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Friday, September 18, 2009

More Outrageous Claims About Tony Phillips

"The evil that men do lives after them,
The good is oft interred with their bones."

As Tony Trashers continue to dance on his grave, another woman has anonymously come forward with wild allegations about Allentown Mayoral candidate Tony Phillips.
I was a homeless street kid with a world of hurt and pain on my shoulders alone and scared no one to turn to im sitting on a bench on hamilton st when officer phillips approached me like a concerned parent and asks me why i was 18 and a girl on top of it when i told him of the horrible abuse i was suffering from by the hands of my own father he became more than just a beat cop he became my best friend that is his true character honesty compassion and respect as an adult nearly twenty years later i will never forget the hero he became to a scared and lonley girl thank you tony
When "Delores" made her anonymous smears, they quickly became front page stories. But the Poet is right. This abused child's hero will be quickly forgotten. People who quickly swallowed Delores' salacious story, will question every syllable of this anonymous tale.


michael molovinsky said...

bernie, perhaps you should emphasize that this comment was made to an old post on your blog early some morning, not the MSM it's unclear to me exactly which day it was submitted, could you clarify that? you should also elaborate on the fact that a reporter did eventually make contact with "delores", while the "testimony" here was never verified, not even by you. your attempt to put the "claims" on the same plain is blatant public relations, unworthy of your journalist aspirations.

Anonymous said...


I lifetime of good works and deeds can be quickly undone through slanders, slurs and false accusations. This is routine in this town and other places when one takes on the power structure. Tony made a big mistake to play into it.

Scott Armstrong

Chris Casey said...

I am not a Tony apologist, but I do not doubt that there are people whose lives he made a positive impact on.

The problem is that the bad stuff is what everyone wants to hear or read, and it gathers all the attention true or not.

Same for the good stuff, nobody wants to read that, because IT IS BOOOORRRRINNG!

At this point I think it is piling on. The guy screwed up bad, everybody sees that. What's the point in beating him some more?
I don't see the purpose in kicking him any further.

michael molovinsky said...

scott and chris, in all due respect it goes without saying that tony has done much good in his service to the city, both as a police officer and as a city councilman, etc. but the issue here on this posting is bernie spinning a story.

the northampton district attorney yesterday stated that the statue of limitations expired on the assault situation involving tony and 'delores'. tony admitted the altercating to police at the time. the issue here is that o'hare ignores these facts and promotes the notion that all this is a fabrication by a scorned woman. recently he said if tony hurt her he would condemn him, but instead chose to ignore that there is no "if" involved. o'hare interchanges propaganda and journalism as it suits his agenda.

Anonymous said...


You're losing all your credibility on this one.

In the past you have taken facebook post of local politians and used it to slam them and mock them, yet when someome takes a facebook chat of someone you like and uses it against them, you cry for privacy and personal lives.

In the past you have gone after other's problems with women as evidence of their character in political races.

If this story was about Joe Long, Ed Pawlowski, Ann McHale, Charles Dertinger, Mike Fleck or any of the other local pols you have a beef with you'd be screaming the loudest to crucify them.

Your starting to look like a hypocrite here, where the sins of those you like don't matter and the sins of those you do like are the only important thing.

If someone would make a comment on how any of the politians you dislike helped them or made a difference in their lives, I wonder how willing you would be to pull it out when they were under attack.

michael molovinsky said...

bernie has contradicted himself no less than three times on this story. first he said he would condemn tony if he was married; when it was revealed that tony was married at the time, he said maybe tony had an 'open marriage'. secondly he said that he would condemn tony is the elbow injury was factual, completely ignoring the confession to the bethlehem police and the agreement to pay the medical bill; he then mocked the $500 bill as too low for a true medical bill and suggested the whole incident was a fabrication. according to the morning call today, the incident was very real, but the statue of limitations has expired (by one month) finally, bernie compares some comment on his blog submitted at two thirty in the morning last week, with a now documented, by both reporters and police reports, situation. o'hare is apparently incapable of ever admitting his errors, even when the conditions he requires are met, he changes the conditions or denies them. very coincidental that the girl in bernie's story happens to read his blog. perhaps she will come forward, as delores did, and verify herself, then o'hare would have a real post, not a piece of fluff

Anonymous said...

