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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Tony Phillips Will Stay in Allentown Mayor Race

I met Allentown Mayoral candidate Tony Phillips last night at Yocco's Hot Dog Shop on Airport Road, thinking I could treat him to a "long n hard" hot dog, a Delores special. Unfortunately, he stopped eating beef and pork years ago to keep his weight under control, so I gobbled down the dogs I had ordered for him.

"Can I offer you a tossed salad?" I suggested. After spending a day answering calls and emails concerning a private online chat, he was still able to laugh. What's more, he's still in the race and tells me he intends to win his bid against well-funded incumbent Edwin Pawlowski.

It's been a tough few days. His $700 per week (yes, that's $700) campaign manager suddenly quit. And on Monday night, he had to reassure nervous Allentown Republicans who wondered whether they should withdraw their support. Yesterday, he endured all sorts of public criticism for a conversation he had every right to assume was private.

Tony provided me with a few additional details about "Delores." There were actually two online chats. They occurred on August 28th and 29th. Before he actually chatted with her, she had sent him several suggestive messages.

It's now pretty clear that, all along, Delores' goal has been to undermine Phillips. She admits as much at Craigslist, with a "goal completed" taunt. There is no evidence that anyone from the Pawlowski camp has anything to do with "Delores," and Tony himself acknowledges that.

Will the publication of this private conversation hurt Tony's campaign? It has turned off some, but galvanized others, and may have created some sympathy for him. It might have the added benefit of creating some interest in the real issues facing distressed Allentown. It's broke yet desperately needs more police officers. Businesses are leaving. There is no transparency.


Anonymous said...

He wanred to commit sodomy with a married woman. He already has a questionable problem with a prostitute, he is no longer in the race.

Anonymous said...

More bad judgment. Many city Republicans will not support Tony because of both the indiscretion and carelessness of it.

Scott Armstrong

Not A hard choice at all said...

Its either support Him or its 4 more years of agony with Mayor Ed folks!

I say at least he's a better choice than what we have in office now!

Anonymous said...

Does Tony kiss people with those lips after the salad course? He's simply disgusting. And now we're stuck with more Pawlowski. It was probably going to end like this anyway.

Anonymous said...

Tony, at least according to his own press releases, has several college degrees and yet he has not learned the first lesson of the Internet: NOTHING IS PRIVATE!
There is no school teacher anywhere who does not warn students: NOTHING IS PRIVATE!
He is not suited to serve as
mayor. And now with his online chats, school days in Philly, long commute hours, we know why he has not bothered to campaign nor answer phone calls.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Does Tony kiss people with those lips after the salad course? He's simply disgusting. And now we're stuck with more Pawlowski. It was probably going to end like this anyway.

7:11 AM

Actually, we attended a few of those public park meetings and Tony as he entered council chambers kissed a lot of the women.

Anonymous said...

City/County GOP is a joke!!! Phillips is all they have???, cannot even muster 4 to run for council. Tom burke was the last GOP heartbeat in Atown. Hershman will make a lot of noise, but will get zero coverage from Mcall as the demos hide and cruise to victory. Palowski et el will run the table and knock off phillips and probably both council candidates without spending much $$$$. Hugest war-chest in history while phillips scrapes together a couple of nickels and dimes.

Tooooo bad Varkony, this was finally your year! I guess you can wait another 4.

Next up on the palowski/cunningham plate are Pat Browne and Charlie Dent.

Anonymous said...

THe last thing ALlentown needs is a heterosexual mayor who uses Facebook.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Yeah, what could people be thinking? And when it is painfully clear that someone is trying to undermine his candidacy, let's not go there at all.

michael molovinsky said...

bernie, you will find the excuse that he was "setup" hard to sell. with his former escapade, which i defended at the time, he should have wondered why some woman from north carolina was lusting after him.

Anonymous said...

No question that someone undermined his candidacy, with his help of course..However he had zero to no chance in the first place and has even less of a chance now...I know you hate the mayor Bernie but even you have to admit you'll be seeing him for another four years..Look at it this way..You'll have alot more to write about.

Bernie O'Hare said...


First, I'm not selling anything.

Second, he was not "set up" bc that implies he did something wrong, and he did not. A single guy had a private online chat with a woman.

