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Thursday, September 03, 2009

Show Your King Edwin Pride

I told you I thought it was a bit tacky for Allentown to schedule a goofy bike race on the ninth anniversary of 9/11/, the very day that nearly three thousand people were murdered only ninety miles away. Some of you disagree, arguing that, unless we have this bike race, the terrorists win. We can still commemorate what happened by going to church before or after the race. You may be right, but I think it's too soon.

When it comes to being tacky, it's hard to beat King Edwin. The latest from his camp is a "Show your Ed Pride!" drive. Pride Package I, which costs just $10, includes a Nail File, Pen and Gripper! High rollers can buy Pride Package II, which costs a trifling $25, and includes T-Shirt, Magnet, Nail File, Pen and Gripper! In the email blast hawking these wares, you're warned to "Hurry! Supplies are limited!"

King Edwin has plenty of other packages, too, although they appear to be missing from his email blast.

Pride Package III: T-Shirt, Magnet, Nail File, Pen, Gripper and a high-paying "Development Specialist" city job to the person who delivers the most Hispanic votes. (Call Ed's campaign and ask for Erlinda).

Pride Package IV: T-Shirt, Magnet, Nail File, Pen, Gripper, annual $87,000 paycheck and prestigious cabinet-level position, all in exchange for a one-time payment of just $1,150. (Call Ed's campaign and ask for Joyce).

Pride Package V: T-Shirt, Magnet, Nail File, Pen, Gripper and lucrative fire restoration contracts, together with all the liquor licenses you can harvest, for a paltry $12,000. (Call Ed's campaign and ask for Tom Williams).

Pride Package VI: T-Shirt, Magnet, Nail File, Pen, Gripper, the sale of "excess" parking lots for residential development and favorable KOZ treatment for just $13,350. (Call Ed's campaign and ask for Nic Zawarski).

Pride Package VII: T-Shirt, Magnet, Nail File, Pen, Gripper and $138,000 over two years i "legal fees" for just $5,600. (Call Ed's campaign and ask for Malcolm Gross).

Pride Package VIII: T-Shirt, Magnet, Nail File, Pen, Gripper and $4.5 million in public grants and loans to remediate an old battery plant for just $2,500, a car and two minivans as needed. (Call Ed's campaign and ask for Bennett Toyota).

Do you feel proud? I feel like I need a shower.


Anonymous said...

What pray tell is a gripper?

Bernie O'Hare said...

It's what I use to pick up my dirty underwear.

Anonymous said...

You wear underwear?

Anonymous said...

Oh that was great Bernie! I cant beleive the feds don't take a look at Pawlowski. He is as crooked as it gets!

Bernie O'Hare said...

You wear underwear?

Only now and then.

Anonymous said...

you call yourself hard-hitting, but you really come off as the bully in the schoolyard who never learned how to aim a punch, and so just throws off a flurry of slaps in the hopes he hits someone smaller than him.

I am done with this Mayor, and am definitely trying to vote him out of office - but city employees, including several of those you listed, are largely hard working, honest, and devoted to the betterment of the city. And yet, you smear them indiscriminately.

Anonymous said...

O'Hare is anti-Windish.

Bernie O'Hare said...

"you call yourself hard-hitting, but you really come off as the bully in the schoolyard who never learned how to aim a punch, and so just throws off a flurry of slaps in the hopes he hits someone smaller than him."

This post identifies two city employees, one of whom is a cabinet member. I have linked on their names to the reason for my criticism. I stand by everything I have written. I don't like city workers who buy their jobs, nor do I care for city workers who use government resources to play politics. If Aguiar was employed by either Northampton or Lehigh County, there is litttle doubt in my mind that she would be disciplined. But Aguiar's boss is someone who bought her job. A culture of corruption permeates that city. Unfortunately, I could list many more Pride Packages.

Anonymous said...

"but city employees, including several of those you listed, are largely hard working, honest, and devoted to the betterment of the city. And yet, you smear them indiscriminately."

People who donate big bucks to a campaign and then get high paid jobs from the candidate deserve to be singled out and identified. The hard working employees, honest and devoted employees at Allentown are those unheralded workers who work hard day by day and do not have political agendas at the city and who do not get involved in pay to play.

ironpigpen said...

You SHOULD list EVERYBODY who has a Pride Package

If Pawlowski was an "R", somebody definitely WOULD, no question about it

No doubt about it whatsoever

Therefore, what is good for goose IS good for gander

PS - Malcolm Gross has two sons, Jack, who is a lawyer like the old man, and Peter, who is not.

Peter is actually a half-brother of the two clowns who run the IRONPIGPEN.

I have to thoroughly disagree with Mal on the Park deal and, most likely, some other things as well.

If push came to shove, though, I would actually say good things about Mal.

I have know him a long time; I can go back to Gross and Brown days. Paul McGinley and Carol McGinley who?

Remember that, all progressive liberal jerk-offs who threaten to boycott this baseball team or that bowling alley because you don't like my or my brother's political opinions.


Anonymous said...

Chicks dig me because I rarely wear underwear and when I do, it's usually something unusual.

PFC John Winger
(played by Bill Murray in Stripes, 1981)

Anonymous said...

Ohare is well known for his eagerness to try and destroy anyone he doesn't like.
If someone is on the ohater radar they will be called all sorts of names. His little poison posse will quickly pile on and join the attack. Keep in mind, like ohare thses are people who really have nothing to brag about themselves, they just enjoy taking people down.

It is sad that just because someone donates to a candidate they believe in, if ohare declares it, they are evil. Ask how many employees of Dally, Grucello or Dent ever gave their bosses a contribution.

Check out the over $4000 given to his mancrush Stoffa by big wig Republican Bradt. Then Stoffa hires the handpicked Republicans and has no Republican opposition this year. HHHmmmmm???

BS, screechs ohare, not the same, how dare you.

Yes it is sad these people get dragged through the mud while he ignores others.

Just remember this, everyone is polite to ohare and some lawyers even throw him some work in deferrence to his late father but they all know ohare is as mad as a hatter. You do have to feel sorry for the guy.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Almost all of my customers are people who never knew my father.

Bradt contributed to Stoffa 4 years ago, and received nothing in return.

Anonymous said...

I say name em all Bernie:
here are a few others I know of that he helped get jobs in exchange for votes and favors:

Ismael Arcelay(Life Church)
Mayors Assistant,
David Jones (life Church)
(Lehigh comissioner),
Sammy Martinez(weed and Seed)
(life church)
Pastor Charles Olmeda
(3rd Day-Midnight Basketball)
Pastor Randy Landis
(Life Church-Midnight Basketball)
Kevin Easterling
(Life Church(Parks Dept.).

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:25, what is your proof? Be specific. How do you know they got a job or something in exchange for their donation?

I guess because you say so is enough. We could save countless dollars on judges and lawyers, since you and ohare could just tell us the truth on all matters. Please my taxes are too high. You must let the Fed's know of your incredible powers. Ohare is already on their watch list(not the good kind) but you too should help the government with you super powers.

Another bullshiter!

Bernie O'Hare said...

If it were possible to prove a quid pro quo, a lot of people would be sitting in jail right now. That's why this pay to play is called legal bribery, and it is entirely appropriate to note these connections.

Anonymous said...

Jack Bradt Republican Party Chairman gave $4000 to John Stoffa. Stoffa hires Republicans. Connection made.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Stoffa refused to take money from anyone in this election. Jack Bradty contributed four years ago. Stoffa hires the person best suited for the job, regardless of party. He does not virew "Republican" as a dirty word. You've made no connection. You've instead made yourself look foolish.