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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Grammes: Republicans Out of Touch

Marc Grammes is a former Republican Lehigh County Commissioner who has a bone to pick with his own party. He's agreed to share it with all of you.

Dear Folks,

Today I went to my mailbox, and there were several pieces of mail which really disturbed me:

1) An invitation to join Representative J. Harhart, D. Reichley, G. Day, Craig Dally and Sen. Pat Browne for an evening of "Cigars, cognac, and fine wine" at the Melt Restaurant at $200 a pop.

2) An invitation to the Grube household (which looks like a castle) for a Pat Browne for minimum $100 a pop, but up to $1000.

These people are out of touch. In this economy, no one should be puffing on cigars and drinking cognac to raise money for a taxpayer funded job. They are supposed to be public servants, not cigar smoking, cognac drinking politicos. So much for a citizen legislature. No wonder we have problems. And let's not forget...80 days late on the budget. While some of the most vulnerable went without services. The invites are posted prominently at a local business for the public to see.

And so it goes....


Anonymous said...

Mr. Grammes's complaint makes no sense.

Right now, in Mr. Grammes's own county, Scott Ott is running against Don Cunningham and his $775,000 campaign war chest. Mr. Cunningham won't even deign to debate Scott.

Does Mr. Grammes believe that Don Cunningham amassed THREE QUARTERS OF A MILLION DOLLARS in campaign funds by holding "Make Your Own Baloney Sandwich" $10 per person events?

Further, does Mr. Grammes believe that in order to compete with Mr. Cunningham, Scott Ott should have to find 75,000 Lehigh County residents who will each contribute $10 to his campaign. Or maybe Mr. Grammes's will give Scott a break and allow him to take up to $50 from donors.

(I know, I know -- such a bourgeois figure. Heavens, you might get a bottle of imported ale at the event.)

Now Scott only needs to find 15,500 residents to match the money that Cunningham gets from unions, vendors to the county, Ed Rendell's Philly buddies, etc.

If Mr. Grammes is a Republican who believes in the principles of less government, less spending and more personal freedom, has he sent his $10 or $20 to Scott Ott?

Mr. Grammes has a bone to pick with Republicans attempting to raise money for their campaigns?

If Mr. Grammes would like to educate himself on the issue, he might want to look up the expense reports of some local Democrat candidates and see whether they raise their money in $15 or $25 batches.

Otherwise, he should remember that sour grapes make really bad Whine.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Is moral equivalence a defense?

Anonymous said...

Republicans raise money. Democrats raise money.

If you're looking for the moral high ground -- do you intend to occupy it?

Question for Bernie: Do you feel comfortable with the manner in which Don Cunningham has raised his money? I'm stipulating that all his money was raised in an above board fashion.

I'm simply asking you -- do you have a problem with Don Cunningham taking as much as $5000 or $10,000 at a time from individuals or groups? Something he's still doing.

If you're answer is an honest "No," then what's your concern about Republicans raising money?

Anonymous said...

As always Marc makes great points. He is a class act. ohare take notes.

Anonymous said...

There's always some busybody who's upset that others are having a better time than he. Some things never change. I'm sure Marc wears sack cloth and re-soled shoes. It would be better to not attempt to raise money like the well-heeled opposition. Then Republicans might end up in the competitive state they're currently in.

Anonymous said...

Too bad Mr Grammes, Cunningham is like Paloser in Allentown. Paloser has largest war-chest ever in Atown. The Harrisburg-Rendell-Cunningham-Paloser connection is clear. tons of liberal and Union money are coming in from harrisburg. State Dem Committee and teachers unions even dumped money into D'amore's council campaign. this is their high tide, noting you can do about it, except wait for the 8-year swtich in the governor's mansion and mid-term elections. The other side of the big war chest phenomina is that cunningham and paloser and d'amore can hide, do not have to debate, just use media and mass mailing to paint a rosey picture, which will work. Also, must look at quality of GOP candiates in general, how do you get around tony phillips even before the scandel?

GOP has many opportunities, but is unorganized in the lehigh valley. With all the demo $$$, will likely try heavily to pick off pat browne and charlie dent. Valley is becoming a well financed demo stronghold. Cunningham wants to end up in PA CEO seat, bethlehem mayor will take on dent, and paloser, who knows??? Play and pay really works. this is old-school demo machine politics.

Anonymous said...

I may be wrong, but wasn't the Melt event ONLY a fundraiser for Craig Dally running for judge? The other people were Republicans hosting the event. The mailer was from Craig Dally for judge campaign, therefore any blame or judgment should be focused on Dally and his campaign staff.

Your post is misleading in that it suggests it's a fundraiser for all those Republicans. No, only Dally wants you to live it up in style while he runs for a judge (a judge?!? position).