Third, though not set up, he was clearly undermined, and by a person or persons whose goal is to ruin his candidacy. They make that fairly clear themselves on Craigslist. Is that so hard to figure out?

Fourth, although it's completely irrelevant to this discussion, the incident at Bucky Boyle was not an escapade. In that situation, he has a friend who he's known since junior high. She became a prostitute and her life is a mess. He was talking to her about her problems. The police report of that incident was first leaked to a political blog. The MC only reluctantly covered that story and it was several days later. The woman in question was visited by police on no less than three separate occasions in an attempt to get her to implicate Tony. Tony came up hard from the projects and tries to help people who are down. Is that wrong? Is that to be called an escapade?

Fifth, on your blog, where you spout off about stupidity, you stupidly claim that Phillips had this chat on a public F/B page. Not being familiar w/ F/B, you would do well to leave that alone. The conversation occurred in private chat, which is NOT open for public inspection. This means that other person had to take his chat and cut and paste it somewhere else to make it public. It would be like cutting and pasting a private email.

Sixth, you wonder why some woman from NC would be lusting after him. I have long since stopped trying to figure women out, but have seen people get married who have met as a result of long distance online relationships. I am really thrilled to know that, in addition to everything else, you are now an expert on relationships I hope that in future posts, you will share some of your wisdom with the world.

Bernie O'Hare said...

"I know you hate the mayor Bernie but even you have to admit you'll be seeing him for another four years"

I did not think TP had a chance before this incident. Too much to overcome. But I do not consider it a crime or poor judgment for a single male to engage in private online chat with a woman, even if he is running for office. He's still allowed to have a private life. You might question his judgment for bantering with someone he barely knows, but I've seen some people form solid and lasting relationships very quickly. I am not going to judge him for his private conversation. I'll leave that to the holier than thous out there. Maybe Life Church can conduct a vigil.

Anonymous said...

Matthews was getting $700 a week? For what? Talk about getting robbed!

Bernie O'Hare said...

Matthews was originally paid $500/week, and got a raise, believe it or not. For a campaign that has raised so little money, this is a foolish expenditure and does not speak well of Tony's administrative skills. if someone were looking for a legitimate issue to complain about, instead of invading Tony's privacy, this would be it.

Anonymous said...

tony just seems creepy at this point. creepy people don't win elections. I was ready to vote for him, but now I'll cast no vote for mayor.

michael molovinsky said...

bernie, you can argue that he was not set up but conspired against, you can argue that i don't know anything about facebook(i don't) you can argue that the meeting in the park was completely innocent, you can argue that i'm no expert on relationships (true for sure) but how many votes did this earn or cost phillips? 7 weeks before the election that's the only relevant question

Bernie O'Hare said...

I don't know the answer to that question, but neither do you. For all I know, an attempt to undermine his candidacy may very well backfire, especially if the source is established.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Phillips has done the citizens of Allentown a favor. He has shown the color of his caricature. If he was elected Mayor and had the bad judgment to hit on a city employee or "intern" the city would be open to a sexual harassment lawsuit. Mr. Phillips should withdraw from the election and resign from city council.

Bernie O'Hare said...

From a private online chat with a woman who purports tyo have no ties to A-town, you conclude that Phillips would therefore be hitting on city workers. That is a non sequitor.

The real story here is the motivation behind the person(s) trying to undermine the Phillips campaign.

michael molovinsky said...

bernie, i just noticed bill white also used the phrase "set up" so might want to educate him also about the difference, if you haven't already.

now, about the effect on tony's election potential, although i have read numerous negative comments, i have yet to read one indicating that someone will now vote for him because he was wronged by this incident.

so in conclusion, because tony did nothing wrong in bucky boyle park there was no reason for him to be guarded about a private conversation on the internet. he's just a victim of a conspiracy which may even backfire and help him for all you know.

i, on the other hand, don't know the difference between a set up and being undermined. I don't know that certain sections of facebook should insure privacy and that many people have found true love on the internet, maybe even on their campaign page. also, that you're not trying to sell anything.

Anonymous said...

O'Hare Disbarred for "Evil Intent" Activity

Anonymous said...

12:01 Bozo

No one has commented since Aug 20

Give it up already

Anonymous said...

tony had a sexual conversation with a woman on the internet and it became public.

voters who don't use facebook won't know the difference. the above sentence is all they will know.

