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Monday, September 21, 2009

Margarita Likes the Occasional Margarita

Susan B Anthony. Sacagawea. Eleanor Roosevelt. Now we can add another name to history's list of famous and fascinating women - Margarita Lopez. Selflessly disguising herself as Delores Rivera, she saved countless thousands of Allentown women from the clutches of Tony Phillips.

That's right. She disguised herself as an Internet hottie for you. And in case her online banter is insufficient evidence to ruin Tony Phillips' mayoral campaign, she told an obliging Morning Call that he very nearly assaulted her. Sure, she waited two months before bothering to report this supposed violence, and than waited another two frickin' years before complaining again. If she really wanted to warn Allentown women about evil Tony, why didn't she report this supposed fracas when it happened? Did Tony lock her up in a dungeon somewhere? Ir was she trying to squeeze some money out of the guy?

One thing that Margarita apparently forgot to tell the press is that she enjoys an occasional margarita. In 2001, she enrolled in Lehigh County's ARD program after being charged with drunk driving. She apparently plowed into a parked car and did some damage to Muhlenberg College property. In fact, she was even charged with criminal mischief, but prosecutors dropped that once she agreed to the first-time offenders' program. Tony must have stuck a funnel in her throat, poured down booze, and then forced her to damage property while he laughed maniacally. God, are you lucky that she dimed him.

She may have recently been here in the Lehigh Valley, by the way. On September 11, right around the time this story first broke, a car registered in her name was ticketed with a parking violation in Allentown. Was she pressuring Tony for money? I'm sure she was just checking out locations for her victory party. Now she's back in Margaritaville.


Anonymous said...

For a guy who mocked people for "living in the past", regarding Tony Phillips you really had to comb those old police records for this smear job. Keep checking maybe she shoplifted when she was 10 and someone is willing to spill the beans.

Then again it fits with your continuing hate of and attack on women. You truely are the King of Hypocrites.

Anonymous said...

When do you intend on taking the Troll parade Blog down? In my opinion, it serves no purpose other then to provoke Mr. Villa and his family.
What kind of sick twisted and perverted satisfaction do you get from beating someone when they are down? What reactions did you expect to get from Mr. Villa when you and your friends posted those horrible things about his deceased daughter.
I am asking you kindly to please remove The Troll Parade Blog.

michael molovinsky said...

today o'hare has a post impugning the woman's character. although lopez in spanish is like smith in english (even margarita is not unique) he has scoured legal records to make a case, or the appearance of one. in 2001 a margarita was arrested for drunk driving. last month a margarita received a parking ticket; not only does o'hare claim it's her, he suggests she was here to blackmail tony. although the woman moved away years ago, currently there is at least one other margarita in the allentown phone book, several m lopez's, and of course with cell phones, most don't even appear in the book anymore.

not particularly a fan said...

wait seriously, seriously? I'm kind of in awe that this post exists. YOU are trying to call this woman out for having a DUI 8 years ago? And for a PARKING TICKET? I know you can't help yourself when it comes to attacking women, but this is laughable.

michael molovinsky said...

bernie is quite successful in manipulating his readers. in this post he refers to a "near assault", implying the little harlot wasn't really assaulted. where bernie occasionally fails is knowing where and when to leave something alone; she's not the candidate, it's not her character that the voters care about. but bernie will persist, he thinks he's a genius...

Anonymous said...

I checked some records, too. There's a guy in Nazareth named O'Hare who was pulled into district court dozens of times in the last several years for failing to pay parking tickets. Dozens of them. The poor guy had to pay Hundreds of Dollars in fines. Instead of paying the $5 or $10 tickets he waited until he got a court summons and by then of course the fines totaled about $80 or $90 per ticket.

monkey momma said...

Hi Bernie -
You sure are taking a beating over this whole TP thing. Of course, it's your right to do whatever you want on your blog, so I have no hard feelings about your defense of Phillips. However, I would also like to know how you've established that the Margarita Lopez who has a DUI is the same ML that caught Tony Phillips making salad on facebook. (I'm sure you verified that she's the same gal, but how did you verify it?) Same thing with the recent parking ticket - how did you verify that it was the right Margarita Lopez?

Assuming your info is correct (and I do), I would like to say that the worse you make Mz. Lopez look, the worse Tony Phillips looks. Geez, this mayoral hopeful was actually "HAD" by this gal online??? He must be a total idiot. Imagine if someone with some brains actually tried to trick Tony. It must be so easy.

