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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Charlie Dent Honors Pa. National Guard

Last month, members of the Pennsylvania National Guard serving in the LV-based 56th Stryker Brigade Combat Team returned home after a year long deployment to Iraq:

LV Congressman Charlie Dent recently made this speech in support of a House Resolution honoring these citizen soldiers.

“The United States National Guard is the oldest component of our armed forces, dating back to pre-Revolutionary War times. Over the past eight years, we have witnessed thousands of Guard members answer the call as they are asked to fight in Iraq and Afghanistan.

“Approximately 4,000 members of the Pennsylvania Guard were deployed to Iraq last fall – the largest deployment of the Pennsylvania National Guard since the Korean War. Prior to the 56th Stryker Brigade Combat Team’s deployment to Iraq, I visited them in Louisiana as they prepared to mobilize overseas. In June 2009, I travelled to Iraq to meet with the Pennsylvania National Guard 56th Stryker Brigade and other Pennsylvania troops.

“During my visit to Iraq, I saw a significant improvement in the security conditions on the ground. The fact we were able to safely drive through the bustling streets of Baghdad was an encouraging and welcome development. I know – without a doubt – it is the sacrifice, perseverance and bravery of these young men and women that has enabled such progress.

“I am pleased that just one year later, the 56th Stryker is returning home. As of late September, most of the Brigade has returned home. I am honored to be standing here today to pay tribute to these heroes. Our military families demonstrate tremendous bravery as they watch their loved ones go overseas to fight in harms way for the freedoms we experience every day in this great nation. Thank you to the entire Pennsylvania National Guard for protecting the families and communities of our great Commonwealth and standing at the ready to defend our homeland."


Anonymous said...

I feel so bad for them. What a waste of lives and effort nad money on such a stupid meaningles war.

Anonymous said...

Are we going to see all these cheap vote for Dent press releases through next November.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Um, he happens to be your Congressman and not everything is political, especially to those of us who served in the military. If you consider a few paragraphs honoring the Pa. Nat'l Guard as something cheap, there's not much I can say. I'm sure Callahan would echo every word. There are times when things are political and times when we need to remember we are Americans, regardless of party. I'm sorry that you are so partisan you can't see that.

Anonymous said...

O'hare, you have two stories about your hero, Dent, today, but no stories about how Callahan out raised him this past quarter. Why?

Your hero must have told you not to write about, since it is bad press for him.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Look at my previous comment about this, as well as my comment on the other "Dent" post today.

This post is really about the Stryker Combat Brigade, and the sacrifices made by the men and women in th Pa. Nat'l Guard. I'm sure Callahan and Dent are 100% in agreement on this point. You do Callahan no favor by trying to politicize something that should be bringing us together.

Anonymous said...

"he happens to be your Congressman and not everything is political"

ah-hahahahahahahahahahaha... a person who has been in elected office for many years is going to do everything with a political thought. yeah, there's no political risk associated with honoring military men and women, but that low risk in and of itself is a political decision.

And I'll say the same thing about D's and R's. Callahan will do it too if elected fo congress and he should also be called out for it.

Anonymous said...

I have a newphew who just came back with the 56th. He is at the end of his six year commitment to the National Guard. They kept taking him out of college to send him to Katrina and then to Iraq. He barely was able to finish 60 credits, and now they won't pay for the rest of his education! Any suggestions as to what he can do?

Anonymous said...

Suggestion is to move to Canada or any other industrialized nation other than the United States.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Anon 6:17, Under the new GI Bill of Rights, your nephew is entitled to relief. I stronmgly recommend that you contact Congressman Dent's office for help. That's why it's there. Please let us know how you make out.

Mary Ann said...

Thanks so much, Bernie. We'll contact Dent's office about my nephew. I'll let you know.
Your column is a wonderful forum for this stuff. Thank you.