Agree with MM. Bernie's been dancing poorly on this one. Few people are completely bad. This post indicates that Tony is not completely bad. We should strive to achieve a higher standard than "not completely bad." It's how we end up with awful choices like the one we'll face in November in A-town.

michael molovinsky said...

bernie, i see that you posted this blog at 3:00 am today. this " comment" on your post of last week, was it submitted last week or this morning?

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
LVCI said...

Bernie said... "who quickly swallowed Delores' salacious story"

What has emerged is some of her claims were verified through admissions Tony has made himself. As far as I'm concerned she has had her 15 minutes to make her case. Tony has stated his positions on them. At this point I see no point in dragging this out any further. He said/she said.

Tony may have strong personal character supporters in one column, but he still has old baggage going against him in the other.

What remains is a possible $9 million deficit in A-Town's budget. The REAL ISSUE is, If Tony were to have responded as quickly, as extensively and publicly to that and the Cedar Parkway as he did this, maybe he'd have more viability as a candidate to my way of thinking.

I don't know the guy personally. I'm not judging him on a personal level. But rather, Allentown already has an image problem. How does this help?

I don't see how vetting a candidate out is throwing someone under a bus. Fact is people want to know all about who will be representing them. People have been digging the dirt on Pawlowski for years. Should Tony be given a free pass?

On election day in November comes judgment day. That's when the people will be polled and I sure as hell don't want find out AFTER the election what should have been fully vetted BEFORE we made our decision.

The purpose of media and blogs is to present information. It's fine to lace that with opinions. But I simply don't see the need to take it personal when others express theirs. Bernie may have taken it as slamming mine. I did not take it that way. That's how you feel Bernie, I have no problem with that. MM has his... and that's fine too.

Where it becomes problematic is when we all start taking each other's views personally. Like I said... it's nothing personal against Tony. And it shouldn't be amongst one another either.

Bernie O'Hare said...

As predicted, every syllable of that story (which did come early this morning) is being questioned. In additon, I've now become the subject of increasingly personal attacks from MM. I will not dignify them with a response.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

I didn't see any personal attacks by MM. Facts were presented that can't be disputed. Bernie has clearly tired of his triangulation strategy and/or is running out of bullets. Admittedly, it is rhetorically exhausting.

michael molovinsky said...

bernie, there was no personal attack, and if so, certainly not as personal as you calling me mean spirited, likes to kick people when their down, has personal issues, etc.....

i just find it curious that this woman commented on your blog of ten days ago, when you have written others about tony since.

at any rate it appears to be another transparent attempt to minimize the damage to tony. you have conveniently chosen not to address your inconsistencies about tony having an affair as a married man, and also the injury to the women's elbow.

this is your fourth post on the incident. tony was contrite and apologized publicly, let him move on, unless you think you're smarter than he is?

Bernie O'Hare said...

MM makes a number of personal attacks. You want me to respond to this crap? This is my one and only response to MM.

1) It is very apparent to me why he is so insistent on dancing on Tony's grave. He intends to profit from it. As pointed out in a comment at LV Poliblog about a write-in campaign yesterday, "the only advantage of the new electronic voting terminals is the keyboard, making write-ins about 900% easier. m o l o v i n s k y"> How about g r a v e d a n c e r?

2) MM notes the "Delores" comment was posted at the Mcall. That's untrue. The private chat, which became the focus of so many stories, was not posted at the mcall site, but at "get satisfaction." It was quickly deleted as inappropriate there but became a front page story at the MC before we knew a damn thing about Delores. It was also posted at Craigslist.