I also find it interesting that tony met a non-voter in a restaurant outside of the city. why not spend his time with voters in the city. just a thought. even if he spent 15 minutes with you, that could have been 3 doors he knocked on. this campaign is done.

Bernie O'Hare said...


Because Bill White uses the term "set up," that makes it right? I did not know you considered him the final authority on truth. I'm sure he'll be delighted to know that.

As you've previously agreed, the use of the term "set up" implies guilty behavior. But Tony did nothing wrong, so the correct way to refer to this is by stating that someone tried to undermine him. I was using the term "set up" myself, and it was actually an ET reporter who corrected me. She's right.

As far as suggesting that I tell Bill White about his poor choice of words, the implication there is that I'm some snotty know-it-all. The reality is that you're peeved about being corrected for a poor choice of words instead of objectively reflecting on what I myself was told. I can't help you with your personal issues.

As far as the political damage that will be caused by the stunning revelation that Tony Phillips has a libido, I will leave that to political experts like you, who did so well in your own race against Pawlowski just four years ago. I may be wrong, but suspect Tony may exceed the vast number of votes you garnered. But if he needs any advice on strategy, I'm sure you'll be the first person he calls.

And is Tony a victim? Absolutely. That's very clear from what "Delores" posted herself. She set out to undermine him. The question is why? Is she an ex, a whack job, or is she connected to the Pawlowski campaign? That's the real story. The revelation that Tony likes sex pales in comparison to the motives of those who have attempted to undermine him. And this is not the first time. It's happened before.

You might call him foolish for trusting a woman he barely knew to keep a private conversation to herself. But he would not be the first man who was fooled by a woman.

You might chide him for using the Internet to meet people, even though my son met his wife that way. Perhaps you'd prefer him to troll some seedy bars.

As far as the accusation that I'm trying to sell something is concerned, I state what I think. I defend my positions. I don't care whether they differ from others. But I have nothing to gain personally by any of my arguments.

Bernie O'Hare said...

"I also find it interesting that tony met a non-voter in a restaurant outside of the city"

Don't be silly. The meeting was for this blog, which is read by people who live in the city. I also think that area is still Allentown. By your goofy reasoning, Tony should ask only speak to new media or MSM if they reside within the city. That's nutz.

Alan Earnshaw said...

Anon 7:30 am said:

"City/County GOP is a joke!!! Phillips is all they have???, cannot even muster 4 to run for council."

Unfortunately, both parties have had difficulty raising candidates, qualified or not. Just look at the state legislator races: Doug Reichley did not have a Democrat opponent in either of the last two races. Karen Beyer and Julie Harhart did not have Democrat opponents and Steve Samuelson did not have a Republican opponent last year.

If the parties can't field a candidate for an office as important as state legislator, it's no wonder they can't find candidates for city council or mayor.

Anonymous said...

That part of Catasaqua Rd. has an Allentown mailing address but is actually Hanover Township.

Bernie O'Hare said...

So as I understand, an Allentown mayoral candidate should only meet bloggers or reporters inside the city limits. And the bloggers must be Allentown residents, too.

michael molovinsky said...

bernie, you try too hard. don't compare my campaign in 05 as an independent spending only a few bucks with major party candidates who get arm jerk partisan votes. for someone who uses the term non sequitur so often, you seem to reach very far out. bernie, i'm not peeved because you said i used a term wrong(set up) i'm annoyed because you babble on and on trying to discredit a difference of opinion with semantics. since you did question my political expertise, let me state that tony's biggest campaign contribution came from the merchants on hamilton street, who i attempted to help, tony wasn't there. tony's blog points to resident dissatisfaction with the park plans. despite tony being chairman of the park committee, he didn't say or do anything until i helped organize opposition. in short, his campaign in a large part has been financed and positioned more by my efforts than his own.
i'm glad your son found someone on the internet, but if tony was a little wiser he would have waited a few weeks before using that medium for his "libido".
i'm sure you will reply and babble on about my "personal issues", my use of non sequiturs and no i don't think you're a know it all, you do.
bernie, the problem isn't that i'm disappointed in tony; the blogosphere won't effect the election; the problem is he has to bring more to the table than apologies for inappropriate behavior

Bernie O'Hare said...


I have not reached at all.

