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Friday, September 11, 2009

Stoffa Involved in Sex Scandal

It breaks my heart to bring you this story, but I'm a citizen journalist, damn it. Keep this away from your children.

Just two days ago, we were all shocked to learn that Allentown Mayoral candidate Tony Phillips chatted with a fake person who pretended to be married. On the heels of that stunning revelation comes the shocker that Northampton County Executive John Stoffa has actually had sex ... at least twice.

I first got suspicious when I noticed he has two children. His son, Jeff, looks just like him, too. So late yesterday afternoon, I confronted the Exec, who is trying to cobble together a budget.

At first, he tried to play cute.

"What the hell are you talking about?"

Well, as most of you know, I'm relentless and saw right through his charade. Oh, he tried to deny it, but I broke him.

"How do you explain the two kids, Stoffa?"

It turns out that not only did he have sex, but the little pervert actually enjoyed it. He even told me he's not the only elected official who likes a good time. It's a frickin' conspiracy.

Now I agree that Tony Phillips should withdraw from the mayoral campaign and be shot or electrocuted because, after an hour of temptation, he engaged in sexual banter with a woman. But that's nothing compared to Stoffa, who actually did the dirty deed. And to think I supported him. I feel so ... violated.

String 'im up.

Next week, I'll be telling you about Ron Angle's sick attraction to parakeets.

(Thanks for the photo).


Anonymous said...

Since YOU brought it up, Stoffa does have a histroy of telling off color jokes to women.

Of course you will deny it and have a hissy fit but check it out, you may be surprised at what you learn.

If you dare. Rmember you brought it up. Not a good topic to raise with John.

michael molovinsky said...

this post is meant as damage control for tony phillips. the sell is that tony is just a single, healthy man whose privacy was invaded.
reminds me of the chevy chase movie, vocation, when he was caught nude in pool with christy brinkley. he asks his son rusty if he believes his explanation, rusty says yes, but will mother?

Bernie O'Hare said...

Phillips is a city council member who actually listened to MM and attended his "Allentown Speak Out" events. For that, MM rewards Phillips in a mean-spirited post entitled "Stupid is as Stupid Does."M According to MM, Phillips nor only talked to a fake woman about sex, but is very stupid. He likes to kick guys when they're down. Phillips also accepted money from contributors who would have financed MM had he run for mayor, which is apparently also a No No.

The point in my post is to show just how silly people like MM have become.

Bernie O'Hare said...

MM, There's a sale on pitchforks at Home Depot.

michael molovinsky said...

bernie, the point of your post was transparent damage control for phillips. i criticized phillips on my blog the night of the committee park meeting about not doing enough. btw, since you're up so early, you may want to surf around the net, there is a indication as to who the "fake woman" might be. i won't mention the primary source, but you can follow the dot on urban renewal.

like rusty said to chevy, i believe you, but will the voters? i'm so silly

Anonymous said...

Here's a thought: If someone (or nobody) did in fact lure Tony into acting like an idiot, then "they" did us all a favor.

Bernie O'Hare said...


Yes, you are being silly. Mean-spirited, too. But knock yourself out.

Casey's charge is a very serious accusation.

Anonymous said...

bernie, this is just a sad attempt. I can't believe I agree with MM: Tony has never demonstrated either great political skill or keen intelligence. His heart is good, I'll grant. If he had any of these skills, he would have learned that the mere appearance with a female friend in a park after dark is viewed in less than stellar light and therefore ANYTHING involving relationships, sex or his jollies should be closely guarded and would be watched carefully. And his actions on the park have been pathetic. MM points out that Tony talks about organizing and letting council know how you feel. Donovan actually hears the crowd and does something about it. That illustration is what sets Tony apart... he's incapable of actually doing something.

This hurt Tony badly. What little the GOP support was going to do for him in Allentown is now gone. He's a man without a base. At a minimum, he comes off as a creepy middle aged man. At worst, he looks like a perverted dude who uses the internet for he jollies. Neither wins votes.

the most common voters in local elections are older voters who tend to view these kinds of events negatively. Joke all you want, Tony is badly damaged and likely just became a footnote in Allentown political history.

Buddy Jesus said...

As long as the Pawlowskis aren't screwing each other, I'm ok. That's an image I didn't need!

monkey momma said...

If Casey is right about his accusation, this will indeed be a big story. I honestly haven't checked "nobody's" blog in a long time, but last I saw, there was a big picture of Angie and Ed P standing side by side, smiling, in the Brew Works, I think. So....there's your Pawlowski link to the Tony debacle. I wonder how Pawlowski will feel about this revelation? How much does Chen Arts get from taxpayer funds, if anything? If Pawlowski is giving these blog trolls taxpayer money for their artisitic endeavors, I think a lot of folks are going to have a major problem with this connection. We'll have to see if the ISP address is, indeed, a match.

