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Friday, September 25, 2009

Charlie Dent: Let the Sun Shine, 72 Hour Notice of Proposed Bills

LV Congressman Charlie Dent has joined the effort to require all proposed House actions be posted on the Internet at least 72 hours prior to consideration on the House floor. He's just signed a bipartisan discharge petition that would force a vote on the measure.

If a majority of House members join in this discharge petition, it will force the House to vote on a bipartisan resolution amending House rules to require that legislation and conference reports be posted on the Internet for at least 72 hours before they receive a vote on the House floor. So far, 115 House members support this requirement.

“Democracy only works when the public is informed, and too often Congress has rushed legislation that Members barely have time to review, let alone the American public,” Congressman Dent said. “This is not a partisan issue – this has occurred both under Republican and Democrat leadership. However, this ‘midnight legislation’ problem has accelerated this past year as we considered huge, transformational legislation without proper time to review the completed bill – and this process has completely left out the American public. A 72-hour public notice requirement will bring sunshine to the process, and perhaps help restore the public’s confidence in a Congress that too often works in the shadows.”


Anonymous said...

In a Congress where Henry Waxman (D-CA) recently brought in a speed reader to brazenly mock a request for a full reading of a preposterously long bill, Dent gets credit for fighting the good fight.

I'd be surprised if the measure succeeds, however. If bills are open to scrutiny, somebody might find out about waste like that crook Murtha's phantom airport boondoggle:


ironpigpen said...

Former Philadelphia Phillies pitcher JIM BUNNING (Senator, Kentucky) apparently proposed the HEALTH CARE BILL go up for 72 hours prior to vote earlier this week.


Google it.



Yippee for Dear Supreme Leader!!!

Bill Leiner Jr. said...


Its all nonsense .... 72 hours.

What we all want to know from Rep Dent is will he do the right thing and fight for his constituents to have access to the same health care he and his family enjoy paid for by the taxpayers.

Why should the servant have better health care than the masters?

PS - Your picture today is the most closest likeness of you I have seen yet. Coplay POM 10/10 ... you are invited and bring your little camera. Have a great weekend. Bill

Bernie O'Hare said...

I don't consider transparenct nonsense, Bill.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Bill, Admit it. You just love a man in a uniform.

Anonymous said...

72 hours IS nonsensical, because that is not near enough time to get through 1,000+ page legislation, then analyze and counter-propose.

I imagine every single bill going up on the net Friday between noon and 4 pm. By the time any reasoned opposition can be voiced, the vote is on the books and they're off to cocktails Monday night.

A week, minimum. The FCC and FTC, for just two examples, have public comment periods that in some cases last several months before proposed changes are enacted.

Dent is right about sunshine, but he proposes only the typical feel-good, symbolic, and toothless solution that he can tout on a campaign robocall.

Anonymous said...


DEMOCRATS do not want ANYBODY to see it AT ALL.

A little sunshine is better than none - hard to argue with some vs NONE

Anonymous said...

Wow! Great Job Charlie. Interesting how he never signed on to this idea during the Bush Administration or when the Republicans had the House.

Good old foot soldier Charlie. He wants sunshine so he can play games with his buddies at Faux Noise.

He is just another puppet congressman fighting for his teabagging rights and that of the Republican cause.

If he stays a good little soldier he may get to yell, Liar, at the President.

You are so cute when you pretend to do big boy work Charlie.

Anonymous said...

I like Leiner's comment. Dent is still the king of rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic. I want the kind of healthcare he gets, or if he really had &&&&& he would renounce his congressional healthcare and have him and his family have the same healthcare his constituents suffer through.

Anonymous said...

Dent is a RINO who simply owns his blue district. He can't, and doesn't, get elected without lots of D support.

Ds are as easily bought on the abortion question as Rs. Charlie is big on abortions and unrestricted, ghastly research on the culled remains. He also likes executions - even of the retarded.

Charlie knows babies and retards are not a threat on election day, but he's not taking chances.

He's openly supported the current wars and strategies to significantly increase our involvement in both - resulting in thousands of killed - including, most recently, hundreds of innocent civilians in Pakistan (a country nobody authorized military action in).

There is a pattern. Charlie is real big on death. Death is popular these days. It's the new black.

If he were a registered D, Ds would openly express their closeted love for him - perhaps with the exception of comically irrelevant lefty relics like LEPOCO.

Joe Hilliard said...

First, 72 hours is better than what is happening now. Transparency and scrutiny is never "nonsense".

But I do agree it is not enough. Legislation - except for declarations of war and true emergencies (disasters) declared such with a 2/3 vote - should be reviewable for at least 30 days before a vote.

The more we slow Congress down and the more transparency and scrutiny the better for all.

Anon 12:05 - you have a slight error. Charlie does not receive federal health benefits. He opted to continue with lifetime state benefits as a retired PA Legislator. This package is even better than the Congressional package!!!

Anonymous said...

Charlie Dent is prettier than Don Cunningham.

Anonymous said...

Is this the same Dent who supports Planned Parenthood, recently in the news when amateur film makers were able to get PP to readily accept a white man's donation with assurances the money would be targeted for abortions in black neighborhoods?

What's not to like about that?

Charlie rocks on the "thinning the herd" issue.

Dent for Congress.

Dave said...

Congress is a cesspool. Where are the citizen representatives? Bunch of lawyers, thieves and career pols with their hands out! A dysfunctional slice of American culture. Blow it up and start over.

Dean N Browning said...

Since my friend Bill Leiner has used this post on voting as a vehicle to comment on the heath insurance coverage available to members of Congress I thought I'd respond and list what they have.

Members of the House and Senate may be seen by the office of the attending physician in the U.S. Capitol (Navy doctors on active duty) when they have a health problem while in Washington, D.C. They may be referred to Walter Reed Army Hospital or Bethesda Naval Hospital for further treatment if necessary. They are not required to use this service and may seek private medical care while in Washington if they so desire. The family (spouse and children) of House and Senate members are not entitled to be treated by the Capitol attending physician and thus must be covered by private insurance.

If House and Senate members choose to use the Capitol attending physician and the Army and Navy hospitals while in D.C., they pay an annual fee (equivalent to being part of an HMO). If they seek private medical care while in D.C. or back in their home states, they use their private health insurance. If they are over 65, they use Medicare and whatever private supplemental insurance they may carry. And, of course, they paid into Medicare while working just like everyone else.

Members of Congress are eligible — like all other federal employees — to sign up for one of the "cafeteria" health insurance plans offered all other federal employees. If they sign up for one of these policies, the federal government pays two-thirds of the premium and the Congressman pays the other one-third. This is comparable to insurance offered by many private employers.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:05 - you have a slight error. Charlie does not receive federal health benefits. He opted to continue with lifetime state benefits as a retired PA Legislator. This package is even better than the Congressional package!!!

Mr. Hilliard is right. And while unexpected, his support for a public option plan is appreciated and correct!