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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Dent: Use Stim Funds to Help Seniors and Vets Denied COLA

Did you know that for the first time since 1975, there will be no cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) next year for Social Security recipients or disabled veterans? LV Congressman Charlie Dent has responded by cosponsoring legislation that will provide these payment using unobligated “stimulus” funds.

When the rate cap comes off PPL in January, this will hurt many seniors and disabled LV vets. Dent believes we can use stimulus funds that are borrowed but haven’t been spent, to provide help to seniors and veterans without increasing taxes or adding to our nation’s ballooning deficit.

“Since the stimulus funding has failed its original purpose — to stimulate the economy and create jobs — it makes sense to use the bill’s unobligated funds to help our deserving seniors and veterans,” Congressman Dent said.


Anonymous said...

These funds are borrowed and will increase our deficit. It is a noble cause but we should be taking these borrowed funds that haven't been spent and use them to pay down the deficit.

Anonymous said...

(Ugh) Just when I thought that Dent was a pragmatic voice of fiscal restraint, he floats this balloon filled with hot air and more than a trace of pander. Because one of the most fiscally irresponsible pieces of federal legislation failed in its attempt to stimulate the economy, we should divert the remaining "loot" to provide a COLA for vets and seniors. What happens when it runs out? Won't they be in exact same position?

Anonymous said...

Hey 12:22, he has a tough election coming up and who better to pander to but vets and seniors. Charlie knows the game well.

Anonymous said...

The only idea better than giving the tax payers some of their money back is to not confiscate from them more than needed to cover the basic cost of government in the first place.

Scott Armstrong

Chris Casey said...

Charlie looks out for veterans, and I won't beat him up for this.

Anonymous said...

Interesting point by a Republican..he says since Stimulas funds have already been misdirected why not misdirect them some more..Gotta love it!!

Anonymous said...

What part of "Cost Of Living Adjustment" does Charlie not understand? It's like Bernie refusing to state when government budgets should be slashed in good times, after stating it's the wrong thing to do in tough times. Populist politics is a circle jerk and Dent's a master. I thought Charlie was above using my tax dollars for his targeted political campaigning.

Bernie O'Hare said...

When the caps come off PPL rates in January, that alone will justify what Dent is doing.

Anonymous said...

"When the caps come off PPL rates in January, that alone will justify what Dent is doing."

It's a misuse of a federal program with Dent using public money to court seniors. The rest of the country isn't served by PPL. He should work to address their rate hike issue - although he likely supported deregulation and is now attempting to cover his ass.

Where the hell are Grucela and Freeman and Dally and the rest of the local public teet suckers on this very local issue? They're drooling over their benefits and pensions and won't have to worry about paying the rate increase.

It's time to send these local wastes of skin into the private sector - where they'll likely fail miserably. I'd love to interview any one of these slackers for a position with my company. I always get a kick out deer-in-the-headlights applicant who are tragically ill-prepared for the real world.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like someone is up pandering for senior votes.

I guess Dent is an economist now, since he claims "stimulus funding has failed its original purpose — to stimulate the economy and create jobs..."

I am not sure how rate caps expiring in one area of the county justifies this proposal...sounds like more pandering to the locals!

Anonymous said...

Here is another take on Dent's proposal:

Anonymous said...

Charlie voted to remove rate caps while in the Pa legislature. Perhaps he wants those seniors tp forget that. Besides Charlie did not vote for Recovery Bill now he wants to play Santa. Good try Charlie.