In earlier posts you revealed your disposition toward Dally. It's revealing itself in underhanded ways.

Anonymous said...

Sound like Marc can't afford the tasty goodness of the menu at Melt. Can't somebody invite him for dinner there?

Anonymous said...

marc's comments highlight the rift in the GOP. There are the blue bloods who think it is perfectly acceptable behavior to be holding parties in smoke filled rooms and there are the hard working traditionalists who can't tolerate all the rich running the show. The GOP is a populist/well-to-do coalition that could snap at any moment.

Personally, I wish there were more republicans like Marc b/c they really are most grounded and right now, there are a lot of well-to-do's that arent so well grounded.

Bernie O'Hare said...

" Do you feel comfortable with the manner in which Don Cunningham has raised his money?"

No. I accept your conditions that everything is above board, but do not like it whether it is Dem or Republican. In Cunningham's case, I did not come down on him because he was running for statewide office, where gobs of money like $5 and $10k mean nothing. But no, I do not like the pernicious influence that money has on local politics. I do not like money coming from PACs or heavy hitters who seems to think they can then tell pols what to do. In local races, I find this money to more danfgerous than it is at a statewide or national level.

Bernie O'Hare said...

"In earlier posts you revealed your disposition toward Dally. It's revealing itself in underhanded ways."

By posting a blog that is somewhat critical of Craig, I'm revealing myself to be underhanded? Give me a break.

I am posting a letter from Marc Grammes. I never saw the letters he mentions, so would have no idea whether the cigar and brandy fundraiser is just for Craig. Yes, I think Craig is a great guy, but also happen to think Marc Grammes is absolutely right - no pol should be hosting this type of fundraiser at this time. It is unseemly. And Craig is included in this criticism.

Marc Grammes said...


The invite states:
"State Representatives Karen Beyer, Julie Harhart, Doug Reichley, Gary Day & Senator Pat Browne invite you to join them for cigars, cognac, and fine wine with Craig Dally"

It was sent by Dally for Judge, and the fine print says checks are to be made to his committee. I don't think anything in my e-mail is misleading. They are ALL part of this dance. And yes, I do eat bologna sandwiches, ten dollar fundraisers are more to my liking, and the state budget, although agreed upon, STILL hasn't been signed.

Anonymous said...

Where does everyone's money come from, huh?


"Top Fund Raiser Indicted: A Fundraiser Who Aided Clinton And Obama Accused Of $ 292 MILLION In Bank Fraud"


LVCI said...

Anonymous said..."Where does everyone's money come from, huh?...FROM THE PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER

Oh please!... we could go tic for tac on this all day.. Like This Republican List
The List Of Democrats

I don't think this discussion needs to be about whether either party holds the record on it, but rather that fact that fat dollar$ taints the system whether it be locally or otherwise. Too bad it has become such a necessary evil to get politicians elected and doesn't serve the people well.

When you look at those two lists, it's a wonder how our system even survives! Our local politicians look like saints aside of those pros.

But that's why we're here to keep an eye on things :-)

Anonymous said...


I can CERTAINLY agree there is more than enough dirt to go around for both parties.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Grammes:

Why is Bernie O'Hare Defiling Sheena Villa?

Anonymous said...

ANON 2:38,

You are truly pathetic.

Burn in hell, Bum.

Anonymous said...

ANON 2:38,

You are RAPIDLY de-sensitizing ME with respect to the tragic demise of your daughter with your incessant attack postings.

I am sure I am NOT alone, either.

YOU need to wake up.

YOU are the hate monger and probably drugged out of your mind, too.

One day, somebody is going to tell you to ______ your dead daughter and THEN what will you do?

Same BS you are doing now.

Get the point?


It's what you want - you are a baiter clear as day.

Keep up the attack posting, you are doing such wonderful work...

Anonymous said...


That's all

Bernie O'Hare said...

Do me a favor, folks, and ignore this guy. I will eventually take out the garbage, but sometimes his comments are up for a few hours.

Anonymous said...

They defile her every time they use her as a political and blogosphere battering ram.

You don't get to pick your parents. And who the hell would choose them? May she rest in peace despite the worst efforts of her so-called parents to see that she doesn't. They are simply evil ghouls.

Anonymous said...

Oh, give it up Villa, if anyone is defiling your daughter it is you, carrying her memory around on your shoulder as if it was Christ's burden, and bludgeoning anyone with it who gets in your way.
What the Villas need is a good dose of reality, because they obviously don't live here in it.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Folks, do me a favor and try to ignore Villa. I will eventually take out the garbage.

Anonymous said...

Does Mr. Grammes believe that Don Cunningham amassed THREE QUARTERS OF A MILLION DOLLARS in campaign funds by holding "Make Your Own Baloney Sandwich" $10 per person events?

