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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Guridy to LVR:Turn That Flipcam Off, Gringo!

At last night's NAACP debate, I filmed magisterial hopefuls Ron Manescu and Walter Felton. I also got two clips of Lehigh County Comm'r David Jones, who gave one of the very best speeches about county government I've ever heard. These videos are valuable because they remove me from process. You can judge a candidate based on what he or she actually said, instead of relying on my own twisted recollection.

But thanks to Julio Guridy, you will see no video of Allentown City Council or mayoral candidates. As city council candidates took their chairs, NAACP President Dan Bosket, who moderated last night's event, told me that video is prohibited unless waivers are obtained in advance from the candidates. He asked me to turn off my flip cam while allowing anyone with cameras to continue taking pictures.

"You're not a reporter," he told me. "That's right," snarled Lady MacBeth.

Now this was a meeting open to the public, not some private NAACP conclave. It featured candidates running for public office. The videos posted here would assist you on deciding on your votes. So I asked the candidates if any of them objected to being videotaped.

"I object," said two-term City Council member Julio Guridy. During a city council meeting in August, he lashed out at an audience that groaned when he needlessly tried to inject racism into the controversial Cedar Creek Parkway. "I'd like to have a little respect from the public."

Last week, at the LV Senior Center, Guridy bragged several times that he speaks two languages. But after a bizarre and nearly incomprehensible monologue, I questioned whether one of those languages is English. Apparently, the flipcam was just a bit too accurate for Julio, who was obviously embarrassed.

Having no desire to spend the night in the can without my rubber underwear, I turned the camera off. Maybe I should have insisted on pushing this issue, but the audience was there to listen to the candidates. Unfortunately, you've been deprived of some interesting commentary from city council and mayoral candidates.

After their debate was over, Julio walked up to me and told me he'd sit down for an interview with me, but I passed. He then got furious and warned me, "I better not be on your blog tomorrow." I told him he could count on seeing himself, and he walked away, yelling, "You're an idiot. You're an idiot."

True, but I'm an idiot who can speak English. He's an idiot who can't, and what's worse, would rather keep you in the dark.


Anonymous said...

Some anti-Hispanic slams and slurs there ohare.

Anonymous said...

You are an idiot and now prove you are a racist.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the guy just doesn't want to play your games, ohare.

Chris Casey said...

"Sunshine is the best Disinfectant"-

Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis

Why is Julio Guridy afraid of a little sunshine? Doesn't he want the constituents he is serving to hear what he has to say? Or maybe that is because he has nothing worthwhile to offer?

I don't always agree with Bernie's approach or positions, but frankly, I find Guridy's behavior cowardly.

Anonymous said...


Years ago I was thanked by Julio at his swearing in for encouraging him to run for city council. Back then he was a good guy, that was then this is now. Julio is a text book example of “party machine politician”. See how he has been rewarded for his good service by checking out his appointed to a cushy job with the Delaware River Joint Toll Bridge Commission.
Several years ago Julio made public statements in council suggesting the same city that elected him was racist and jailed Latinos. This was during a confirmation hearing for one of Ed’s early cabinet appointees who happened to be African American. She was the one who thought an Allentown mailing address meant she lived in the city.
I have a lot more Julio stories, everyone here who has paid attention does. Good guy gone real bad. He is part of the problem here in Allentown.

Scott Armstrong

Anonymous said...

Julio is still more coherent than Peg Ferraro. Just read their quotes from the last couple of days.

Anonymous said...

I think you need a bigger camera, one on a stand-tripod, the whole 9 yards.

Perhaps they feel that the flip cam will not be able to capture the true moments for the big screen...

Anonymous said...

What is the salary for those Delaware Joint Comm. exes. Think it is a pretty number.

Anonymous said...

Would Mr. Guirdy or his campaign staff please name a few issues he has followed through to ompletion?
Just look at the condition of the downtown streets.

Jacob said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jacob said...

Just wanted to add, the only time I came to the front was when I came to shake your hand. Wanted to introduce myself since we've chatted on here in the past before you left.

Anonymous said...

Julio has very thin skin. He is not an effective representative of the city or the Hispanic community. He is part of the problem, not part of the solution.

monkey momma said...

Who is Lady MacBeth to say you are not a reporter?? What is a reporter? If the government gets to decide WHO the press is, then how can we say we really have a FREE press, esp. in the day of blogs?

Anonymous said...

Wow. I was on the fence for Julio in the general election. After reading that he doesn't want to be recorded, I won't vote for him now.


Anonymous said...

Julio is just one of Ed's Cronies. I say vote him and Pawlowski out!

Anonymous said...

Julio has been in the USA For a long time now and still sounds like he is just learnin english.
He is a follower not a leader in my book. He wont get my vote.

