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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Browning Connection

Yesterday, I told you that Lehigh County Exec Don Cunningham is financing the campaigns of Democratic Commissioner candidates Hillary Kwiatek and Jeanne McNeill, to the tune of approximately $72,000. Well, it looks like Lehigh County Commissioner Dean Browning is doing much the same thing, although on a much smaller scale. Campaign finance reports filed by Tom Creighton, Glenn Eckhart, Mike Welsh and Bob Smith reveal that each has received $4,027.25 in in-kind services from Browning's committee as well as his Lehigh County Victory PAC. (You can see their reports here).

For those of you unfamiliar with this evil arch-villian, Browning is the Commish who wanted to pull the plug on county funding to poor Pip the Mouse, which resulted in squeaky death threats and little car bombs. Relentless, you can see Dean above, hatching his latest fiendish plot. Thanks in large part to Dean's efforts, Republican candidates have sent out a few negative mailers of their own, as you can see from a Creighton piece directed at Jeanne McNeill..
Back of Creighton Mail Piece[1]

I called Browning for comment late last night and to learn if he drew that cartoon, but his wife told me he was out stealing signs.


Anonymous said...

in politics, $ = Power. Browning and Cunningham are no different in the regard that they both seek power.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of signs, now Gavin has a green and white sign like McHale's who copied off of Stoffa Has anyone heard of ROYGBIV?

Marc Grammes said...


Our family received another mailer previous to the one posted from Tom Creighton which I believe was paid for by the Pa state republican committee. It featured Sterling Raber. Unfortunately it is now in the recycleables. Is he going to amend his report to include the inkind services for that mailer?

Bernie O'Hare said...


How can a respond to anything like this when you have no evidence? You believe this may have happened, but you don't have the mailer in question. I can only go on what people can physically provide.

Marc said...

Agreed Bernie,
Our garbage day was Monday and I don't have it anymore. I do know that there is nothing reflected in his report. Have a great day.

eckville press said...

Marc is correct about the mailer but it was paid for by the Lehigh County Republican Committee not the Pa State Republican Committee.
My mailer arrived last week after Oct.19 so it might show up in the next reporting cycle. Mine is still in hand.
Eck Capone

Bernie O'Hare said...

Eck Capone,

If it came after the 19th, it falls in the next reporting cycle. If it is not reported then, it's a problem.

Anonymous said...

Near as I can tell, and I'm not supporting Creighton, so dont get me wrong, but I did receive my copy of that mailer on Oct 22, obviously after the 19th. Who knows when it was invoiced.

As to Creighton, my thoughts are it will be easier to throw all County politicians out after the fate-complete County tax increase, which will come.

After that, it may better for one party to be able to regroup against the other party rather than sift through the finger pointing which would otherwise be sure to come, when that looming increase hits, and it will.

The present company of R's wont stop the looming increase. Past history tells us.

So Creighton hath not my support. Present County situation begs the question whether Ervin was more correct than wrong. Else what would Cunningham been able to do?

The County R's to date have done nil to curtail spending, cept for Browning and/or Eckhart who retain some credibility.

I loathe to get into Creighton's local record, but at least he has one over his opponent.

Its time to clean house on both parties. Hopefully one party will survive enough to regroup and make positive change, but then again, maybe not. Time will tell.

eckville press said...

On Toms “sheep” mailer he slams McNeil for refusing to sign a pledge against tax increases to balance the budget. True, Tom voted to cut taxes in Lynn Township for 2008 but fails to mention Lynn Township ended 2008 with a $116.000 budget deficit.
So much for balanced budgets!! The outcome of the 2009 budget is still unknown.
Tom claims campaign finance reform but in 2009 he voted to eliminate the Admission Tax, a 100% tax cut to two local campaign contributors. When asked how he planed to make up for the decrease in revenue, Tom was fuzzy.
Tom also claims McNeil refused to stand up to the union bosses and cut government spending. Well on government spending, lets just say this commentator refers to Tom as, Tom “we can spend it out of the reserve” Creighton.
Will Tom really stand up to union bosses when in Sept Tom wouldn’t even stand up against a local misinformed rogue lynch mob? This commentator posted on the meeting.
If you listen carefully to the posted audio you will hear one ex Lynn super claim that Tom agreed to the unwritten policy that allowed township employees to turn in falsified time cards, claiming they were working for the township when they were off on other business.
You don’t here “pink slip” from Tom. Tom had an opportunity to expose fourteen years of corruption but failed. So this commentator ask, does Tom look out for the taxpayers or the supporters of Supervisor Delong’s handpicked write in candidate and mystery auditor?
That said, it is the opinion of this commentator that for the last two years Tom governed Lynn by counting votes and not by what was in the best interest of the citizens. But hey, I’m just babbling bullshit hiding behind a ghostly figure.

Eck Capone

Anonymous said...

Would you prefer Tom over a paid for rubber stamp? Tough call up there, should make for an interesting election night.

eckville press said...

Anon 11:55PM

Leaning toward writing in Pip The Mouse. Pip is already funded by taxpayer dollars. So no harm there. :)