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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

King Edwin Adds $89,790 to Coffers in Four Months

Between June 9th and October 19th, Allentown Mayor Edwin Pawlowski has added another $89,790.26 to his campaign coffers. Hey, he needs the dough According Valley 610's Jarrett Renshaw, Hizzoner has already spent over $220,000 since January. I'll have more details tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

He's the Obama of Allentown politics.

LVCI said...

Yeah but I think maybe some of the money was being used by him to purchase a campaign hotdog cart for Hamilton Street. Called "Pawlowski Puppies". Lot's of relish.. little meat.

It will have a banner saying, "Dine downtown.. KOZ it's cheap!"

He'd be selling other food items as well:

* For the Dutch bitter drinks to make them " Sauer krauts"

* For the fallen from grace religious types who hope to ascend, "hot wings"

* For Allentown kids who promise to grow up and stay in Allentown, a debit card

* "Smoothies" for everyone registered Democrat and able to vote

* Free baloney, just for stopping by!

LVCI said...

^^Sorry, just being a smart arse^^

Anonymous said...

see, if he had a legit opponent who had been running a hard core campaign all summer, I'd get it. But this is just greed.

Anonymous said...

Seriously, the guy is Barack Frickin Obama. He's constructing a political machine. Are there term limits in A-town? If not, this guy is mayor for life if he wants it.

Anonymous said...

Would it be possible to give us a link to find out who donated to Pawlowski? Very interesting item on the LVAR inkind gift to the mayor.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Anon 9:56, I can't give you a link because "transparent" Ed does not have his campaign reports online, as he falsely claimed during a debate. (I have that lie on video.) I will be scanning and loading his report myself.

curious said...

Pawlowski must be a very popular mayor to raise that kind of money. 70 percent of his donations were $250 or less. Considering all the good he's done for Allentown, I'm not surprised. It looks like most of Tony Phillips's recent money comes from one woman in Salisbury Township and a few others. He improperly lists them as PACs, so I really can't tell who they are exactly. Bernie, did you not notice that?

Bernie O'Hare said...

What I have noticed is a Pawlowski plant. If you look at the Valley 610 account, that 75% figure is dispelled rather nicely.

Tony's problem is de minimis. It's not like he falsely claimed to have no donors, as pawlowski once did.

Pawlowski Plant said...

anyone who has an opinion other than your own is a vegetable?

Bernie O'Hare said...

No, but the fact that you're using the exact language that his camp did yesterday to Jarrett Renshaw is an indication that you are a Pawlowski plant. Also, the bullshit about individual contributions being listed as PACs is something that only Pawlowski and Phillips insiders would know about. You're a plant. How much are you being paid for your professional propoganda?

ironpigpen said...

Great stuff, LVCI, no apologies necessary

Anonymous said...

Pawlowski Plant: Ed has done "good things" for his personal finances, his political career and the Democratic Party. Ed has done "no good" things for Allentown. I can't wait to see how a guy who barely has to run a campaign with no tv, radio or newspaper advertising to speak of has spent $220,000. This ought to be good. Bernie prepare for the personal attacks.

Anonymous said...

No personal attacks but you can't deny that Tony mis-filed his report and took large donations from Atiyeh.

Alan Earnshaw said...

$220,000? That'd buy a lot of tablecloths!

Bernie O'Hare said...

"No personal attacks but you can't deny that Tony mis-filed his report and took large donations from Atiyeh."

You don't want to go there. Pawlowski has made Atiyeh look like a piker with multiple large donations from businesses that get something in return. Pawlowski has already filed a report months late, and then illegally attempted to pay the fine out of camaign funds. Pawlowski filed a report with a false claim that he had $0 in contribution when the figure was actually over $80k.

Pawlowski has been disingenuous and has tried his best to hide things as long as possible from the public.

Anonymous said...

"Pawlowski filed a report with a false claim that he had $0 in contribution when the figure was actually over $80k."

You say this often but forget that the county voter registrar even believed that he was okay until she went to do a little more research and get a second opinion. it's hard to blame a candidate who is getting back direction from the person who is the caretaker of the information.

Now, if Tony made a misfiling, then it deserves scrutiny. Just b/c Pawlowski has been bad on this front to a lesser degree doesn't mean that tony is in the clear. Two wrongs (or 5 or 8) don't make a right.

Personally, I think they are both laughable in their claims. I read the article at the 610 blog about Tony's contribution list: he ain't no saint on the big ticket donor front. Granted Ed is the king, but let's be fair and call Tony what he is: a money grabbing politician. Ed may be king, but Tony could be called the duke.

Frankly, I don't want either running my city.

Anonymous said...

The idea that Pawlowski has been good to the city or that people donate of their own free will is laughable. City hall staffers complain that they are constantly pressured to contribute and everyone knows that anyone wanting to do business in the city understands what must be done to grease the skids.
The saddest part of this tale however are Ed’s enablers, those who in spite of the obvious have made the decision for lend a hand, money, or their name to the cause that is killing the city. How and why they do it is a mystery to me.

Scott Armstrong

Anonymous said...


Part 1: Overview

Part 2: George Usry

Part 3: Lucille White

Part 4: Still Duped By O'Hare?

Part 5: Why is Bernie O'Hare Defiling Sheena Villa?

Anonymous said...

Thank you anon 4:01, now I see the link. both Phillips and Stoffa used Atiyeh influence in thier races.

So is it true that both have misrepresented what the Atiyeh organization did for them?

Very interesting. Ohare will never go down that road sinc eboth candidates are Ohare mancrushes.

dick nepon said...

inagine if Pawlowski had spent the money on police officers instead of campaign managers, et al. Then he might deserve a win. He only cares about himself, IMHO. It is obscene what he has raised and spent in a deficit city.