The thing that bothers me about the assault allegation is that Phillips has NEVER DENIED IT. He ADMITTED that he pushed Mz Lopez to the ground. He ADMITTED that he paid her medical bills, too. If he were innocent of this charge, why wouldn't he say so???

Anonymous said...

this is politics at its sleaziest. when you or your man have lost, start slinging mud at the person who caused the defeat.

this has sunk to a new low. I'm afraid that you don't even realize at this point bernie, but you have taken signficant beatings over the last 2 weeks in the credibility department. sure you were popular... now you are looking petty.

michael molovinsky said...

monkey momma, excuse my intrusion, although phillips admitted the "push down" and agreed to pay the medical bill, he never did pay it. i only submit this correction so that o'hare doesn't use it as a wedge to negate the other questions.

LVCI said...

Margarita-Lopez ... Allentown seems to have 5 of them.

Just worth mentioning that if this person is not whom you make claims she be, it puts you in a bit of a awkward legal position... does it not?

I also don't see how keeping this issue on fire benefits Tony so much, even if the claims were 100%.

LVCI said...

NOTE: The person with the Florida connections (on that link I posted)is 43 years old and the DUI person you posted is 50 years old

Bernie O'Hare said...

The Margarita Lopez who went on ARD for DUI is, in fact, the very Margarita Lopez who cast the first stone at Tony Phillips. They are the same age.

I do not claim that the Margarita Lopez w/ the parking ticket is her, but note that someone with a car registered to a Margarita Lopez got a ticket. And the point was not to emphasize the parking ticket (I have thousands myself, as someone noted anonymously) but to ask whether she was just here, if that is her. If she is so hung up on Tony that she went to the extemes she did to slam him, it's entirely possiby that she is, in fact, the Margarita Lopez around here at the time in question.

Wow! People were frothing at the mouth when she made her big expose of a mostly lame conversation that should have been private. They slobbered even more when Lopez revealed that Tony had supposedly assaulted her in 2007. One of Tony Phillips' gravedancers, who has already told you to write in M O L O V I N S K I this November, has actually convicted Tony of this almost assault and slams me for daring to question it. The simple truth is that Margarita waited 2 months after this supposed assault before she bothered to even complain to police. Then she waited two more years before complaining again. Why? Money. The g r a v e d a n c e r is quick to note that Tony admitted pushing this woman. Yeah, he pushed someone away who was attacking him. That's self defense.

There was no assault, just a complaint by someone with an axe to grind. But that was a front page story. And bottom feeders who hope to profit from Tony's demise, tell people to write in their name this November.

This DUI was never a story at all, so near as I can tell. But it is our own Margarita and it includes elements of malicious mischief. This is not an almost assault, but a very real case. But the bottom feeders challenge this story, just like they challenged the positive story about Tony on Friday, tooth and nail.

The purpose of the post is to show that we are all sinners, even Margarita. All along, we should have been looking at her motives instead of being enraptured by an admittedly titillating story.

And we shoud be examining the motives of those who are so willing to condemn Tony. It's easy to whip people up but not so easy to ask people to think.

That's what I've been doing. Monkey Mama, I don't consider the comments here a beating. It's the same two or three people.

MM claims I manipulate my readers, but I have no agenda. I am not a former mayoral candidate telling people to write in my name this November. It is not in MM's interest to see Tony resurrected. Tony is a potential political rival. The g r a v e d a n c e r will fight tooth and nail about anything that makes him look good.

As far as the OT complaint about the Troll Parade, I actually did take it down, but Villa complained about that, too. So it's up.

michael molovinsky said...

bernie, i am not running a write in campaign for mayor.

you shouldn't call someone a grave digger because you disagreed with their post

you wrote;
"right around the time this story first broke, a car registered in HER name was ticketed with a parking violation in Allentown. Was SHE pressuring Tony for money? I'm sure SHE was just checking out locations for her victory party"

you certainly tried to give people the mistaken impression that this was the same woman

Chris Casey said...

Just a quiet observation here:

had my own debate with VDSM over Tony. It is what it is. She has her opinion, I have mine. We agree the 15 minutes of fame are over, and should never have been.

Bernie, I believe Mike M has no inclination to run for mayor, and he could not serve anyway, as he has acknowledged. He does not reside in the city, he only owns property there.