3) an anonymous posting that is actually favorablty to Tony was posted here minuts after I received it. It is every bit as credible as the crap being spewed by Delores when we did not know she was Mararita. It's right up there at that high level of credibility. Last night's anonymous comment may even be more credible bc the writer is not looking for money and appears to have no motive. But it's inconvenient to MM's mayoral aspirations to give it any validity.

4) speaking of spinning, MM is doing precisely that with his "interpretation" of what TP told police years ago. I don't have the report. Does he? Yet there he is, claiming Tony admitted an assault. I doubt that very much. So far as I know, the woman may have attacked Tony and may not have been injured at all. Her broken elbow cost $500? What is she, a canary? Why were no charges filed? Please. I won't condemn him for something I just don't know or believe. I'll leave that to MM. Phillips has claimed that Delores has embellieshed and distorted what happened. I can believe that since we all know she couldn't even be honest about who she was.

Bernie O'Hare said...

5) With regard to the allegation that I am a hypocrite bc I have posted F/B exchanges, bullshit. I have taken F/B exchanges that have been made public or leaked to me to discuss political issues, not the private life of another person. Private lives should generally remain that way. I can see reasons to publicize even a private life under the right circumstances, but would not generally do so. If someone wanted to post a comment about how Joe Long had helped them, they could easily do it here. Unlike g ra a v e d a n c e r, I don't moderate my blog and generally only delete Villa and personal attacks. And I recently complimented Dertinger, who I do not support, for acting with integrity about a bid in Northampton County.

6) with regard to g r a v e d a n c e r's allegation that I've contradicted myself three times, bullshit. I would have condemned a married Edwin Pawkowski had he engaged in that F/B chat while married under the circumstances that Edwin Pawlowski is married. But I have no idea whether Tony Phillips was living at home or whether they were living together but in separate rooms or had an open marriage. I have no idea and tend to doubt he assaulted "Delores" bc no charges were filed despite a police complaint. Police take those allegations very seriouisly in bethlehem.

7) and most annoying, MM (g r a v e d a n c e r) even suggests I made up the story from this anonymous girl. "very coincidental that the girl in bernie's story happens to read his blog." At the time this comment was made, I was just finishing up a series of posts for today, was tired and wanted to go to bed. I already had plenty to write about and don't make shit up or post anonymously. Had I wished to fabricate this story, I would have done it at a more convenient time.

Instead of talking about my agenda or journalistic aspirations, perhaps we should be looking at g r a v e d a n c e r's mayoral aspirations. If anyone has an agenda, it's him.

Now if anyone wishes to challenge my opinion, that's fine. Let me have it. But if g r a v e d a n c e r wants to continue to slam my integrity, I suggest he do so on his own blog.

Alan Earnshaw said...

Maybe it's just me, but some of the comments from both Michael and Bernie feel like personal attacks.

First, Michael:

"o'hare interchanges propaganda and journalism as it suits his agenda."

"o'hare is apparently incapable of ever admitting his errors"

Now, Bernie:

"He intends to profit from it."

"MM (g r a v e d a n c e r)"

Perhaps it's time to admit that none of us is perfect, that we all post comments that we probably shouldn't, and that we're a stronger online community when we work together instead of wasting our time and energy taking potshots at one another.

Chris Casey said...

Last week I received an email from someone whowill remain anonymous, while their message to me will not.

"The blogs in the Lehigh Valley would all be stronger if you respected one another. Stop with the petty bull shit sniping and admit you were wrong.

You made it personal Chris, make your apology personal. Argue the position, not the person behind it."

I saved that email, and I read it a couple of times before doing the right thing.

Chris Casey said...

