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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Nobel Peace Prize ... or Shoe Tossed in Your President's Face?

Most conservatives and moderates are puzzled by the recent news that Barack Obama has been awarded the Noel Peace Prize. Here's how Jon Wells sums things up at The Moderate Voice.

"The Nobel Peace Prize was already flirting with irrelevance after recent selections like Al Gore, Yasser Arafat, and Jimmy Carter, but after the award was yesterday announced as going to President Barack Obama, in office for only nine months and for only 12 days when the nomination period expired, the award can officially be said to mean pretty much nothing these days. It’s a shame since so many in the past have legitimately deserved recognition for their efforts – Martin Luther King, Mother Theresa, Lech Walesa, Nelson Mandela and our own Teddy Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson."

Locally, conservative pundit Scott Armstrong wonders whether the Committee could keep a straight face when making the announcement. Mike Schware asks whether the Baseball Hall of Fame will be next. After all, Obama did throw out the first pitch at the All-Star game.

Internationally, this announcement is getting a more favorable response, from Kenya to Israel. Even Iran "will support and welcome the move if it helps promote peace and harmony in war-wary countries."

You see, this award is actually intended for the United States. Obama himself acknowledges he individually has done nothing to deserve it. We have. Hillary Clinton's state department provides some perspective. "[F]rom our standpoint, this gives us a sense of momentum — when the United States has accolades tossed its way, rather than shoes.”


Anonymous said...

NOBODY with A SHRED OF INTELLIGENCE takes Obama's Nobel Prize seriously.

(Obama even knows this award is ot only a joke but a MASSIVE liablity for him)

Obama was nominated for this Nobel Peace Prize after exactly 11 days in office - what more do you need to know?

(can you spell "agenda"?)


WOODROW WILSON (Mr. Versailles Treaty and Mr. League of Nations - how did those two things work out?)

JIMMY CARTER (How did he work out?)

AL GORE ("the planet has a fever!")

and my personal favorite

YASSIR ARAFAT (murderer, terrorist - Progressive Liberal Democrat?)

BARRACK HUSSEIN OBAMA, mmm mmm mmm (Marxist spend-a-holic, Appeaser, Apologist - sat in Reverend Jeremiah "God Damn America" Wright's church for 20 years - Radical Van "only white kids are capable of a Columbine" Jones - Homosexual Indoctrinator Kevin Jennings - "No Lobbyists in my administration" - "Tax Breaks for 95% of all Americans (not after Obamacare and Cap and Tax)" - Can't Make Up My Mind As Americans Die In Afghanistan - "Unempolyment won't go above 8% if we do the Stimulus" - Tax Cheats In Administration (see Tim Geithner among others) - New White House RECORD FOR TRAVEL IN JUST NINE MONTHS - American Idol Rock Star)


0-bama fits right in on this list of CLOWNS!

I, for one, am THRILLED 0-bama won.

(Should recharge his all-important ego after Copenhagen debacle)

I think the cirucs act that is the former United States of America proceeds with unmatched ability to entertain!

Fat-boy multi-millionaire MICHAEL MOORE's "Capitalism Sucks Even Though I Rake In Plenty As A Result" movie is now showing in a theater near you!

Just another radical left wing elitist hypocrite, Fat-boy is...

Good day, Nanny Staters!

Enjoy your American Dependence party!

(You know damn well it can't last so blow Obama's horn as loud as you can WHILE you can. You'll definitely get the votes {or just conjur them up as you have in the past} but, sooner or later, you will be out of money, you won't be able to print more, and you won't have anybody left with anything to tax!)

China says hello. Pleasant dreams.


What happens on the national level DEFINITELY affects the local level.

Allentown is a disgrace and NOT getting better.

Picture of 0-bama is every shop downtown, though.

(Blogger's Note: I transferred this from an OT comment elsewhere to this post, where it is relevant. - Bernie O'Hare)

Anonymous said...

Rasmussen Reports, October 9, 2009

"Just 30% of Americans say Obama is governing in bi-partisan fashion, down 12 points from last January and the lowest such finding in his Presidency"

"24% now say congressional Democrats are acting on bipartisan basis"


Have they delivered?

According to Rasmussen - NO!

So, did Community Organizer Obama lie to the American people during his TWO-YEAR CAMPAIGN as a junior Senator???

(Blogger's Note: I transferred this from an OT comment elsewhere to this post, where it is relevant. - Bernie O'Hare)

Anonymous said...

Reasons Barack Obama deserved the Nobel Prize:

- Two days after taking office he reversed the government's use of specific methods of torture with prisoners.

- He signed an executive order closing the prison at Gitmo. (The fact that his operations people haven't yet managed to hand off all of Bush's "detainees" to other countries -- the US itself still refusing to take them -- aside.)

