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Thursday, September 03, 2009

LV State Reps: We Can't Adopt Budget, But We Can Talk About Bears

Things look pretty gloomy over at Capitol Ideas, authored by intrepid statehouse reporter Johnny Micek. Yesterday alone, he reported that Pennsylvania's lawmakers are now the only ones in the nation still unable to arrive at a budget. To make matters worse, the Treasury Department has laid off sixty workers? Aren't they the ones who are supposed to collect the money?

Amidst all this goofiness, three of our local state reps - Rich Grucela, Craig Dally and Bob Freeman - have decided that now might be a good time to talk about bears. They really, really exist. Now Morning Call blogger Bill White disputes that, or at least claims he's never seen one. But they're real. You just don't see too many of them hanging around at Musikfest. They prefer biker bars, farm shows and bingo. There's more of them every day, too. Black bear numbers have grown from around 4,000 in the 1970s, to around 14,000 today.

This gives us lots more opportunities to kill them.

You can pick up little tidbits like that if you go to either of two presentations prepared by Gaming Comm'n Exec Director Carl Roe. The first will take place on Thursday, Sept. 10 at the Hellertown Sportsmen's Association, located at 1793 Meadows Road in Hellertown. The other presentation will take place on Thursday, Sept. 17 at the Stockertown Rod and Gun Club, located at 204 Lefevre Road in Stockertown. They'll both take place at 7 PM. If you'd like more information, contact Rich Grucela’s Nazareth office at 610-614-1312 or 1-888-222-2143.

Once these black bear presentations are over, inside word has it that another three local legislators - Joe Brennan, Steve Samuelson & Doug Reichley - will be producing a hand puppet show.


Anonymous said...

You really could get rid of most of these public leeches and the result would be--no difference.

They all cry the leadership controls things. Fine, then dump them save the money and only elect the leadership, what a cop out.

Pa. needs to really reform by cutting down on all these elected officials who only know how to hand out proclaimations.

Now Dally wants to be a judge, good grief!

Anonymous said...

Halve the legislature and start by eliminating our locals. They are pension compiling leeches who use franking privileges to tell me their shit smells like cotton candy and they really aren't stealing from taxpayers every day they show up to do nothing. Freeman is so quiet I thought he'd passed away. Grucela can't master the Queen's English, let alone draft coherent legislation on anything relevant. Dally is off to another pension grab after using junk mail paid for by me to tell me what a great guy he is. Enough. Enough. Enough.

Anonymous said...

Yesterday alone, he reported that Pennsylvania's lawmakers are now the only ones in the nation still unable to arrive at a budget.

Don't think this is so. Connecticut lawmakers as seen on Drudge playing solitare still haven't adopted one either.

Carol said...

Bernie, for real, the bears are here in the Slate Belt, one was caught in a tree on N. 11th St. in Bangor, a few years ago, they have been having fun raiding garbage cans in the Lake Minsi area in Upper Mt. Bethel, Carol

Anonymous said...

CT budget was approved last night and will be in place today.

PA is dead last.

Nice legislature. They should repay their last year's salaries and benefits and be summarily fired.

Anonymous said...

I saw a bear in my yard twice this summer. I barked at it and it ran away. Too bad we can't do that to the slugs in Hburg.
-A real Slater

Anonymous said...

We have bears that attack the recycling cans and throw everything around on the ground. But we have a unique way of dealing with them here in East Allen Township. We go out, pick up the garbage and put it back in the recycling cans and then worry about more important things.

Anonymous said...

I guess they didn't teach you to keep your cans inside. duh

Bernie O'Hare said...

A bear drives me to work every day.

eckville press said...

Bears, Good eating!

Kill em and grill em!

The bears, that is.

Anonymous said...

Just an FYI in the interest of informing the general public. It is not the "Gaming Commission", it is the PA "Game Commission". This simple misunderstanding has led to much confussion by the public, especially when people are calling to report an injured deer and call the casino hotline!

Legislators can do far worse than to offer an educational opportunity to inform the public of the dangers of black bear. You have to give the Commission credit for trying to spread the word and educate people on what to do or not to do when they encounter a bear.

Bernie O'Hare said...

OMG. I can't believe I was that stupid as not to see that until now.