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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Did LC Comm'r Andy Roman Just Slam Candidate Jeanne McNeill?

Andy Roman is an at-large Lehigh County Commissioner, but is nothing like most politicians. Instead of being gregarious, he's a bit on the shy and retiring side. Reserved. He expresses strong opinions that often make sense, as he did in support of webcasting public meetings, and I've never witnessed him launch a personal attack against anyone.

That's why I have to question whether the "Andy Roman" who commented on Ken Petrini's blog yesterday is the Lehigh County Comm'r or someone else. If this is actually Andy Roman the Commish, he needs to move and run for Northampton County Council, where mean-spirited and childish remarks are expected. Get a lot of this unnecessary swipe.

"Daniel McNeil who was thrown out of office as a Whitehall Township Executive in 2006 because of an ethical cloud surrounding his appointment in violation of the Whitehall Home Rule charter is now hoping to have his wife Jeanne do his bidding for him at the County level and have Don pay for it.

"Daniel McNeil, who was subsequently appointed to a cushy County position is now hoping to bring his brand of "political hack" politics to the County level through his wife, who has no government experience and has never attended a Commissioner meeting.

"By the way,isn't it a bit unsavory to have hubby calling the shots while being on the County pay-roll? Conflict of interest maybe??

"If Daniel McNeil wants to be a political player at the County level, why doesn't he run himself instead of making his poor wife do his bidding?"

Tacky. Maybe Andy should try blogging. Speaking of unsavory, is it appropriate for a Lehigh County elected official to speak this way about a County employee?


Anonymous said...

Bernie I am not sure about this but I believe there is some history between the Republican Commissioners and McNeil dating back to his Township Executive days. There was some sort of public confrontation at a meeting where McNeil lost his temper and lashed out at the Commissioners. At least that is the word in the political grapevine.

Political Wine Drinker

Anonymous said...

perhaps Roman is cut from the same cloth as GOP chief and Barack Hussein Obama Hater Platt... in the Morning Call today he said that the County Executive "answers" to the county commissioners. Wrong Party Chief: the county executive answers directly to the voters. Perhaps this is why your party is doing so poorly... you can't even figure out who is in charge (hint: it's the voters).

Anonymous said...

"...is it appropriate for a Lehigh County elected official to speak this way about a County employee?"

If he is a known partisan and a political appointee not likely to remain if the opposition is elected, as opposed to a rank and file career county employee, I would say he's fair game. This guy, in particular, appears to enjoy the fight.

Bernie O'Hare said...

It is uncalled for behavior by a commmissioner who, up 'till now, has impressed me as a sclassy guy. I'm disappointed. There may be some persoanl animosity at work ere, but in my opinion, Roman's mean-spirited jabs help McNeill more than they hurt here.

Anonymous said...

FYI: Jeanne McNeill attends the Commish meetings. (I've seen her there) 2) The Case in Whitehall was found in a court of law in FAVOR of the Township. 3) regardless of how the court case had turned out, Dan McNeill had done nothing unethical. He applied for a Job and was hired for said job by the Whitehall Township Board of Commisioners.

Dan McNeill was NOT thrown out. He wasn't elected. (Happens all the time folks)

it is disgraceful that someone would slander people in this way and make alligations of the nature found in the Roman post.

Anonymous said...

If this were not Don, Ohare would be calling Roman a hero.

Anonymous said...

Andy Roman's last round as a candidate featured campaign signs that said either "God Bless America" or "In God we Trust." I can't remember the specifics, but after reading this article, he doesn't sound like he's acting very Christian at all. If anything, he sounds kind of shameful, calling a legit candidate somebody's "poor wife." Wow.

Anonymous said...

Morning Call 2006 editorial called Danny McNeil's circumstances leading up to his appointment as Whitehall Executive in violation of Whitehall Home Rule charter "an odor of corruption".

Danny boy was voted out at election time and defeated by a fellow democrat, Ed Hozza supported by current County Director of Projects and former Whitehall Executive Glenn Solt.

Anyone who knows egomaniac Danny McNeil and Whitehall politics, knows he is hiding behind his wife for political advantage.

Roman is from Whitehall and has the guts to speak the truth!

Bernie O'Hare said...

I consider Roman's remarks out of line. If he wants to attack Dan McNeill, he can do so w/o attacking his wife. He is usually quite gracious, but those remarks diminish him.