Of course, anonymous at 7:12 AM comment here pretty much confirms Casey's suspicions.

I am not opposed to internet dirty talk - I've never understood it, but whatever. What I am opposed to is having an IDIOT for a mayor of Allentown. Tony behaved like an idiot. There's just no way to excuse this type of stupidity from someone looking to take the helm of an entire city.

Bernie, you're really reaching to defend Tony on this matter. He "f'ed" up big time. Internet dirty talk is NOT private - you know better than that. Gosh, even my grade schoolers know that!! Nothing is private on the internet, just like nothing is private in a public park, even if it is dark. Tony has shown a serious lack of judgement here. And if he is so easily duped by our local town troll, who else is lining up to dupe him? Seriously...he could not look any more stupid.

And finally, I would like to add that internet sex is not what a lot of us would consider normal. It's not for me to say what folks should do in their private life, but I will admit to being a little grossed out by Phillips' own words. I suspect a lot of folks were weirded out by it. Count me among them. In my opinion, Tony has proven himself to simply be a dirty, horny, STUPID guy. And it's the STUPID part that should rule out a chance for him to be mayor.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Monkey Mama,

We'll agree to disagree re Tony.

Now let me talk about Villa.

So we all despise the guy. Someone obviously set out to undermine Phillips' candidacy. We all know that the Villas just love King Edwin. We all know they instigate anonymously here and on other blogs. So it must be them, right, especially since the Villa IP matches that of Delores.

Casey just put two and two together, and came up with five.

The allegations made against Villa are very serious and, in my view, false. I've just checked them out with an IT guy. I'll be talking to another one later today.

The IP, upon which Casey hands his hat, is one of AOL's proxy servers. It serves hundreds of thousands different accounts. That's the IP you get from an AOL email. You do not get the actual IP of the customer. To do that, you'd have to subpoena AOL, and even then, there is no guarantee.

Chances are that if I sent you an email from my AOL account, my IP might pop up as It is NOT accurate, and this is one of AOL's peculiarities.

If you do a google search, you'll see that IP used in any number of ventures, including a recent American soldier scam from ltgeneralstanley@aol.com .

Are we know to conclude that Villa must also be running this scam, too, posing as General Stanley?

See the link to a an attempt to scam someone from that IP: http://forum.419eater.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=171529&start=0

That IP also can be connected to an email from Mike Easley about casrburated engines.

Is Villa also known as Mike Easley?

As they like to say, a little knowledge is dangerous. Casey proved that, put he did not prove that Villa is Delores. Sorry.

Anonymous said...

Who cares who is mayor of the Queen City? Last person out of Allentown, leave the lights on for the wrecking crews.

michael molovinsky said...

bernie, this very complicated, and i know nothing about the technical stuff you just cited. i do know that casey didn't make an accusation against a specific person, but a sort of a vague suggestion as to whom it might be. i do know that you dislike casey as much as you dislike the other. and finally i do believe that you have in the past cited such isp numbers when comments were directed against you. as i said i'm completely uninformed about such technical matters, but would appreciate some clarification from you on the issues i raised.

Anonymous said...

Time 4 Mikey

A guaranteed 3% of the vote.

Anonymous said...

"kick guys when they're down"

Anonymous said...


Part 1: Overview

Part 2: George Usry

Part 3: Lucille White

Part 4: Still Duped By O'Hare?

Anonymous said...

if it is the villa's pawlowski will throw them under the bus. it's the nature of pawlowski to do so and it's convenient b/c they have such a horrible reputation. part of me hopes it is them b/c it would be a funny straw to break their last shred of credibility.

Chris Casey said...

Well, look outside, and see if Hell has froze over.

Bernie, a mutual blogger friend asked me to email the files with the headers to you. I have done so.

I respect their request and will honor their anonymity. They want all the blog stupidity to end, so I will pull a "Sadat" and go to Israel.

I have made no accusation, I only pointed out an incredible coincidence. I would like to hear what your IT expert has to say.

I will let you look at exactly what I had, and make your own decision. I stand by my statement that what happened to Tony was wrong, even if I did not respect him as a candidate. If we can figure out who is responsible, we should, because it appears the MSM is not all that interested.

Anonymous said...

Villa's had credibility to begin with?

There's BIG news.

Anonymous said...

I see Daily Ding-Dong has arrived already.

Must be having trouble finding something to make a sandwhich with.

Must be hard work, all the posting of the worthless links nobody cares about.

Take a vacation Anon 11:54

You earned it, plus the official end of summer is upon you.

