. You never hear about those cats anymore. Hmmm.

ironpigpen said...

Mr. Brown,

Agreed. If Team Stupid is dumb enough to fork out $ 10 million for Joe Terrible, there is no reason for Obama and his Czars to be involved.

I still want a Liberal to toss out a figure for a team salary cap or a limit on an individual player's salary...

If we were talking bank executives, why do I think they would be PLENTY of answers forthcoming?