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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Lieb Write-in Campaign Gaining Momentum

While tooling into the courthouse today, I saw something unusual - Dennis Lieb yard signs. Interestingly, I saw them planted in people's yards, too, instead of plastered all over telephione poles a la Fleck. I'm certainly no expert, but it looks like his campaign is gaining momentum in a hurry.

At Neighbors of Easton, former city council Prez Tim Pickel, blogger Noel Jones, David Caines, Timothy Hare and Laureston have all announced their support. Easton's Republican Committee also issued this endorsement:

"We decided Easton needs someone who is committed to the city, not just playing politics. Dennis has proven his commitment to all residents of the city, whether they be Democrat, Republican, Independent, or those who have become completely disenfranchised from our local political process in Easton over the years. Anybody who has seen him, or heard Dennis's ideas would be behind him. Dennis would provide a sound fiscal conservative voice for our community, which we need to navigate the tough decisions facing Easton."

Even Lehigh County blogger Chris Casey has weighed in on this race.

"So why do I care about a candidate in a city 30 miles away from me? I care because I was witness to a good man being used by Fleck. Arch Follweiler of Kutztown paid Mike Fleck over $20,000 dollars to work on Arch's campaign for State Representative, and within a week of receiving a $4500 advance, Fleck quit on Arch and left him high and dry. Fleck hadn't even ordered the campaign signs he had promised.

I'm not saying Arch lost because of Fleck, but I will say that Fleck did not help the cause, and in my observation, to quote the rock band Dire Straits, received "money for nuthin".

"I care because Pennsylvania has far too many useless would be Flecks sucking at the public teat and enriching themselves on the taxpayers dime. I don't know Easton West Ward activist Dennis Lieb, but if the guy makes the time to get involved enough to decide to mount a write in campaign, it shows me he cares. Dennis Lieb just received the Republican party endorsement, and the people who live in the neighborhood are the ones who inspired him to run.

"So here is the choice in the West Ward, Mike Fleck, a political hack wannabe who is the only name on the ballot and can't show up in his own neighborhood to campaign. Or Dennis Lieb, a guy with a grass roots initiative who actually knows the people in his community by name."

Of course, waging a write-in campaign is an uphill battle, but this is a district race for Easton City Council. Dennie has a shot.


Anonymous said...

Dennis will be destroyed and all his negative cronies with him.

Anonymous said...

20 or 25 people do not make a campaign. Fleck will take over 80% of the vote.

Judge Crater said...

Is it true that Fleck is a gynecologist, Starbucks barrista and nuclear physicist with several PhDs and paper route?

It's difficult to attract local candidates of this caliber. Vote for Fleck. His credentials are more creative than anything the Vulcanos can conjure.

Fleck posts are more fun than a barrel of monkeys - or a dumpster full of campaign trash.

Anonymous said...

bernie, I'd love to agree with you on this, but this guy is gonna have to pull in 300+ write in votes, probably many more. Seriously... who can pull that off.

Getting credible name recognition while being listed on the ballot is hard enough. Your insistance that he has a shot really is just silly. I know he's not a silly man, but you are making it sound that way.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Think about it. Is it really that silly? I'd agree that about 300 votes will do it. The registrat already has a number of variations of the name's spelling. the new voting machines make write-in campaigns easy. The West ward community is plugged in, thanks to Neighbors of Easton. Many people kow and like Lieb. In the meantime, Fleck will be busy in A-town.

I'll agree it is very much an uphill battle, but I also think Dennis has a real opportunity here.

Anonymous said...

All spelling must be the same or Fleck will challenge and win.

Legs Diamond said...

Fleck likely doesn't know how to spell. I think he dropped that course when he was becoming an astronaut and gourmet chef while attending Harvard and Stanford at the same time - where he majored in Underwater Fire Prevention on a full-ride water polo scholarship.

Anonymous said...

If Lieb is not spelled correctly those write-ins will be thrown out. So if someone writes, leib-thrown out. If someone write dlieb-thrown out.

His chances are one in 300.

Mike Fleck easy win!