Bernie O'Hare said...

"Who is Lady MacBeth to say you are not a reporter??"

Actually, it was Dan Bosket, the NAACP Prez, who claimed I was no reporter. Lady MacBeth said, "That's right" or words to that effect as he spoke to me.

Bernie O'Hare said...

"Some anti-Hispanic slams and slurs there ohare."

I have no problem w/ Julio's accent or his heritage. But if he thinks he can speak English, he is clearly wrong. Much of what he says is incomprehensible. I can think of many Hispanic and/or Latino leaders who are quite eloquent when they speak, like Erlanda Aguiiar or Lazaro Fuentes. Guridy sounds horrible That's just the way it is.

LVCI said...

Julio- When he was trying to get on the ballot, the 1st time.. 8 years ago he stood out in front of my Westend home and we spoke for 20 minutes. I signed his election petition. He said he would stop back time to time. HAVEN'T SEEN THE GUY SINCE!

Now the camera CRAP!

Can we ever really expect to see webcasting from this bunch.. I Think not.. FAKE OUT!

If they can't at least pretend during election time they are transparent they sure as hell won't be behind the council tables either! This wasn't a private meeting. Why the hell wouldn't a candidate want to get their word out?

Is it because "the word" would be out about how inept our field of candidates really are?

Disgusting, I'm sick of this kind of crap.

Why only Bernie?
Time for PCN, WFMZ, PBS39, Service Electric or one of a dozen radio stations.. someone.. anyone? Grow and pair. Show up and just VIDEO IT!

Who the hell is Allentown?
Just 7 Council members & a mayor?
It's people?

never mind.. I already know the answer

Chris Casey said...

I checked DRJTB website, Julio Guridy is the "Director of Compact Authorized Investments"

Northampton County Fave Glenn Reibman is "Director of Policy and Planning".

Boy, talk about Rendell taking care of his boys..... I am going to have to dig to find the salary, but I would not be surprised if it were six figures plus.

Bernie O'Hare said...

"Just wanted to add, the only time I came to the front was when I came to shake your hand. Wanted to introduce myself since we've chatted on here in the past before you left."

Jacob, It was a pleasure finally to meet you last night. I apologize for not socializing after the debate, but had to leave so I could upload the videos I had.

Bernie O'Hare said...


The comment you deleted won't be mentioned here, but no, I was not referring to you. There were two other dudes who were acting up, not you. Perhaps you know these goons?

As an alkie, I can tell if someone has had a drink in the last three days. It's my only super power.

The Village Idoti said...

Clearly you can see from the footage, the concern on his face.

I don't want to speak for anyone. But if that was me, I wouldn't want a person with your imposing personality sitting only a few feet away from me, with a flip cam. Who knows? With your luck an episode of The Jerry Springer show might have broke out?

That would be an improvement for A-town.

Peace, ~~Alex

LVCI said...

I just a look at all of Bernie's available videos. Those of Walter Felton, Ron Manescu, David Jones. All good speakers. Being I know so little about them, these were very informative. And kudos to them for allowing your videos of them.

Which just serves to PISS ME OFF even more with Allentown's lack of transparency. I truly wish some of these were running for Allentown council or Mayor. There's a great degree of professionalism in the County and the magistrates in the race.

Not so much for the Allentown bunch!

So I guess in the end they would rather have Bernie's take on them, since they've excluded their own video presentations. So they get what they get by doing so. I hardly could be more disgusted!

Anyone of them, when they stood up to speak, could have said, "go ahead and video me". Gonads, boys... gonads.!!!

Bernie O'Hare said...

I was lanning to spend most of this evening painting my toenails. Three debates in 1 week over 2 counties has my head spinning. But I decided to attend tonight and shoot more video.

Anonymous said...

Check out all the white racist Hispanic haters here today!

Anonymous said...


No comprende


Chris Casey said...

There are more than a few people who think Julio Guridy is vulnerable November 3

Anonymous said...

Good for Julio, he knows ohaters game and had the guts to tell this pretend populist hte truth. Turn off you flippin flipcam.

We don't need your edited and biased news articles. Get a job.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Guridy barely survived the primary and was prepared to concede. I think he's in trouble.

Anonymous said...

What is the problem with all these local elected officials? Are they embarrassed by their own abilities? low self esteem? Are they that confident that what they're going to say will be unpopular, critiqued, criticized, laughed at? My kids in grade school are less nervous about getting on stage.

Anonymous said...

Julio is a savy guy who understands ohares underhanded ways. good for you Julio we are for you 100%, don't worry about ohares looney legions.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Yeah Julio, I doubt this will hurt you ion any way. People love elected officials who hide in the dars and scream at citizens during debates,