I respect the right of both MM and BO to have their positions, whether I agree with them or not. I hope we can nip this in the bud before it gets to the stupidity point I once reached. That's all I will say about it, thanks guys.

michael molovinsky said...

bernie, your supposition that i'm attacking tony because i want to run as mayor is absurd, i'm defending myself from your bashes (i did amuse myself with my comment on poliblog about write in candidates, nothing more)

i wrote a post about phillips (stupid is as stupid does) and you attacked me, repeatedly in several posts.
your double talk about pawlowski/phillips
difference in regard to playing while married is just that, double talk. actually until this story broke, the public didn't even know that tony was divorced, he seems to have obscured that fact as candidate. same with the elbow injury. the bethlehem police/northampton da said the time limit expired, they didn't dispute the incident.

as far a slamming you on your blog, vs. mine, i printed your comment on my moderated blog, while you seem to be threatening deletion of my comments. you think your smarter than most others, you think your integrity is more important than others, i don't

alan, there is a history here; bernie has gotten away with bashing people who disagree for a long time, he claims people are off topic, their point is a non sequitur, or an attack. if you didn't notice these inconsistencies and tactics, perhaps you haven't been victimized by them as yet, i have

michael molovinsky said...

chris, do you feel that my post called "stupid is as stupid does" last week was because i wanted to wage a write in campaign or dance on tony's grave? dance on tony's grave? that's a little harsh treatment for my blog, wouldn't you say. who's being attacked?

Anonymous said...

the goofy factor in the blogosphere is amazing. we have one blogger who is a troll to everybody (villa). We have one blogger who seems to be more interested in being mayor (MM). We have another blogger who develops mancrushes that prevent him from seeing the weaknesses in his mancrush (o'hare). We have a guy that seems to go nuts every 30 days or so (casey). We have wingnuts (hillard). We have whiners (armstrong). We have a professor who lectures to us (donovan). we have the man who has created a battle of the titans (allentown liker, who, to his credit, will admit he's nuts). The list could continue, but there is one common thread: you are all crazy and the smart people, stay the hell away from you b/c there is nothing they can do to avoid the poison that you hoist on other people.

Bernie O'Hare said...

My most recent comments about MM are certainly personal shots. They are responding to his. It's called self defense. But I am only posting once in answer to MM. His follow up comments are an attempt to continue this unnecessary and counterproductive tit for tat.

I've already asked him to do it on his own blog. Now I'll tell him that additional comments from him on this thread will be deleted.

LVCI said...

Bernie said, " I don't have the report. Does he?".." there he is, claiming Tony admitted an assault. I doubt that very much."

No.. what we do have is Jarrett's reporting that we only have Tony's own words for it when he talked to the police and said... " Phillips told police he was ''romantically involved'' with Lopez and that she was physically aggressive with him and then he pushed her to the floor, according to police reports. He also told police he would pay her medical bills.

I'm not getting involved in this dispute, but felt this should be clarified. Now whether we want to accept Jarrett's article as a factual account.. that is another matter.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Anon 1:57, Yet herre you are. Giess you are not one of the smart people.

I spend a lot of time and energy trying to keep people informed locally. I have my personal biases and will readily admit them. I've never pretended to be anything other than what I am. But I always try to get my facts right, and this blog is an honest product. I have every right to react when my integrity is challenged, especially by MM, who knows better.

Incidentally, your persistent use of the word "mancrush" suggests you must have a few biases of your own.

LVCI said...

Historically, laws treated the threat of physical injury as "assault", and the completed act of physical contact or offensive touching as "battery," but many states no longer differentiate between the two.

Bernie O'Hare said...

LVCI, There is nothing in Jarrett's account that leads me to conclude there was an assault. If someone attacks you and you push the person away, that is NOT an assault. That's why Tony was never charged. Bethlehem police, and many of our local police departments, take allegations of domestic abuse quite seriously.

Bernie O'Hare said...


In Pennsylvania, assault includes the battery. In Pa., a person is guilty of assault if he attempts to cause or intentionally, knowingly or recklessly causes bodily injury to another. Even if there is mutual consent, it is an assault.

Police filed no chargess. I do not have the police report. From everything I've read, I'm unable to conclude that Tony was guilty of assault. It seems more like self-defense, pushing someone away who launches an assault herself.

