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Monday, September 14, 2009

Delores Strikes Again!

Last week, Allentown mayoral hopeful Tony Phillips may or may not have been damaged by the revelation that he - a single man - had a titillating online conversation with a "woman" named Delores. One thing is certain; he sure got a lot of free publicity. When details of this private, mostly banal, conversation were posted on the Internet by Delores, we all went a little nutz. The Morning Call published two front-page stories (here and here). It was also a top story on Channel 69.

Some people inside Tony's inner circle, like campaign manager Ken Matthews, ran like a rabbit being chased by my grandson's dog. After all, Ken goes to Life Church. LC Republican Chair Bill Platt also threw Tony under the bus, telling blogger Pam Varkony, "We can't force Tony Phillips out of the race".

Outside this inner sanctum, the views are less charitable. Morning Call columnist Bill White concludes Tony "behaved like an idiot." And Michael Molovinsky, who has humbly anointed himself the Queen City's "shadow mayor," questions Tony's intelligence.

Now that we've all had time to settle down and let the facts sink in, it appears that an as yet unidentified person deliberately set out to sabotage Tony's campaign. Shortly after this story erupted, "Delores" appeared on Craigslist as the "clean up woman," gloating over the damage she caused. And on Saturday night, while trolling Facebook for single politicians, "Delores" found time to post this "victory get together (allentown)" announcement.

"this is delores and i am inviting everyone who has read article on mcall about tp to join me in victory get together. this will be held after election in nov. press welcome and anyone who wants to know who delores is and why. looking for suggestion to where it should take place in allentown pa. any business who would like to spon. can email delores4u2@aol.com and those who will be attending. need to know how many are attending. thank you."

So who is Delores and what is her motive? That's the real story. Obviously, it could be someone inside the Pawloski camp, although that has been strongly denied. It could be a woman scorned. It could be someone inside the Allentown Police Department who is still angry at Tony's civil rights litigation from his time as a cop. You see, Tony was bothered by cops goose-stepping around headquarters with swastikas. He never saw the humor in cutting off a black baby doll's head and attaching it to the steering wheel on Tony's cruiser. Those rascals may be playing another joke. It could be some femme fatale who feels Tony failed to give her the attention she deserved. It could even be TrollVilla, who threatened as recently as last night to destroy local pols who talk to me. "[H]opefully they'll see our message about us calling out (and ruining politically, as best we can) any/all politicos who continue to yuk it up w/ O'Hare in the local blogosphere as if O'Hare is a credible source (or destination) for anything."

The LVPoliblog has tried to establish lines of communication with Delores. Me, too. In an email from "Delores" today, she hints she may meet me. We'll see. If we do meet, I have to scrounge up a wizar'd robe and hat somewhere. I told her I'm a Druid. I had a long chat with her today. It went something like this.

Delores: Hi
Councilman Ron: hello
Councilman Bernie: who is this?
Delores: just a someone?
Councilman Ron: A someone I know?
Delores: nope
Councilman Ron: Then why the hell are you bothering me?
Delores: well sorrrrrry
Delores: I just wanted to chat with you
Councilman Ron: why?
Delores: nevermind your an jerk
Councilman Ron: Hey wait a minute
Delores: yes?
Councilman Ron: look I'm sorry. I'm just a little paranoid
Delores: paranoid?
Councilman Ron: yes
Delores: of what?
Delores: me?
Councilman Ron: No. I'm in hiding.
Delores: LOL
Councilman Ron: Don't fucking laugh at me!
Councilman Ron: This shit is serious!
Delores: What are you hiding from?
Councilman Ron: The cops.
Delores: gimme a fucking break
Councilman Ron: I'm serious.
Delores: I don't get it
Councilman Ron: The cops are after me.
Delores: For what?
Councilman Ron: I'm wanted in three states
Delores: For???
Councilman Ron: It's kind of embarrasing.
Councilman Ron: I had sex with a turkey.
Councilman Ron: Hello?


Anonymous said...

Well one mystery solved. Based on her invitation, Dolores is obviously illiterate so she's a local.

Anonymous said...

Ron Angle?

Anonymous said...

Bill Villa?

Anonymous said...

Obviously illiterate - so therefore local.


Public schools at their finest?

ESOL gone wrong?

Anonymous said...

Pawlowski certainly could dig into his bag of Chicago "Dead Fish Emmanual" style dirty tricks IF he needed to. He doesn't. He could (and will) beat Tony Phillips 3 to 1 blindfolded without use a free luxury dealership loaner car.

My guess is that Delores is someone who knows and hates Tony and wanted to embarress him.

Anonymous said...

Anon 856 is right. Pawlowski is a smart man, he has no need at all to take this kind of chance.

The Banker

Bernie O'Hare said...

I have little regard for Pawlowski as a mayor, and he is the person behind the dirty smears at Lou Hershman. But even I would agree it is highly unlikely that he had anything to do with this.

Anonymous said...

Pawlowski is an idiot who leaves no bad deed undone in his quest for power and control. Put nothing beyond him. He needs to make certain that even with all his public faults, no one wants to vote for his opponents. He loses sleep over the mere possibility that he will not get his $90,000 reward for the hard work he already did. This guy is as meglomaniacal as Heydt, as stpid as Afflerback, and as currupt as Blagojevich. Nothing is beyond his reach when it comes to preserving his status, even Delores.

Anonymous said...

Think we saw Delores at the MTV awards.

Anonymous said...

...as currupt as Blagojevich. Nothing is beyond his reach when it comes to preserving his status, even Delores.

9:13 AM

But Pawlowski doesn't have his hair.

Anonymous said...

"But Pawlowski doesn't have his hair."

Anonymous 10:18 AM

Is that the level of dialogue you aspire to? You took the time to post such a stupid and meaningless remark. You are truly pahetic and you bring down the level of credibility of blogs for those of us who contribute meaningful and relevent information. Please grow up.

Anonymous said...

Please grow up.


The Moral Authority, I presume?


Highly doubtful.

BTW - it is spelled PATHETIC

What was that about credibility???

Anonymous said...

Sorry 12:29

Please continue with the part about meaningful information.


Anonymous said...


Part 1: Overview

Part 2: George Usry

Part 3: Lucille White

Part 4: Still Duped By O'Hare?

Anonymous said...

There is no Moral Authority on this blog and there never was. Moral Authority on a blog that praises Ron angle.

Glenn beck will be head of the NAACP before you get morality here.

Anonymous said...

No Moral Authority?

So who is ANON 12:29, other than somebody who needs a dictionary?

Anonymous said...
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