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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Varkony: "Delores" Just Won't Go Away

"How I love the kisses of Delores
Aye-aye-aye Delores
Not Marie or Emily or Doris
Only my Delores"

I called an Allentown politico early this evening. He answered the phone, "Hello! This is Delores." She's on everyone's mind.

According to a typically excellent post from Pam Varkony, "Delores" (or an impersonator) has gone from Facebook and Get Satisfaction to a "clean up" woman at Craigslist. She anonymously asks those who've played the role of the "other woman," whether with Allentown mayoral candidate Tony Phillips or anyone else, to contact her.


Anonymous said...

For some woman who lives in North Carolina and spells her own name wrong, she sure cares a lot about a mayoral race in a forgotten dump of a silk mill town in PA. If it's really Pawlowksi, does that mean that Pawlowski is gay and Tony isn't really guilty of chatting with a married woman? The eleventh commandment was "Thou shall not chat on Facebook with a married illiterate" but Moses dropped the tablet with that one on it.

Anonymous said...

With Pams own background she should really stay away from this mayor issue.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Varkony = Monday morning QB.

Her blog on Mcall = bad

Bernie O'Hare said...

Anonymous perspnal attack = coward.

Midnite Joker said...

Hey, Joker here....What's Up Bernsie...it's been a minute, huh?
Anyways, this is insane… It is clearly entrapment… Plain and simple. I am a democrat but Tony was fed to the wolves because he was lonely. It’s clear that ALL people who use FaceBook and MySpace are lonely and are looking for some action. Leave the issue of marriage alone, because HE is NOT married and if some married woman goes online and asks a lonely MAN to be with her (Sexually, or otherwise) SHE is the dishonorable one, NOT HIM. I read the texts and he told her that he wanted NOTHING to do with a married woman, but she preyed on his desire to find a mate then exploited him to the fullest of her abilities. She is the FaceBook version of Monica Lewinski and this is her 15 seconds of fame because she is obviously a nobody, nor will she ever be someone of worth. This is a case of a kid smoking a joint and blaming the dealer….it’s called accountability and she may want to look into it. Now, as far as this ‘Ken Mathews’ guy…what a coward. At the first sign of trouble, like a scared dog, he tucks his tail between his legs (Where his scrot.. SHOULD BE) and he runs away. The ONLY mistake that Tony Phillips made in his campaign was to hire such a pusillanimous manager to oversee things. C’Mon Tony, You got to pick better men (Not Boys) to help you and your cause.
This Is Joker signing off saying, “If I’m Laughing Then You Probably are NOT”.

Anonymous said...

If Delores looks anything like the girl in the picture she can clean anything she wants.

Anonymous said...

Isn't this just a twist from the Seinfeld episode...her name rhymes with a female private part. If only her name was Mulva.

Lighten up people.

Good luck Tony, competition for office is a good thing, and you deserve a fair fight. Very few people give you no chance in hell to win, certainly not me, either.
what is sad is that if Mayor Ed had anything to do with this, well is shows lack of character on his part in a "win at any cost scheme."

Anonymous said...

Tony is a perv. Where is Chris Hanson.