Thats not Marc's point at all. No one begrudes raising money, 10s, 20s, 100s, 200s, who cares.

But I'd rather have a fundraiser being a beer and a family style meal at the humble Kempton Hotel (or name your local regular place) rather than hobknob with Cognac and cigars some upscale place.

Cognac and Cigars really? That is out of touch. Just who are they selling to? Not the regular guy on the street.

Why The Long Face Angie? said...


Anonymous said...

I'll bet Marc's real big on a "big tent" GOP. He just discriminates against those who smoke cigars and drink wine and cognac under the tent.

Anonymous said...

So ALL Democrat money comes from the common, average guy?



The Democrats, with reality:

"U.S. Charges Obama-Fund Raiser in $ 290 MILLION FRAUD"


HASSAN NEMAZEE, head of private equity firm and an IRANIAN-AMERICAN POLITICAL ACTION COMMITTEE board member, apparently is in a bit deep with his latest charge of defrauding Citigroup Inc..

Nemazee apparently was charged with TWO OTHER COUNTS LAST MONTH (of defrauding Bank of America and HSBS)

Gee, how did Obama amass such a monster war chest last fall again???



But, yeah, the GOP:

Rude, Racist, Republican


D = Dishonest, Disingenuous
E = Egotistical
M = Major Liar
O = Obnoxiuous
C = Corrupt to the Core
R = Reverse Racist
A = Agitator With Malice
T = Tyrant On A Power Grab AND Too Funny With All The Hypocrisy and Double Standard

Anonymous said...

D = Dishonest, Disingenuous
E = Egotistical
M = Major Liar
O = Obnoxiuous
C = Corrupt to the Core
R = Reverse Racist
A = Agitator With Malice
T = Tyrant On A Power Grab AND Too Funny With All The Hypocrisy and Double Standard

That is pathetic. Good government knows no party. Til all concede that, no Party can claim a monopoly. Arrow shoots both ways! Lets end hypocrosy on both counts. Scuse my spelling.

Anonymous said...

The GOP three R's

Rude, Racist and Republican.

Dally is very out of touch. He is a Harrisburg insider and acts that way.

Anonymous said...

Nah. Craig drinks beer and throws quoits. Seen it.

Anonymous said...

This is arrogant behavior by Dally. His opponent will be sure the voters see how he operates.

ohare can censor here but the information will be sent out. Dally is the typical Harrisburg big dollar insider and this event showcases his inability to be impartial 0on the bench.

Bernie O'Hare said...

"ohare can censor here but the information will be sent out."

I doubt any of the judicial campaigns will make an issue of this. Craig will make a great judge.

Anonymous said...

So is Grammes also upset with Lehigh County Commish Glenn Eckhart for holding a wine tasting fundraiser at Vynecrest on Oct. 29? It is $200-500, depending on what "level" you wish to participate!

Chris Casey said...

I am wondering if the Lehigh Valley State house delegation had any say in the content of the flyer. Did they willingly sign off on it?
Reichley actually has a credible challenger who is already out trying to raise money.
Harhart and Reichley were both "PSA PIGS" back in 2006.

Cognac and Cigars? When the common people are struggling under proprty tax burdens, that isn't the best image to present.

These are not the Republicans my Mom worked with. These are country clubbers, and their exclusive club is shrinking.

When the hell they going to realize that?

Anonymous said...

I still think the cigar and cognac party shows the type of Harrisburg insider privledged mindset that should not be on the bench.

The Village Idoti said...

Maybe I can put a different spin on this?

Most people that live in Washington, D.C. are people that work for the government or are contracted out by the government as consultants. When there is a depression or recession, the people in Washington rarely feel it. Their salaries are pretty much guaranteed. It is very easy for them to get out of touch with the rest of the working class.

Maybe that is the case here? If so, their constituents shouldn't be too happy!

Peace, ~~Alex

J. SPIKE ROGAN said...

Republicans like Marc are rare. Since most with common sense switch to Democratic in 2008.

Rush took credit for his alleged "Subversion" but in reality that was the rational Republicans jumping ship.

All that is left are idiots who think Glenn Beck is great. And Congressman Joe Wilson speaks for all americanc. (As long as they are Americans that belong to "Sons of Confederate Veterans" a group that is sad the south lost & let's not forget when he ripped Strom Thurman's half black daughter for "disgracing the former segregationist for President, reveling he fathered a black child". )

If you wear a hood, are a billionare, or a multi-millionare media personality then the GOP STILL SPEAKS for you.

If you work for a living, screw you.

bill casey said...

angry priest you suck moose

Anonymous said...

Bernie O'Hare seems like a real goofball ... what a jerkoff