Take advantage (something we all know you LIVE for, scumbag)

Bernie O'Hare said...

"bernie, this very complicated, and i know nothing about the technical stuff you just cited."

Agreed. It does not require a great deal of technical proficiency to reveal rthat Casey is mistaken. All you have to do is google search the IP casey uses. You can see for yourself it is assigned to numerous people bc it is an AOL proxy. But to be certain, I spoke to an IT person who confirmed this, noting that AOL in particular is almost impossible to track.

"i do know that casey didn't make an accusation against a specific person, but a sort of a vague suggestion as to whom it might be."

It was crystal celar to anyone but a moron that Casey was referring to Villa. He did not mention Villa by name, but decribed him in ways like this. "There is a certain blogger, who some think is a NOBODY." Those of us who frequent the blogospher know that Villa is frequently referred to as LV Nobody. This was Casey's cute little way of naming Villa w/o directly naming him. He implies it, and is just as responsible for what he writes about Villa as he would be if he directly named him. Uou hint around about that yourself in your 7:07 AM comment. Plus I have Casey's email from last night, which was forwarded to me.

"i do know that you dislike casey as much as you dislike the other."

Agreed. I dislike them both, so I have no reason to favor either one over the other.

"and finally i do believe that you have in the past cited such isp numbers when comments were directed against you."

I have not cited ISP numbers, but IP numbers. There is a difference between IP and ISP. I have never been able to use AOL to out someone, and I've used a site tracker to do that, not email. I've outed people who posted hateful comments anonymously, and some of them were directed at you.

"as i said i'm completely uninformed about such technical matters, but would appreciate some clarification from you on the issues i raised."

I think I've answered you.

Anonymous said...

BTW - I HAVE seen all your stupid posts.

Here's a constructive suggestion to improve your postings.


It will add diversity.

Bernie O'Hare said...


I have an am printing out the emails, which I will show to an expert this afternoon. I'm afraid you're mistaken. It appears they come from one and the same person but they do not because the IP in question is a proxy server for thousands of AOL customers.

Chris Casey said...


another has come forward with expert knowledge, and I have offered him the headers to examine, he gave me a completely different line to look at, he reads you, I would like him to email me so I could send them to him, or you could forward them.

I reiterate again that my main purpose is tracking down the source of the incident, and if the fire that I started smokes out the guilty party, I can live with it.

Anonymous said...

Dear Monkey Momma, anon 7:12 here:
My comment confirms nothing but that you have a serious imagination. WOWEE!
I have a bridge to sell you in Brooklyn. But you've already bought Mr. Casey's so maybe you're not interested.

Bernie O'Hare said...

I just spoke to the second IT guy from ACS at the county. I showed him the emails. He tells me the IP in both emails is one of AOL's proxy servers. it tells you that the mail definitely originates from AOL, but you do not know the specific customer behind that proxy server. he tells me the only way that can be established is by subpoena to AOL, and even there, a person could dodge being identified. So this matching IP is essentially a red herring and a dead end. It's one of those situations where it makes sense facially, but is still wrong. So that's pretty much the end of it w/o a subpoena, and no court would issue one bc the only thing you could show is that Delores and Villa have a common ISP. Sorry.

Anonymous said...

Im sure even the blue pill doesnt even work for him now. Looks like he has trouble just getting up out of bed.

Anonymous said...

O'Hare: what a hypocrite you are ... here's you pulling the exact same shit on Villa last August that Casey's trying to pull now ...

Ramblings, AUG 27, 2008

Bernie O'Hare said...


There is no doubt in my mind that statement was made by you or your wife. It's the same claim you've made publicly before, it is off topic, is a personal attack, and is made by someone using AOL as an ISP.

In other words, it's you.

Anonymous said...

You also called in a favor and manipulated this Mockery of Justice, w/ LESS EVIDENCE than Casey's currently "holding." Only Loyal Fans of Evil Sadism are fooled by you.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Hey Villa, if you'd like to admit Casey has enough evidence to convict you beyond a reasonable doubt, be my guest. After all, that's what happened when you were prosecuted before.

There is proof in the form of IPs and ISPs, but there's another kind of proff, a way that you comment that makes you easily identifiable to most people following this thread, even w/o an IP tracker. As the good sister said, "I have my certainty." Sometimes, that's enogh.

Anonymous said...

"beyond a reasonable doubt..that's what happened when you were prosecuted before."

Nothing of this sort happened and you know that. So does D.J. Masut. And Morganelli.


Anonymous said...

"I have my certainty." Sometimes, that's enogh."-O'Hare

Only in Wind Gap before D.J. Adrianne L. Masut is "your certainly" sufficient.