I've corrected you for misusing a term, which you alternatively concede and deny, depending on whatever mood yopu're in.

Now you want to take credit for Tony's campaign contributions, too. Knock yourself out. You want to slam Tony for not being more vocal about Cedar Creek or LANTA when he was one of the few council members willing to actually listen to you. You would have had not forum at all to voice some of your concerns abiout Cedar Creek had he not scheduled the hearing you requested. But in the world of MM, only MM knows what is best for A-town. That's why TP will always be an inferior candidate in your eyes.

And Tony's big sin? He likes ... sex. What a shocking development! Thank goodness we have people like you who have no interest in sex at all. Praise the Lord.

Save your holier than thou routine for your own blog. It will be challenged here.

ironpigpen said...

I am Allentown resident

I am aware O'Hare is not a resident of city of Allentown

The fact O'Hare does not live in Allentown means what?

He is ineligible to comment?

Yeah, that almost makes sense...

Sanctifying Grace said...

I mean this jokingly.

Imagine what we would have discussed in the Clinton years if he didn't breach the subject of sex? We might of accomplished something?!

Peace, ~~Alex

Unknown said...

Bernie, and others,

I almost never defend a Republican, but I will just this once. I have known Tony for years, dating back to when he officiated one of my youth wrestling matches. I'm sad for him today, that someone did this to him. He's a person, of course he has failings. He hasn't lectured anyone about family values or anything, this man is no hypocrite. I would more than likely vote for the Mayor's re-election (I'm a Democrat and to be honest, I haven't paid attention much to this race), but I think it's sad that this is what politics comes to, blatant character hits by anonymous internet sources. This is no reason to cast your vote for or against anyone, can't we debate the actual job-based differences between these two candidates?

Anonymous said...

It is important to remember that e is a mancrush dishe games go on with semantics. Ohare hs savaged people and attacked others with far less than this. When his other mancrush Stoffa was running he used baseless attacks on all who considered opposing him.

Phillips displayed poor judgement pure and simple. He did it now and when he was with a prostitute in the park after dark. As ohare says to help save her soul. Can you imgine if pawlowski or Dertinger were caught like tht, do you think ohare would be so magnanomous.

Of course this was a set-up no matter how you parse it and dispite an Excess reporters great knowledge. Remember that Fleck is Paw's campaign manger and old Jim Hickey works with fleck on campaigns. Hickey is known to use this type of tactic in the pst on friend and fow alike.

I am surprised some are shocked by ohares take on this. His insanity has always been consistent.

Anonymous said...

It is true that Fleck is working the Paw campaign.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Fleck is Pawlowski's campaign manager. Jim Hickey might stick a knife in you, but he'd watch you as he twisted it instead of sticking it in your back. And he'd never attack someone anonymously like the coward who just attacked him..

Anonymous said...

maybe hickey would--but fleck is not above anything

Anonymous said...

continuted from above--

and given fleck record on honesty, if he says he had nothing to do with it, we know he did

Get In The Zone said...

Fleck has a demonstrated penchant for dumpster politics.

And he's damn near a college something or other.

Bernie O'Hare said...

I am no Fleck fan and agree that he has been unethical in previous races, to the point where he actually lied about being a college grad and his prior work experience. It's also true that he fleeced Archie Follweiler in the Kutztown state house race. But there is no evidence that links Fleck to Delores.

Anonymous said...

Then you really don't know Jim. He is a very skilled and smart guy and if you see the knife coming it means he screwed up.

Bernie O'Hare said...

He is very skilled and very smart and if he wants to fuck you up, he wants you to know that he fucked you up. Believe me, I know.

Anonymous said...

BO your blind hatred of Pawlowski has blinded you to the many flaws of Phillips. He is a weak candidate with no ideas, bad yard signs, and even worse judgement. He may be a very nice guy who was duped by an on-line barricuda, but that only accentuates his poor judgement. He should step up his attacks on King Edwin, articulate some positive changes for the city and start to campaign seriously if he really wants the job.

Otherwise, he should drop out now.

Sanctifying Grace said...


Correct me if I am mistaken, but I kind of remember something along these lines of procedural lingo regarding a law class from my undergradute's experience.