I think that is the work of Villa, stirring things up between you two.

Can I prove that? No, but I can think it based on experience.

I would be glad to sit down between you two at the Iron Pigpen and treat you both to the beverage of your choice.

Think about it guys. It is not always what we say or what we write, sometimes it is what we actually do that defines us.

Bernie O'Hare said...

MM, aka m o l o v i n s k y, aka g r a v e d a n c e r,

Perhaps you should stop speedreading. I never claimed Margarita is, in fact, the same person who was ticketed a few weeks ago. I do raise the possibility. She very well may be the same person. And if she was, why was she in town? Who was she meeting? Doesn't that interest you? It sure as hell interests me. It is not the fact that she got a parking ticket, but the fact that she may very well have been here. Was she coordinating her attack with anyone? I'd like to know. And she is certainly the same person put on ARD in 2001.

I don't call you a gravedancer bc you disagree w/ me. i call you a gravedancer bc you choose to fill your comments w/ personal attacks, even after being asked to stop. And I have good reason for noting your agenda.

Just days ago, in response to a Chris Casey post about the possibility of waging a write in campaign, you specifically state: "the only advantage of the new electronic voting terminals is the keyboard, making write-ins about 900% easier. m o l o v i n s k y" That sounds very much to me like a man toying we/ the idea. You've run before, and bristled when you learned that TP contributors included Asian merchants disaffected by LANTA changes.

You have also repeartedly snarked Pam Varkony, whom you view as a potential rival. You have referred to yourself, on your own blog, as the shadow mayor.

Chris notes you are a nonresident, but that little handicap did not deter you the first time you ran. That's easy.

It requires no great leap in logic to realize that your disdain for Tony is motivated by far more than some prudish condemnation of a flirtatious conversation. You saw an opportunity to lead another mob, and seized it. You've effectively lynched Tony Phillips.

I'm pointing it out.

As far as her 15 minutes of fame being over, that did not stop Carpenter from publishing his own observations just yesterday, which coincidentallly are very close to my own.

I came up with some interesting coincidences and thought I'd share them.

This is a vicious woman who set out to hurt someone for personal reasons and who may have hoped to benefit financially. It is equally clear that m o l o v i n s k y hopes to capitalize on the misfortunes of someone else.

My original post does not mention him at all, nor does it refer to those who want to lynch Tony bc it helps their own agenda. But MM just has to come on this blog - twice - not to disagree, but to attack. I manipulate readers. I think I'm a genius. etc. etc. He's condemned me in several posts on his own blog recently. This is because I'm trying to take the rope out of his hands.

Too bad.

I do not write this post to be popular or feel some compulsion to run it by him first. I write what I think. And there is little doubt in my mind that g r a v e d a n c e r is at the head of a lynch mob out to string Tony up.

michael molovinsky said...

o'hare, you write;

"You saw an opportunity to lead another mob, and seized it. You've effectively lynched Tony Phillips"

get a grip on yourself, the morning call and 69 publicized the story, that's where i learned about it. do you think that many people read my blog?

you attacked me from my first post, referring to me as mean spirited and kicking people when their down. this is your MO, you attack anybody who criticizes your position.

Bernie O'Hare said...

I attacked you as mean-spirited only because you became mean-spirited. It has nothing to do with criticizing my position, which I actually encourage. It has everything to do w/ an ill-informed condemnation in which you go beyond question TP's judgment to questioning his intelligence. The headline says it all. "Stupid is as Stupid Does." Your comments here and elsewhere are an additional reflection of that attitude. From the time of my very first post on this topic, you have been smearing him repeatedly. And because I've cjhallenged you, you try to smear me too, even to the point of suggesting that I fabricated a story last week.

You ridiculously insist there was an assault when the evidence to that effect is weanting. When I note this, I am castigated on a separate blog calling me a hypocrite. What is this behavior if not mean-spirited?

You do a lot of good for A-town and have traditionally defended people who are unfairly attacked. This is not one such instance.

Now you've had your say. I'm not going to engage in a tit for tat with you. If you'd like to disagree w/ me on substance, go ahead. Maybe I'm full of shit. But if you choose to remain personal and attack my integrity and paint me in Villa-esque terms, you just marginalize yourself. Plus, I bite back.

Anonymous said...

What is a bunch of crotchy old men
arguing over nothing.
Can you imagine the stink!

Anonymous said...

