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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Obama Stumps For Arlen in Philly

The report below comes from the Pa. press pool covering President Obama's visit to Philadelphia today. Tom Fitzgerald, a Philadelphia Inquirer reporter, prepared the report below. I presume it's something I can load on my blog.

President Obama told Democrats at a fundraising reception that it was vital to his agenda for them to re-elect Sen. Arlen Specter.

“He was a great senator when he was a Republican and he is going to be an even greater senator now that he is a Democrat,” Obama said, drawing laughter from a crowd of about 500 at a pre-dinner general fundraising reception.

In a more serious vein, the president said that Specter was a pragmatist after his own heart. “Arlen is not someone who came to Washington to fight for a particular ideology. He came to fight for the working men and women of Pennsylvania, and he has a long record of success.”

Obama praised Specter’s crucial vote for the stimulus, saying people who criticize it have “selective memories” about how bad things really were. “Arlen thought it was more important to answer to the people who sent him to Washington rather than his party,” Obama said. “That’s why you should send him back for another six years – because you know he’s going to fight for you.”

Specter said he was honored to have Obama in Philadelphia, calling him a “transformational president” who has “tackled the problems of the nation and the world with vigor.” He mentioned health-care reform, climate change legislation and immigration reform, while resuscitating the economy.

“Most of all, and perhaps toughest of all, I predict the president is going to bring civility to Washington,” Specter said.

Apparently that was news to Rep. Joe Wilson (R.,S.C.) last Wednesday night.

A ticket to the reception cost a donation of $2,400, though the audience included some rank-and-file members of the Democratic State Committee who were invited to attend gratis by the Specter campaign.

“It was a smart move for him to show his commitment” to party workers, said Mike Quigley, a state committeeman from Allentown, Pa. “I’ve always had great respect for Sen. Specter.” Quigley opined that the Obama endorsement would influence Democrats who might remain lukewarm to Specter. “The fact that he would endorse Specter makes everyone take a hard second look,” Quigley said.

Guests drank beer and wine, and nibbled chunks of cheese and other snacks. The lone hors d’oeuvres table in the center of the room at the cavernous Pennsylvania Convention Center featured a centerpiece of sunflowers, the iconic state flower of Specter’s native Kansas.

Gov. Ed Rendell ( D) and Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter (D) also spoke in praise of the senator of the hour.

“We need to send a message to this country that we are serious about Arlen Specter,” Nutter said.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

What does post 5:22 have to do with the Obama/Arlen blog post? Can't we keep on topic?

Anonymous said...

Most Fortune 500 companies have adopted policies that prohibit people over a certain age (ex. 75) from serving on the Bd. of Directors. The intent is not only that people who reach a certain age tend to experience a deterioration in judgment, but also that long tenures tend to breed complacancy and status quo.

It should be pointed out that some people (although it appears less and less) in an act of selflessness, grace and curtesy, recognize when, for the sake of an organization or others, recognize when it's their time to take a bow and exit stage left.

Members of the United States Senate cannot appreciate the importance of the former; and Arlen Specter will NEVER, NEVER, NEVER be accused of the latter.

Learned Discourse From Kanye West said...

Arlen Specter is a national embarrassment and a fool who's NEVER sounded a warning call about a single issue of national importance and has NEVER stood firmly for anything in his entire whore-ish political career. The card check flip is just the latest self-preservation move of the worst example of a political sellout. He'll stab the unions later when he needs to.

It's altogether fitting that the sleaze-dripping shyster president with the bombing approval ratings is hustling for the ultimate opportunistic political whore of our generation.

He's simply a worthless piece of skin as a public servant. Obomba and Specter are a steaming pile of political shit - one political turd stinking worse than the other.

Sestak, Toomey, Jack the fucking Ripper ..... ANYBODY but Specter.

Dave said...

Arlen needs to go but refuses to do so. The President should be more careful who he stands next to for a photo op. This is all wrong and Obama should know better than to kiss Arlen's butt. His age alone should disqualify him and we need to vote him out asap. Sestak no bed of roses but he appears more trustworthy compared to Specter. Rendell and Nutter have little clout in PA anyway..I see the unions going for Sestak and turning the lights out on Arlen's political career.

Anonymous said...

The 3R's 'r' at it again.

Rude, Racist and Republican.

You Lie! Mr. Black President. I'm from South Carolina.

I like the way Andrew Jackson handled South Carolina in one of their many hissy fits, they threatened to leave the union. Jackson told the governor of South Carolina, if you secede I will personally lead the army to Soth Carolina and hang you from the Capitol Dome. The Governeor demured. HAHAHA!!!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

How sickening. The spineless traitor Specter dropping to his knees to plant a big smooch on Obama's butt. Specter has been the biggest do-nothing Senator in our state's history. He probably sucked down that sunflower seed centerpiece since he is such a cuckoo bird. With his flash cards and Obama's teleprompter they're two phony birds of a feather!

Anonymous said...

Zero plus zero still make zero.

Scott Armstrong

Anonymous said...


In truth the way I see it is that Arlen has alienated too many voters on both ends of the political spectrum to win. Piles of cash and big endorsements won’t save this guy.

Scott Armstrong

Bernie O'Hare said...


That must be why I like him.

Anonymous said...

BO how can you admire such a gutless fossil? What has he ever done for PA?


Anonymous said...

Wasn't Arlen the first woman elected to the Senate? He looks like he has an Imelda Marcos shoe collection and wears lipstick. The guy is just plain creepy.

Anonymous said...


What I should have written is that Arlen has alienated too many “people of integrity” from both ends of the political spectrum to win.

Scott Armstrong

Chris Casey said...

My problem with Arlen is that he practices self preservation. He saw he would lose an R primary, so he changed sides. My problem with Obama is that he playing along.

Political practicalities aside, I will never vote for Arlen no matter what letter is beside his name. I am currently registered as an Independent.
The Sestak/Toomey Debate was enlightening to me for the way the two handled the issues and actually discussed differing positions. It was good to see a topic other than Arlen and his party switching in play.

I don't believe Arlen will live another six years. I don't mean to be morbid, but I question his health, and I question his motivations. I think it is more about his ego than it is serving Pennsylvanians.

Arlen should retire and give PA another, newer voice. P.S. I still think Dent could win that seat. His positions would really appeal to the "T".