- His speech to the Islamic world, repudiating the not-incorrect perception so many of them had of the United States.

- His willingness to TALK to our adversaries, bringing North Korea -- who exploded a nuke under Bush -- back to the table, and now we have Iran actively engaged in negotiations with a recently stated promise to allow inspectors. Because we talked to them and didn't snarl.

- Dramatically improved relations with Russia, and a reversal of the intent to put interceptor missiles in Europe.

- His military commitment to fighting pirates off Somalia, and encouraging other countries to contribute to the presence.

- The drawing down of troops in Iraq and recommitment to making decisions on Afghanistan.

- A significant change in foreign policy.

- A sea change in world opinion of the United States as a direct result of his presidency and action, thereby making the world safer through a lack of confrontation. (Not to mention it being safer and more pleasant for Americans to travel abroad these days. No more rehearsing the phrase "Je suis Canadien" before leaving.)

- Improved relations with South America -- even your buddy Hugo has said nice things.

- The multitude of things he did as a Senator as well as prior to that working with inner city kids to make their lives better

Anonymous said...

anon 1:18 -

the award is given out for extraordinary effort, not results. apartheid didn't end until 10 years after desmond tutu was awarded the nobel peace prize for his efforts to that end.

get your head on straight. also try expressing yourself without all-caps. it makes you at least appear sane.

Anonymous said...

Glad to see the birthers have a home on the oharamaniac channel.

noel jones said...

While I was surprised at the award, and do feel a bit premature, but I give him credit for saying he doesn't feel he deserves it, and (in line with Anon 1:18's comments) that he says he will take it as a challenge.

And while I agree with Anon 2:09's list of reasons, I feel a very important one was left out--his continuing willingness to engage the nation in an earnest conversation about race relations in our country. On the surface, this may rile those uncomfortable with the topic who don't want to give up their advantage, and not seem to bring peace at all, but in the long run, I think we will look back at this time as a turning point in a series of turning points in the history of race relations, where the PC facade was peeled back, where skeletons were let out of family closets, and where people stopped pretending that discrimination in America ended after the Civil Rights Movement. It is high time we started taking an honest look at ourselves as a nation in terms of race relations. The strife that may come out of that discussion is where the healing begins that can eventually lead to peace, tolerance and celebration of, rather than resistance to, diversity in our country down the road--which is going to be kind of important, considering scientists predict "white" people will be a minority by 2042, due to our recessive genes.

I have been extremely impressed with the grace in which President Obama has handled some of the most disrespectful flack ever hurled at a president of the United States, to always come back with a measured, peaceful and insightful take on the troubled race relations within our nation.

I may not agree with everything our President does, but I do feel that he brokers peace at every turn--even in Afghanistan where our soldiers are trying to help regular citizens stabilize and hold elections. Having a brother in the Army, I hate both wars and want them to be over as soon as possible. But let's not forget that President Obama did not start these wars (in fact he voted against going to war with Iraq) but inherited them from President Bush, and is doing his best to wrap them up as quickly and responsibly as possible.

Whether or not anyone feels he deserves the Nobel Peace Prize, our president seems a peaceful man, even in the face of great challenges abroad and hostility at home. There is a popular saying that "charity starts at home." I think it's just as true that peace starts at home.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

"Cuba's Fidel Castro Hails Barack Obama's Nobel Peace Price"

"Absurd Decision On Obama Makes Mockery Of Nobel Peace Prize"

"Obama Has Won The Nobel Prize Simply Because He's Not George Bush"

The Daily Mail writes, "They say it is in recognition of his achievements - well, it is hard to figure just what they say his achievements have been."

"But you would have thought they would wait until next year, just so their eagerness to embrace the non-Bush wouldn't look so much LIKE A SCHOOL GIRL CRUSH."


ironpigpen said...

How is the war in Afghanistan going?

Obama get around to making up his mind on what he wants to do yet?

No rush.

But hurry up and pass a stimulus or unemployment won't stop at 8%.

Oh yeah, and pass Obamacare (cost neutral, if not money-saving, of course and no death panels to be sure, just end of life counseling sessions).

Cap and Tax anyone?

How much carbon footprint for the entourage to Oslo?

Is Oprah going?

Anonymous said...

Eleven days that shook the World – January 21 2008 to January 31 2008

The world caught its breath. Eleven days without Bush and Cheney.

Good enough reason as any to give the Nobel Prize to the corporate lawyer in the White House.

Rising Sun said...

