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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Mike Schlossberg

D.O.B.: 1983
EDUCATION: B.A. (Political Science & Psychology), Muhlenberg College, M.A. (Political Science), Lehigh University
OCCUPATION: Urban Revitalization Specialist
QUALIFICATIONS: Former aide to Representative Jennifer Mann and County Executive Don Cunningham, State-certified Urban Revitalization Specialist, Allentown Government Reform Committee, West Park Civic Association Officer, Hamilton Street Revitalization Committee, Congregation Keneseth Israel
Web Page: www.mikeschlossberg.com
Party: Democrat.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

SUPER LIBERAL, just like hizzoner and mrs hizzoner. Hand-picked by hizzoner, could be heir to throne, will challenge damore for post-palowski realm. Helped sponser anti- hershman robo-calls and never owned up to it? INTEGRITY? Lines up nice with Hizzoner, cast S_it and hide!

??what kind of guy holds a fund raiser at an abortion clinic?

Anonymous said...

did schlossberg really hold a fundraiser at an abortion clinic? If so, I'm way into that!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Annon 7:34, be honest you are a homophobic hater. I say live and let live. Talent should be independent of sexual preferences.

Anonymous said...

How did this Pawlowski drone get to campaign door to door during the day? I heard he was seen out knocking on doors. Nice policy that the Chamber lets its people campaign on the job. I am glad that I am not a Chamber member now that they are playing in the political arena.

Keep the Chamber out of politcal office or you will sell your local governments.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:00PM, "Annon 7:34, be honest you are a homophobic hater. I say live and let live. Talent should be independent of sexual preferences."

I really did not know; why are you making this an issue, is there a self confidence issue with you or the schlossberg campaign?

also, there are tens of thousands of God-fearing anti-aboration christians in Allentown, many more thanks to the hispanic surge. To many, aboration is as important as parks and police.

If someone is sincerely pro-choice and same-sex, then why not come out and say so? why hide behind smearing other candidates with robo-calls, and slick mailers

Your fellow schlossberg seems to be a wolf in sheep's clothing, being groomed for something higher by the lehigh demos. I as a demo want full disclosure now rather than later.

You made lifestyle an issue with your comments.....you are as bad as guirdy with the only card he has in his deck, which people are tired of him playing over and over and over. All allentown needs is another single issue, do-nothing cute smile (guirdy, gale hoover, marty velasquez)

It is sad that tom burke retreated from politics, because he would expose the palowski and LIBERAL inc. agenda.

Anonymous said...

schloss is engaged to a beautiful woman. hey bernie, it appears you have some trolls trying to start the "he's really gay" game.

Bernie O'Hare said...

You are right. I cannot write a word about him w/o someone commenting that Michael should be proud of his gayness or whatever.

First, his lifestyle is his own business. I don't care whether he is straight, gay, bi or whatever. Second, someone is trying to stir up homophobia against Mike by "defending" his gayness(?). Third, it is hard to defend Mike and say "He's not really gay" w/o sounding homophobic myself.

This could be done to any of the candidates, and it is a cheap shot designed to marginalize Mike among those who have something against gay people. I think most readers can see thru the bullshit.

Anonymous said...

I don't care if he is stright, gay or Bi. He is a mouthpiece for Pawlowski and big business and a carpetbagger.

He will win but it is sad.

Anonymous said...

Schlossberg will win council, and do nothing. that will be his limit. Allentown is such a mess that council is a springboard to doom. Try running for state rep and defending your support of multiple tax increases that are coming to the taxpayers of allentown. Schlossberg should have waited for a state rep seat to open.

Don't care about schlossber's gender ID, do care about his stance on abortion - that is an issue.