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Friday, October 23, 2009

McClure: Regionalism is One-Way Street

At last night's brief Northampton County Council meeting, Lamont McClure complained about a proposed agreement that will allow some casino table gaming revenue to go to Lehigh County with no demonstrated impact. "The concept of regionalism seems to be a one-way street."

McClure noted that the bi-county health bureau is a gimmick for Allentown. "Essentially, you're going to be taking the health bureau off of Allentown's books with your constituents' real estate property tax money." He also was skeptical whether our hotel tax money, which goes to the Lehigh Valley Economic Development Corporation, is really helping Northampton County. "We need to consider bringing economic development home."

This was music to Ron Angle's ears. He's been trying to do something about LVEDC for years. McClure's message also resonated with Council member John Cusick, who castigated State Senator Lisa Boscola. "We have a state senator whose district, the vast majority of which is in Northampton County, is seemingly eager to enter into an agreement to shovel money into the neighboring county."

When it became apparent that council members were actually getting along with each other, Charles Dertinger made an immediate motion to adjourn.


Anonymous said...

Lamont is probably the most intelligent and competent County Councilman we have. He is right on all the issues.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Thank you for your comment, Charles. God bless Lamont McClure ... and tiny Ron, too.

Anonymous said...

Are you saying Angle and McClure were agreeing with one another? Now THAT is scary and quite probably a violation of the Laws of Nature. Where do we file a complaint?

Anonymous said...

Other issues aside, Lamont is right on about the health department. Also, in regard to the casino money, Lehigh county deserves none of it. The first deal was a sham and should not be repeated. Cusick is all wet taking Boscola to task..His party runs the Pa. Senate. They are the ones making the deal on the casino monies. He needs to spend more of his time lobbying his own party.

Anonymous said...

Here's a completely off-the-wall question: Should we consolidate Lehigh and Northampton Counties into one? Can't seem to get along as independents and there are many overlapping needs/issues/stuff to deal with.

Oh - and God bless Charles Dertinger. Can't let Lamont get all the love.

The Banker

Anonymous said...

Charles Dertinger is McClure's puppet master !

Anonymous said...

Lamont is a Ron Angle wannabe

Anonymous said...

Lamont and Ron are the scorpion and the frog. They could make it across the river, but they won't.

Anonymous said...

What does Wall Street and Northampton County have in Common? GREED.

That’s right people, just add the Millions of dollars Bethlehem, Easton and Northampton County got in Stimulus money along with the $120M+ sunk into South Bethlehem via State Grants and you have one hell of a Bail Out. Unlike the TARP, Northampton County feels they do not have to pay the taxpayer back for the investment.

Funny how one minute Northampton County is talking about needing the money to fill their budget shortfalls, the next they are talking about law enforcement. Bethlehem stands to get $8.6M a year, Northampton County $2.4M, Allentown $3.2M. If they cannot fight crime with slots proceeds like that, their priorities are wrong.

Lehigh County has given Bethlehem a $163,057 Grant for two Community polices officers despite the gaming revenue. Maybe Mr. Cunningham should make sure they do not cross the County Line.

I agree with Sal Panto. Any new gaming revenues should be proportionally split between other municipalities that that do not currently benefit from gaming revenuse and are fighting the crime wave that has grown beyond Allentown and Bethlehem boarders.

Keep up the fight Boscola and Browne.

Anonymous said...

revenuse = revenues.

Anonymous said...

Winner takes all. Stoffa is four years too late in standing up for Northampton County.

He should never have signed the first agreement. That was Mr. Stoffa's "peace in our time", Munich. He sold out Northampton County with one stroke of the pen.

Anonymous said...

This could very well end up in the Courts and that would be very bad for the Commonwealth. How is it that Casinos can declare a radius of impact and prevent other casinos from opening yet according to Northampton County, a Casino's influence ends at the County Boarder? You see you cannot have it both ways. Maybe County Council can testify in front of the Gaming Commission so that Lehigh County can get in the gaming business.

Interesting how Easton can apply for Monroe County grants. Interesting how Allentown qualifies for a defined benefit from the Sands but not Easton, Whitehall, Fountain Hill and others. Maybe the State needs to step in and redefine slots benefits since a cooperative benefit does not match the cooperative contribution or impact. The Valleys local tax base contributed to the redevelopment of the area. Crime does not stop at County or City boarders. If the gaming control board expects Casino owners to act ethically, maybe we should hold the same standard for our local government.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Excellent points.