TP is an ohare mancrush and as such will be defended even if an innocent and abused woman must be destroyed by ohare.

He has done this before to good people who happen to run afoul of one of his mancrushes.

I hope many of you now see the real face of the ohare!

Anonymous said...

this is just too funny b/c neither one of you amount to squat except in your own little blogging worlds. that most other people in the city have moved beyond this and that the campaign is practically over while you guys piss and moan about each other is laughable. bloggers normally have the opportunity to be ahead of the curve, but you two are still stuck back on news that was old a week ago.

congrats fella's. your insignficance is now funny to watch.

Bernie O'Hare said...

"this is just too funny b/c neither one of you amount to squat except in your own little blogging worlds."

Yet here you are, reading and commenting ... anonymously.

Bernie O'Hare said...

I make no apology for defending Tony Phillips, who has been treated pretty badly. Your insistence on using the word "mancrush" suggests you have issues.

ironpigpen said...

Chris Casey,

Yes, I am willing to host a Beer (or Soda) Summit.

My brother at Headquarters West is a great fan of diplomacy and thinks my own skills in that area could use work on occasion (what??!! - he lies and should be investigated!)

I think perhaps you and I should co-host this thing, Mr. Casey. Headquarters East is actually NOT the safest place to be ALL the time after dark. I am a trained professional and highly experienced, but still, I have a different idea.

We should do this summit thing at an Allentown restaurant and help stimulate King Ed's economy a little bit. We can all agree a little business in A-town can't be a bad thing, can't we?

So THAT is the common ground.

We were discussing before it is not uncommon for opposing hockey teams to end up in the same place after a game...

Rugby is considered to be a lifestyle and more than a sport according to the serious players. That is a BIG part of their culture - play hard together and kick the hell out of each other all day THEN go party hard together and kick the hell out of a bunch of kegs.

I have seen this stuff with my own eyes. The ruggers have rivalry and it is serious, by they also have mutual respect, too.

What do you think, Mr. Casey, can we learn anything from practicioners of barbaric sport, or what?

More importantly, could we get BO and MM to show up?

ironpigpen said...

Yeah, I can't say I know much about diplomacy, what can I tell you?

If I did, I would probably post something like this to see if any sort of Beer/Soda Summitt is possible:


Can we meet
On common ground
Are our views so far apart
That there's no room to be found?

Can we speak
Without a sound
Of a world gone quite insane
Can we start settling down?

I'll not play the scene
Where the threats start flying
You'll not have to scream
Cause we're not that stupid

Can we meet
On common ground
Are the walls all brick and stone
And far from tumbling down?

Can we seat
Ourselves around
A table for a while
And talk about friends we have found?

Can we meet?


Lean on these guys, Mr. Casey, if you would please.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Chris Casey said...

Iron Pigpen:

Please don't call me Mr. Casey.

I played roller hockey Saturday and I am still sore enough as it is. I think my thighs are on fire.

I will give it a shot, it doesn't hurt to ask, right?

Anonymous said...

I support the summit meeting and ask Bernie and Mike to please attend.

The Banker

Volvo Driving Soccer Mom said...

What can I do to help?

Can I just say that I think the nutcase is helping to push you two apart?

I hope both MM and BO can see past the petty stuff and reconcile.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Though angry, I was inlined to agree to a sit down and see if we can resolve our differences. Then I saw MM's latest post, "The Blogger." It is yet another mean-spirited and petty jab, proving quite convincingly that he is exactly as I described him.

michael molovinsky said...

bernie, let's bring the audience up to date. we haven't spoken since last april when i commented here that cunningham could have saved the old linden st. bridge and saved the taxpayer money. you attacked me then, just as you did about my opinion on tony phillips. when i sent an email, i discovered you had blocked receiving email from me. (which continues to this day). neither do you accept phone calls. i believe these tactics by you may sound familiar to other people as well.

Bernie O'Hare said...

So that's what it's all about? Still grousing over something from April? Your comments re Linden St had NOTHING to do w/ a post concerning Cunningham's gubernatorial ambitions. I have no desire to rehash that with you now. Interestigly, when I did a post about that bridge, you were silent.

I blocked you from emailing me bc you can't let things go, as evidenced by your most recent comments and blogs. In hindsight, I think it was the right call.

Bernie O'Hare said...

I have deleted a comment from MM, who can carry on his tit for tat on his own blog.