Be sure to try this "I'm certain" strategy in front of the NorCo Common Pleas Judge who hears Villa's appeal.

Anonymous said...

O'Hare, go ahead and delete my comments and disable furthr commenting. Casey does that too.

Sanctifying Grace said...

I know everyone has their differences (myself included) but you guys (and gals) do not know how happy it makes me to see that their is a bit of civility to everyone's tone. I am happy to see that you are all pooling your resources together to work to a conclusion. I know there is more progress to be made, but you don't run up the hill all at once. One step at a time.

My prayers are seemingly getting answered in the positive.

Peace be with all of you, ~~Alex

Anonymous said...

Delores Revealed

Anonymous said...

Alex, F.U.

Anonymous said...


Giving a priest the F-bomb.

Tsk, tsk.

Anonymous said...

Interesting ...

Best computer minds in South Korea can't catch their cyber villains ...

but a Nazareth blogger and a Wind Gap Magistrate somehow pull it off


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

So what is the deal with Stoffa and this sex theme. Is there a hidden message in all of this.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Anon 5:23, My not so hidden message is that if a political candidate can be tarred and feathered for talking about sex in what he thinks is a private conversation, then publicly elected officials who actually do the dirty deed should be drawn and quartered.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Folks, I usually delete Villa's crap as soon as I see it, but let it up today bc I was a little busy and he was, after all, part of the topic of discussion.

The grace period ends now, and his comments will be deleted.

I also want to be clear about something else. Casey was unable to establish that Villa is Delores via that IP, but I'll be honest and state that Villa should be high on anyone's suspect list. He has both the motive we all can plainly see he has lost all integrity. He was recently playing around w/ F/B for some reason, and mentioned several of my F/B friends, including Tony Phillips.

The conversations between "Delores" and Phillips took place on 8/28 and 8/29.

On August 28th, the first night of the F/B conversation with Phillips, Villa suddenly mentions, for the first time, that I have 462 F/B friends. He claims most of them are Internet call girls, but then proceeds to list several of these F/B friends by name, including Tony Phillips. He is upset that these folks will give me the time of day.

On 8/29, the second day of these F/B conversations, Villa makes this comment. "I confess: I'm Facebook illiterate. Other than okaying friend requests I have no idea how Facebook works. I do know this: yesterday I was able to examine all 462 of O'Hare's Facebook friends but today I can't get there."

On 8/28 and 8/29, the same time as the Phillips conversations, he was scouring my F/B friends, including Phillips. And on 8/29, until late in trhe evening, he and his wife were busily posting comments until late in the evening, very uncharacteristically.

So Villa should be very high on anyone's suspect list.

Sanctifying Grace said...

3:47 PM and 4:19 PM,

Thanks for the votes of confidence!

I will be praying for all of you.

Peace, ~~Alex

Volvo Driving Soccer Mom said...

I have restored the links between our blogs. I am going to go along with the whole be civil and let bygones be bygones stuff.

Sanctifying Grace said...

May the Peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you!

Many times we don't hear a response. But our prayers are being answer by God. He is just saying, "No!"

But in these instances my prayers are being answered. And God is saying, "Yes!"

May you seek to gather and garner more faith in The Lord! I am thrilled to see all of us progressing to and embracing civility.

May the Peace of The Lord rest and remain with you! ~~Alex

Chris Casey said...

Alex, as someone who attended a 4 year all boys catholic High School, I appreciate your commitment to your vocation.
I encourage you to keep praying. It hasn't hurt.

I only wanted to see if Volvo Mom's link actually worked. sometimes she can be funny that way.

Anonymous said...

Angry Priest it is good to see you doing actual priest work. Maybe you can make a habit out of helping and not just parroting the ohare hate.

Sanctifying Grace said...


I always pray for you, too. I pray that you have enough courage to make a stand for yourself in this world. And not to hide behind others. But to come out into The Light and shine. Hopefully, you will identify yourself so we can talk further. But until then, I'll will keep on praying for your conversion.

Peace be with you, ~~Alex

Sanctifying Grace said...

Thank you for the words of encouragement Mr. Casey. There is a great deal of work to be accomplished. I am proud of all of you.

Onwards and upwards!

Peace, ~~Alex

Unknown said...


You have the much better gig covering Northampton although I am working on a breaking rumor that links Pip the Mouse and Ferrous the Pig in some sort of deviate triangle.

Anonymous said...

There are stories about Stoffa often telling off-color jokes to women he worked with.

Bernie O'Hare said...

That's just horrible. Take him out and have him shot.

Anonymous said...

It is degrading to women.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Yeah, and posting a pic of Humpty Hump is racist. Come back when your pills are working.