Anons insane rants only prove for me why he does deserve the award. I think just about everyone is missing the main point of this award, which is not an award for concrete achievements. Nelson Mandela was put up for the award in years when South Africa was still in a horrid condition, and in fact in years when he was in jail. This President's willingness to talk to enemies who his predecessor called "the axis of evil," and whom Cheney and Rumsfeld wanted to bomb, is a step in the right-direction. His engagement of Russia and China has already paid some dividends, as we see by their behavior after Iran's nuclear program was further exposed. His responsible plan to end the war in Iraq, while not entirely his, is playing out under him. His acknowledgment of the problem of climate change, and his proposed action on it is also refreshing after the last administration. I could go on, but anon 2:09 already did a great job with it.

So while Ironpigpen and the insane anonymous nut are ranting about Rasmussen polls (the only pollster to put the GOP ahead in virtually everything this year, a total joke) and how terrible Gore/Carter/Wilson are (All of whom are considered men of great progress and peace in the world, but hated by the American Right), and even about how their side never wins the award (you don't believe in diplomacy, that is kind of a disqualifier.), I'm just going to enjoy the fact that most of the world no longer hates the American government as much as they did last January 19th. Hell, for that matter, I'll celebrate that we've got a President who's made it 9 months with an average approval rating of 54%, after all, we used to have one in the 20's.

The Village Idoti said...

Let us not to forget setting the country on solid ground by modifying the Free of Choice Act.

If a seed or a seedling begets a plant; why doesn't a fetus or the unborn count for a life? Or the lives that some like to put out of mind because they are sitting in hospitals.

The right to life, from inception to natural death doesn't count for anything regarding the Nobel Peace Prize? Protecting those that can't protect themselves doesn't count, either? Whether they be an unborn baby or a citizen that is brain dead, terminally ill, or etc. doesn't amount to much?

Who knows if those sick would not have gotten well? Who knows if killing the unborn, would have brought forth a child that could have accomplish something we can only dream about, irregardless of any life of a child?

I guess euthanasia and abortion aren't criteria for the Nobel Peace Prize. Congratulations, Mr. President. You deserve it.

Peace, ~~Alex

Anonymous said...

- His speech to the Islamic world, repudiating the not-incorrect perception so many of them had of the United States.

Obama is a traitor.

You fucking douchebag piece of shit.

Anonymous said...

But since the Committee no longer considers actual achievement but rather the promise of it, he will suffice.

Bpb said...

" Anonymous said...
Reasons Barack Obama deserved the Nobel Prize:"

Wow you really have drank the cool-aid. Or was it prune juice.

Anonymous said...

Why is it that the self haters value the shoe thrower so?

Hillary Clinton - she who could not find subpoened documents and one day they just show up in her residence - she of the vast right wing conspiracy that planted the DNA on Lewinsky's dress - she of the outright lie that she was fired upon by snipers - she of the outright lie that she was named for Sir Edmund Hillary, who had not even achieved fame until well after her birth.

Hillary Clinton is a pathological liar.

Hillary Clinton might not be the best citation for this concocted validation of looney lefties honoring Zerobama for throwing his country under the bus.

Those guys in Norway love Roman Polanski, btw.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Wow, you really nailed her. Good thing we did not elect her President. She might have falsely claimed there were WMDs in some weak country and send in too few troops to get the job done.

Anonymous said...


The president of the committee that found Obama so deserving. He's the guy with the well placed hands.

I'm shocked. SHOCKED!


Anonymous said...

As I recall, she voted for that war after reviewing the same intelligence, after her husband claimed the same threats were present in Iraq during his time in office.

She also sat silently as her husband abused the military and bombed an aspirin factory, to take the attention away from her obviously unsatisfied Billy's pervert problems.

So, yeah, I guess I did portray her accurately. But I didn't nail her. Wouldn't do that even with Rosie O'Donnell's.

Speaking of that nonsense, hope it isn't lost on you that his personally selected commander in Afghanistan can't get 25 minutes with his boss unless it's to be dressed down, but Dear Leader can find time for a banquet with the alternative lifestylers tonight.

Good to know The One has got his priorities in order.

Anonymous said...

Don't ask, don't tell.

Anonymous said...

These crazy comments illustrate exactly why you should keep to local issues.

Anonymous said...

noel jones said...

"And while I agree with Anon 2:09's list of reasons, I feel a very important one was left out--his continuing willingness to engage the nation in an earnest conversation about race relations in our country."

Noel -

You're kidding, right?

This is the President who foolishly injected himself into a local police matter and MADE it into a national racial incident.

This is a President who acts like a bystander while his supporters, his White House, and leaders of his own party characterize any criticism of his POLICIES as a racial attack.

He is not engaging "the nation in an earnest conversation about race relations in our country." He is merely pulling a play from the tired, old Democratic playbook and using race to divide the country.

If he were truly interested in repairing race relations, he would publicly chastise those in his own party who attempt to portay his opposition as racists.

Anonymous said...