If a women posing as a prostitute, propostions a prespective solicitor, and the solicitor responds by asking, "How much?": he is commiting a crime. Although nothing took place, that conversation in itself is unlawful?

Although it is a far stretch, that is some of the communication problem that is being brought forth here.

Wheter it is a moral problem or not, depends on who is judging the matter.

But this whole online conversation doesn't carry with it the touchy topics of what is legally permisible with consenting adults. Instead this topic carries the stigmas of moral misconduct or behaviors that are not wanted in a person character that will hold public office.

It is a problem of a double standard. In D.C., we still have the whole fiasco of former Mayor and now Councilperson Marion Barry. His private life, especially as of recently is still a mess, both criminally and socially. But his constituents LOVE him.

In a small community as the Lehigh Valley, they are not ready to approach these subjects. They are not only voting on the abilities of the candidate, but also his reputation. And that viewpoint carries a narrower viewpoint - of good, clean, honest, and morally upstanding(ness.) For the community, this online chat carries negative conotations. It is there norm, value, social mores - that this subject is fighting against.

I know my posting doesn't make any sense. And it is too far-fetched. It is very loose and cannot tie up all of the loose ends.

I guess what I am trying to say, as a regular guy and as a student priest, if this man came to me for confession, and confessed what transpired as a sin; I think I would ask him what sin is he confessing to? I might say that he lacked bad judgment when talking about commiting sexual acts.

But then again, that would be priestly advice for a Catholic. And not advice for a public official. He may have commited political suicide, but almost virtually nothing he did was wrong.

Although, if there is or was a conspiracy to undermine this person; that is the real treason against our free society.

Sometimes evil has a subtle and unique way of introducing its tail into present.

Please help me with this. I welcome other people's opinions. Maybe I am missing a point or two or three here. Maybe you can shed more light on the situation for me?

Peace, ~~Alex

Anonymous said...

Politicians aren't allowed to have sex if they're single. It's in Leviticus right next to owning slaves and screwing your own daughter and having two wives. Pawloski showed it to me.

Anonymous said...

Bernie, you should post a post about how people suggest that a single unattached man running for mayor is supposed to date. What is the proper protocol? Is he supposed to go out to the fabulous clubs and hotspots that downtown Allentown offers? Seriously, what is he supposed to do? He chatted with a fake person who claimed to be married. Get the pitchforks.

Anonymous said...

Is sodomy illegal in PA?

Bernie O'Hare said...

Yes, unless you meet your date at the Brew Works. Then it's OK.

Midnite Joker said...

Bernski, (Because You MUST Be Polish)You dare DELETE my comment calling Ken Mathews a coward, because you don’t like me, but you attack the Fegley's and their business (Brew Works)by suggesting prostitution is a reoccurring theme...wow what a little man, you really are.

Anonymous said...

You don't really know Jim at all. I know of what I speak, oh I know.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Midnite Joker,

I deleted a series of Villa-related comments last night bc they were irrelevant. I would not have knowingly deleted a comment about Ken Matthews. I remember seeing it. I just chacked and you posted that comment on my post entitled Varkony: "Delores" Just Won't Go Away Now are you going to say you're sorry like a good little midnight joker?

Anonymous said...

this is delores.wow.there is motive w fb conver. there is more junk on tp. bernie ask him to really open up cuz the truth will be out soon. do urself a favor n do not back up this man unless u r nasty like him. stay tune.

Bernie O'Hare said...

The above comment at 6:25 AM, 9/12, was posted at the same time Villa was posting other smears here.

Anonymous said...

okay mr. b. like i said more to the story about tp n delores. ask tp. he will never open up n be honest but all will come out soon. i suggest u write on somebody who is positive role model. good luck cuz tp is gonna make a fool out of u not openin up.lol

Anonymous said...

I was a homeless street kid with a world of hurt and pain on my shoulders alone and scared no one to turn to im sitting on a bench on hamilton st when officer phillips approached me like a concerned parent and asks me why i was 18 and a girl on top of it when i told him of the horrible abuse i was suffering from by the hands of my own father he became more than just a beat cop he became my best friend that is his true character honesty compassion and respect as an adult nearly twenty years later i will never forget the hero he became to a scared and lonley girl thank you tony

Bernie O'Hare said...

Thanks for your comment. It hit me. But I doubt this is the kind of anonymous comment that will result in headlines.