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Friday, September 18, 2009

LV Congressman Charlie Dent gets a little nutty when it comes to ACORN. It describes itself as "the nation’s largest grassroots community organization of low- and moderate-income people with over 400,000 member families organized into more than 1,200 neighborhood chapters in 110 cities across the country." It's Project Vote added 1.3 million voters to the rolls in 2008, including 153,000 here in Pennsylvania. These were mostly Democrats. So it's no surprise that Dent, as blogger Pam Varkony notes, wants to turn off the federal faucet that has poured $53 million into this organization since 1994.

This is nothing new. Last October, Dent was one of the Pennsylvania Republican Congressman who asked the state AG to investigate allegations of what really amounts to voter registration fraud, in which canvassers register dead people or supply false registrations. Now, he's cosponsored legislation to deny federal funding to ACORN, and the language of that bill was incorporated into another piece of legislation that passed the House.

Congressman Dent has also co-signed a Congressional letter to the President, asking for the disclosure and termination of all federal funding to ACORN. The Census Bureau has already cut off its association.

Dent believes ACORN has become too tainted by all these allegations of impropriety. In a statement released yesterday he acknowledges "[t]here may be some well-intended, honest volunteers who are not involved in illegal activity at ACORN. I suggest they contribute their time to one of the many legitimate housing and anti-poverty organizations that provide help for vulnerable citizens without becoming embroiled in the fraud and corruption that has continually surrounded ACORN.”


Anonymous said...

Sheesh. thank God the Republicans don't do anything like this. I miss the honest ethical Bush years.

Anonymous said...

Latest news out of Washington, Dent votes against poorly designed televisions.

Anonymous said...


Good lord if the Republicans were funding a “Community” group, obviously sympathetic to their point of view, with tax payer dollars to “organize” communities Democrats and tax payers would rightly protest.

I have seen this group up close locally, they are nothing more than activists for a left wing agenda. That is their right as long as they aren’t doing with our tax dollars.

Scott Armstrong

Anonymous said...

Republicans are still pissed off they lost the 2 last election cycles and are looking for a scapegoat outside of their awful candidates, poor performance when they held all reigns of power, and their looney right fringe which has taken over the party.

Dressing up like Indians at Tea Parties and screaming socialist to every new idea presented isn't going to win elections.

They have alienated the largest growing minority group in the country with some (emphasize some) of their rhetoric concerning immigration and Sotomayer. They have destroyed all chances of in roads into the African American community with the nature of some (I emphasize the word some) of the attacks on President Obama. People who are under 30 are registrering as Democrats at a 2-1 margin. The average GOP voter is older the average Democratic Party voter is younger. The next generation is more tolerant on the culture war issues that have been used to win votes with older voters. If the trends keep on continuing demographically the GOP is setting itself up to permanent minority status.

The era of Ronald Reagan has passed. You can't keep running on a guy that in the next election a voter will have to have been 46 to have voted for.

Adapt to the times or be confined to minority status for a long long long time.

The GOP is an organization screaming for an intervention and the need of a leader that sells optimism not fear. New ideas not just critism of the other side.

Anonymous said...

Why can there not be a THOROUGH investigation of ACORN by an INDEPENDENT entity separate from OBAMA's ADMINISTRATION?

Enough improprieties have come to light to warrant such, no queston.

And no way can the ADMINISTRATION THAT SELECTED REVERSE RACIST VAN JONES be TRUSTED to handle this matter with a shred of honesty and integrity, let alone transparency.

(Ask Van about his quotes on Columbine High School massacre)

Forget about the Dallas Cowboys registering to vote in Ohio.

How many current investigations are ALREADY on-going for the ACORN voter registration garbage?

How many ACORN workers have ALREADY been thrown under the bus for that, not to mention this LATEST ROUND OF SCANDALS?


ACORN - Progressive Liberals at their finest and in all their glory!

Illegals, prostitution, tax fraud, blatant misrepresentation in the application for Federal grants.

And not just an isoltated incident. How many locations now --- THREE?

Of course, to bad mouth ACORN is to be a racist, just ask any Kool-Aid addicted Obamabot.

Obama the community agitator and ACORN the disgusting and corrupt, not to mention scandal-infested. Sol Alinsky would be SO PROUD. Bill Ayers definitely is.

Welcome to America.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Honestly, who cares about ACORN? It's this week's birth certificate drama. A lot of white noise.

LVCI said...

Should ACORN come under congressional investigation? Well... YES. They did it to the NFL and MLB. Why not?

Should the Florida elections have been investigated before they too were stopped dead in their tracks? YES

Elections and the voting machine fraud (tampering with software) are both highly controversial as well.

The redistricting that occurs every time Congress changes political parties is also a matter of dirty politics.

Are there hard feelings to the party that loses? YES Look at the Ken Starr investigations. Now the ACORN scandal. And the constant attempts to get at Bush.

Let' not all have a heart attack over this. Politics is a very dirt game. Always has been.

I think of the current public outcries as a kind of 'check & balance' within the system when our political system itself fails because of common greed and powers in Washington. When the system gets to far out of whack, people raise their voices.

Where the dangers lie is when people trust not only too much in government but also when they place too much trust with those special interests groups who too have agendas. Whether it be news media, pundits or organizers question not only your government, but those so-called organized groups who will attempt to steer you as well.

May of these "groups" are very well funded. It's our duty to find out by who and for what purpose. Is it for the benevolence of the little people they claim to represent OR to steer people for their own not so benevolent purposes?

Anonymous said...

"Alot of white noise"


Of course it is, hypocrites.

ANON 9:15 = RACIST (but not by Obama standards)

Anonymous said...

Sept 18 Rasmussen Reports

32% strongly approve Obama

40% strongly disapprove Obama

48% somewhat approve Obama

51% "now disapprove"



Call the nasty white people out.

Anonymous said...

Rasmusen is a RW polling outlet.

The President is consistently polling at around 55%. Similar to his margin of victory.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Ummm, Anon 9:15 here.
White noise is a term that means nonsensical static. Like when the cable goes out on your TV. Were you kidding? or are you among the 11 percent who believe Obama was foreign-born or the 10 percent who believe he's a Muslim (Pew Foundation polls). If you are, my condolences.
BTW, Acorn is sooo inconsequential.

Bill Leiner Jr. said...


Part of the answer is to transform AM radio from the "insane radio" it has become to the good ole days of Ernie Steagler's "Toast and Coffee" hour that my Mom listened to when I was a kid. I look forward to the day when AM radio is about personal financial matters, gardening, how to set up trap/neuter-spay programs for feral cats, weather, sports, health and fitness, how to cultivate a positive outlook on life, how to develop thinking skills in a complex world, modern technology, teaching tolerance about different religions and cultures, travel, and outdoor sports, etc. Anything to get away from the distorted news (sometimes outright lies) that tears down so many. The "insane AM radio" we are subjected to has too many people thinking in stereotypes, negative and nasty, and uneducated on complex issues. I listen, at times, to the verbal brown shirts and just marvel at the reach and strength of our 1st Amendment Rights. We live in a great country. It would be nice if some people would become more civil when they exercise their 1st Amendment Rights. Bill