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Friday, October 30, 2009

The 5,678,946th Coming Of Buddy Christ

An Archangel just flew by to tell me I'm in deep doo doo. Slamming the religious right is no biggie, I'm told. That might even help my eternal salvation. But nobody messes with Mennonites.

So I've been warned to prepare for the 5,678,946th Coming of Buddy Christ on Monday. He'll be taking over and making his Election Day picks.

Here's a list of Buddy's requirements:

* Extra soft toilet paper.

* Kitty litter.

* 24 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

* six televisions pretuned to ESPN.

* last six issues of Juggs magazine.


The Village Idoti said...

Are you sure he said ESPN and not EWTN?

By the way, was the umpiring that bad last night? All the guys at school today, that is all they talked about. I didn't realize how many Phillie fans and umpires are clerics.

Peace, ~~Alex

The Village Idoti said...

Pig Pen,

I got some links you need to check out:




Just stay away from the Liberace Minty Patty and the San Diego Chicken gum.

Peace, ~~Alex

Anonymous said...

All hail Buddy,
I eagerly await your guidance.

A Loyal Follower

Anonymous said...

First easy pick.

Northampton County Council;
Ferraro, Dertinger, Hunter, Cussik, and Wallace.

That is the race right there, it is over.

monkey momma said...

Buddy Christ is coming on MONDAY? But, tonight is trick or treat in the monkey neighborhood!!

What's awesome about slamming the Amish on the internet is that they'll never know about it, and if they DO know about it, then you can bet they're NOT gonna meet the Mennonite version of Buddy Christ.

Anonymous said...

Allentown is certainly the monkey neigborhood.

Anonymous said...

It's Saturday morning and I've yet to receive a sleazy, underhanded, last minute hit piece from Mike "I'll Do Anything" Koury.

Anonymous said...

I got my piece from "please more public pensions please", Daly today.

Anonymous said...

Dare I ask? What's the Kitty Litter for?

Anonymous said...

What did Koury send?

Anonymous said...

BUDDY - Were are you? It's Monday I need your wisdom and guidance. Do not make me enter the voting booth unprepared.

A Loyal Follower

Anonymous said...

I think Buddy's holding out for the 6 issues of Juggs and O'Hare won't give them up.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Buddy is coming. He's in Vegas right now.