Chris Casey said...

I don't think Mike wants to be mayor. I think you have to be crazy, and i don't think he is.
As for who is attacking who, in the words of the great prophet Rodney king: "can't we all just get along?'

by the way, I go off my meds on a trial basis every six months, not every 30 days.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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ironpigpen said...

This is not directed at either MM or BO - I visit both of your places and I agree with both of you sometimes and disagree with both of you sometimes.

I believe Chris Casey has brought up a good point.

People just kick the hell out of each other at blogs. Over EVERY subject under the sun, too.

Now, I have taken shots and received them as well and that's that. I am an old hockey player and bumps and bruises will occur.

It DOES seem (and I am not pointing finger at BO blog or MM blog AT ALL) sometimes as if...


I have to admit, if someone swings their stick at me, I will swing back. Period.

Chris Casey's point that NOBODY wants to read good news because it is boring --- I can prove THAT with our blog stats.

Sex and dirt sell. Everyone knows that.

As for 'shit sniping' and his email, I am glad Casey shared his experience.

I will share mine --- I am thrilled the playoffs are almost done and I have learned not only A) it's a forutnate thing I have a real job and B) it's fun to watch OTEHR PEOPLE go at it for a while but, most importantly, C) hockey players who fight during a game usually end up in the same bar drinking together after the game.

The greatest lesson I learned this year was that with the blogosphere, no one ends up clanking glasses together EVER, or so it seems.

I would imagine people only end up just twice as pissed off sometimes. I know I do sometimes. How about the rest out there or am I the only one?

Bah, who cares. Season is almost done. Hooray.

I can honestly say I did NOT have a whole lot of fun blogging this year. I forgot how people basically suck. But now I remember and am feeling better now.

Hey, live and learn. I put up the time but my brother put up the money so he is more of a loser, I am pleased to report!

BO and MM --- you guys should be made to sit and have a drink together, if only soda, tonight.

THEN you guys can go back to kicking the crap out of each other tomorrow, like any two self-respecting hockey players on different teams would.

Hockey is more civilized than it is given credit for.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

bernie, you accuse MM of dancing on Tony's grave. I'm thinking that if there is any grave defiling going on it is you trying to raise the dead candidacy from the grave.

some dead things just need to be left dead and buried. a candidate that ran a poor campaign and then had a mini-sex scandal is one of them.

just let it be. it's over. now, if we catch ed with an underaged intern, we can raise tony from the dead again.

ironpigpen said...

ANON 4:29

Lied about what?

This should be good...

ironpigpen said...

ANON 4:29

Are you a racist or something?

Bernie O'Hare said...

Listen, someone anonymously published a comment on my blog last night that shows Tony's good side. Since so many had such a grand time trashing the guy, I thought it might be worth posting something nice about him, and from a source just as credible as the one that resulted in two front page stories.

As I predicted at the time, every syllable would be challenged. And that's precisely what happened. In fact, my own integrity was attacked. I tried to ignore that, but decided to defend myself.

This is a popular blog, but I don't write it to be popular. I try to tell the truth as I see it. I do not have the training of a journalist, so my opinions will be evident. But I have no agenda. That's the way I blog and will continue to blog.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

This was clearly entrapment. Is Delores on this thread. I see an awful lot of MMs listed here. It all went downhill for with a few mmmmmm’s

Anonymous said...

ohare has deleted a ton of comments that support delores points. It is not all Villa.

Anonymous said...

Some guys get more ass than a rental car. Hey now.

Bernie O'Hare said...

I've deleted mostly Villa and a few personal attacks that are inevitable when minority opinions are expressed. Last night, I was called quite a few names and was in a less tolerant mood than usual. This is one of the few blogs left that allows unmoderated commments. Even when I delete, chances are the comment will be seen by some.

If you want to complain about comments, you should start wth the blogs that require approval in advance.

Chris Casey said...

