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Saturday, October 31, 2009

"Last Minute" Post Premature

As a rule, I do not take down posts. A newspaper can't take it back, so why should I? I will acknowledge the error in an update. Sometimes, I will also prepare an additional post.

Today, I posted a blog about some last minute finances in the Lehigh County Comm'rs race. It was up for no more than ten minutes when I thankfully received a call, telling me I had something dead wrong. Because the blog was only up a few minutes, and this is the weekend, I took the post down for revisions. I will re-posting a corrected blog later today or tomorrow.

My thanks to the person who called me, who shall remain nameless.


The Village Idoti said...

Anyway, I am getting along better after the fall. It only took about twenty-five stitches and a lot of Aleve. But when they were going to release me from the hospital, they heard something like a "death rattle" coming from my lungs. They were scared that I was going to croak right then and there. I told them that I have been breathing like this for about two or three weeks, now. After some more tests, not only did I have H1N1, but I had quite a bit of fluid in my lungs, walking pnuemonia. They wanted me hospitalized, again. But I told them I have a Pentateuch paper due and I am leading the lecture in my Nature and Method of Theology class regarding Eastern Spirituality. They agreed that I could go back to the seminary, only if I stay bed-ridden in my cell, until my condition improve. Well little did I know that I was going to slip and fall again. I ended up back in the same hospital, Sibly; with the same doctors. They think I am some wayward cleric that has nine lives. They are now asking me to perform miracles and hear confessions. I keep telling them that I am only a seminary of the lowest order of the Church. The doctor claims that he has never seen anyone with that much fluid in their lungs and still be able to walk, hold a conversation, or even breathe. I told him, that if I didn't fall again, I would have been at American University eating a Z-burger and half a bag of onion rings / half a bag of french fries with a kosher dog and a large Pib. Right then and there he threw up his hands and started to complain about how close to death I really came. I think he is joking. I am trying to find a way to get back to the seminary. I left my Divine Office, my Bible, and my homework there. I need it. All I have is my rosary and my cell phone. And they took the cell phone away from me. Maybe they will let me go home again if I really, really promise to stay in my cell. I really want a Z-burger pretty bad.

Anonymous said...

Feel better, Alex.

Anonymous said...

I respectfully disagree with you, BO. That's what is so different about blogs (and also enriching), in that, you can instantaneously correct mistakes. As long as you acknowledge that you changed it. I think it elevates the veracity of your writing. If this was print, the correction would have been buried 10 pages deep on the next days paper and the reader would be lucky to find it, never mind connecting it to the previous story. Here in your blog, you have it front and center, where other people can see the changes. But, then again, that's my humble opinion.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Understood. I have a 15 minute rule in which I can take down a blog I do not like. This fell in there, and it's the weekend so I felt I would miselad no one by simply taking it down and saying a corrected version will go up.

I could have done an update, but honestly, I think even my explanation about what I had wrong would be confusing, so I made the call. A new post will probably not go up until tomorrow bc I'm a little tired and want to relax.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Fr. Alex, Please take care of yourself, my friend.

The Village Idoti said...

What they don't know is, that I took the heart monitor off. I am down the hall, in the lounge, watching the Fightin' Phils and surfing the web. We'll see how long it is before they send the calvary for a flat-liner!

Anonymous said...

bern shouldn't you remove all your little stories then??

Anonymous said...

bern shouldn't you remove all your little stories then??

Anonymous said...

Bernie O'Hare was disbarred in 1986 for sabotaging his own client's civil rights litigation w/ "evil intent." See: Part 2: George Usry

When they finally caught up w/ O'Hare he had just finished successfully sabotaging the wrongful death litigation of a grieving widow and her three fatherless children. See: Part 3: Lucille White

Recently, O'Hare publicly threatened (twice) to sabotage the wrongful death litigation of Sheena Villa. See: Why is Bernie O'Hare Defiling Sheena Villa?

In 1986, O'Hare's own lawyer told the PA Supreme Court that O'Hare had a "serious emotional problem."

Obviously, O'Hare has never been rehabilitated.

ironpigpen said...

For my two cents, you admitted your mistake in print and make no bones about it. THAT's the whole enchilada. Whether or not the incorrect post stays up is small potatoes by a country mile.

A-Rod, unfortunately, hit a home run for the Yankees last night. It took replay to get it right. The very first replay review in the history of the World Series.

In the end, the call was corrected.

The University of Colorado won a football game against the University of Missouri with the benefit of a "fifth down" once upon a time and the 33-31 result stood up even after multiple reviews at a few levels.


"Final Drive. Missouri. 1990. Fifth Down."

The winning touchdown actually went under review to see if the ballcarrier broke the plane of the goal line. During the 20-minute delay, the on-field game officials were made aware that Colorado's "touchdown" came on a "fifth" down. The officials could have addressed the situation right there and then - they did not.

The Big Eight Conference could have overturned the on-field decision after the game - but elected not to.

Colorado went on the "earn" a share of the national championship with Georgia Tech that year.

Anonymous said...

The Yanks suck! End of story!