I don't feel bad for him at all ... It will only give him another excuse to use the Presidential Jet when he goes to Oslo to pick up his medal ... I will feel bad for Obama if his supporters wake up one day and are no longer on an Obama high. Then they might start pouring out their venum and tough love as was poured out to George Bush ... And Emmanuel Goldstein in George Orwell's book 1984..The President outwardly seems to be humbled by this award as he should be ... But may I ask, how did he get nominated in February so near to the beginning of his Presidency ... That is very irrational .. Who was resoinsible for that? And Why? Did they think that the President needed advance recognition in order to be motivated to stay on the course his words advocated .. Interesting

In regard to Obama's popularity I am reminded of a Stargate Atlantis episode in which an individual from an alien planet once unpopular found a plant that when processed enabled him to emit fuerons which caused everybody to like him except one individual who had a cold ... And that cold infected individual worked hard to undo the mind numbing effects of the plant ... In the end the one who used a little magic to be popular ended up unpopular again.

The truth is I want Obama to represent the ibterests of the United States well in foreign Policy ... Let's hope that Obama does not become the Neville Chamberlain of the 21st century .. Chamberlain's deals with Hitler did not end well for the world. Let us hope that the same unsatisfactory deal will not result from Obama's dealings ... Obama to win his place in history must deal from strength not weakness ... And if other nations perceive we are weak and won't live by our commitments to protect other nations ... They will act according ... We must trust but verify ... Not give away our cards and hope for the best.

Words of though by Dennis Pearson

Anonymous said...

The president deserves credit for continuing an aggressive prosecution of both wars and the expansion of the fight into Pakistan - without waiting for a sleepy Congress to approve. He has also maintained black prisons and has stepped up the rendering program (used effectively under Clinton and Bush), while using a worshipping press's silence to forward our international interests. The Nobel award is curious. Obama's war policy is arguably more aggressive than W's. And Guantanamao is still open for biz.

Looking To Escape said...

Noel -
You're kidding, right?

No, he wasn't.
The Orwellians never sleep.

Bernie O'Hare said...

"These crazy comments illustrate exactly why you should keep to local issues."

Some are borderline incomprehensible. Others make some good points. The one thing about these comments that I like is that there are very few personal attacks. I made a comment defending Hillary and someone illustated pretty convincingly why I am wrong. But commenters are not sniping at each other except on the issues.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on being #1 in Most Influential Political blogs.

I guess all those snarky comments put you over the top!

Keep up the good work!

Bernie O'Hare said...

They probably did. I was deleting up to 50 identical comments per day over the last week,which were being added to everything I posted. That probaly gave me the #1 rating.

To be honest, I've stopped paying attention to BNN ratings and would not even know were it not for your comment. I used to give myself a high rating once every couple days, but it is too easily gamed. I thought it was fun until it started being used by a troll to demean blogs that are not ranked.

The best poliblog in the state is probably John Micek's Capitol Ideas. I also like Attytood, Above Average Jane and PhillyWillDo.

Locally, we all have our strengths and weaknesses. I think we should try to complement each other instead of compete against each other. I also think we do better when we write about local issues that when we snipe at each other.

Thanks for the nice words.

Anonymous said...

Nobel political Prize

We should all keep in mind the brave souls that are struggling in obscurity risking their lives for peace. They deserved the prize. They deserve the recognition and the umbrella of safety the following publicity would provide.
Instead of doing the right thing the Nobel Committee used the award to further their own progressive agenda. Their actions were self serving and therefore nothing short of pathetic. The committee, the prize, and the recipient have been demeaned as a result.

Scott Armstrong

Bernie O'Hare said...

Scott, I have to agree. Througout the years, the American soldier has done more to promote the cause of peace than any agggle of politicians. Ironic.

Anonymous said...

Although the war in Iraq and Afghanistan have been plagued with missteps and some abuses the goal of freeing people from the bounds of brutal tyranny was in itself altruistic. The United States could have acted like the oh so sensible European leaders and done nothing more than hold endless meetings on the matters, keeping their noses in the air they pontificate endlessly about the complexities of the various situations while nothing is actually accomplished. Past wars have taught us the valuable lesson that freeing people from enslavement is a bloody but worthwhile endeavor.
Doing nothing in the face of evil is not noble or altruistic it is instead expedient cowardice.

Scott Armstrong

Donald said...

Some comments are good some have been batshit crazy. I wonder when list of people who did not deserve the Nobel Henry Kissinger was not added to the list? Is it because he is a Republican and only Democrats are undeserving?

Anonymous said...

Is Donald a DINO? I wonder.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Hardly, Donald is to the left of most local Dems. Check out his blog.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Hardly, Donald is to the left of most local Dems. Check out his blog.