Hey Pigpen, just wanted to say i would be gald to share a beer with you, as long as you don't mind that I am a lifetime Indians fan.

ironpigpen said...

Oh, that can't be a problem,

The Cleveland Indians and the Lehigh Valley IronPigs never play each other!


Bernie O'Hare said...

Give it time.

ironpigpen said...

Are you implying the Cleveland Indians are so bad that they will, like professional soccer everywhere in the world except MLS, be relegated to AAA after a bad season one day?

Interesting thought.

Let us compare soccer (as well as hockey and basketball) in Europe and South America to professional sports in America.

Finish last in the First Division and you are guaranteed to play in the Second Division next season.

You are guaranteed to see all your star players split (who all have escape clauses in their contracts that say if the team drop out of top flight they can go).

And, all of a sudden, you can't promote the stars of the First Division coming to town to contest next season's schedule. So, attendance is all but guaranteed to suffer.

This will directly affect cash intake, which will affect ability to buy new players to replace departed stars. (Trades or "player swaps" are rare - teams usually get new players from outright purchase).

To pile on, advertising revenue will most likely take a hit because everyone wants to advertise with First Divison clubs.

And, of course, there is the television money. No First Division type-cash because the team will be, obviously, not be there.

In Italy, the BOTTOM FOUR CLUBS (out of 18) "do the drop" automatically at the end of the year.

Needless to say, games at the end of the year involving clubs in the "danger zone" are dramatic and exciting.

Here in America - well, right about now ALOT of Major League Baseball clubs are "playing out the string". How exciting is that?

Contrast Italy Serie A to the National Football League.

Finish last in the NFL and you get what - A REWARD - the first round draft pick!

According to the E/SA system, in 2008 the Lehigh Valley IronPigs would have been relegated out of the AAA International League to the AA Eastern League AND the Reading Phillies would have been pushed out of AA to A+ ball.

The big and powerful European clubs have farm teams, too, in their countries' lower leagues. But, if their farm teams win their league (it happens) and are eligible for promotion, the big clubs intentionally do not fill out required paperwork for promotion so the farm team does not end up in the same league as big club!

As for Cleveland, three former IronPigs (Carrasco, Donald, Marson) are serious candidates to be Indians in the next season or two.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

As a kid, I remember watching a grainy newsreel showing Rapid Robert Feller throwing a fastball along side a running horse to indicate the pitch's speed. Too bad Steinbrenner never acquired his hometown team. Things might have been different at the mistake on the Lake over the past 30 or so years. At least the river doesn't burn anymore.

ironpigpen said...

What would have happened to the Cleveland Indians if Ohio boy Steinbrenner got a hold of them?

Steinbrenner bought his first sports team, the AAU's Cleveland Pipers, in 1960. In 1961 the Pipers joined the fledgling American Basketball League and, in doing so, made JOHN MCCLENDON (who Steinbrenner had hired) the first African-American coach in professional basketball history.

Steinbrenner apparently tried to buy the Cleveland Indians once upon a time, but we will get back to that...


Steinbrenner's dad went to Massachusetts Institute of Technology --- so did mine (my dad was pitcher and outfielder on MIT baseball team).

George went to tiny Williams College in Massachusetts --- so did my brother (no baseball, just rugby for him). They are both Ephs, whatever that would be!.

Say what you want about some of his policies (like the hair-cut stuff) or his illegal campaign contributions to Nixon --- but at least George WAS a competitor and WAS trying to win.

George always had the attitude of 'I pay my guys big money, I expect big results. I want championships'.

WHAT WAS SO WRONG WITH THAT? All my life, I had this job or that job. And, EVERYTIME, I had a list of requirements I was expected to meet if I wished to retain any given position. Amazing.

The audacity of employers!

My dad told me a long time ago, the more employer pays you, the more the employer will expect from you and that that is all very normal and justifiable.

And, most importantly, employers EXPECT results. If you can't deliver them, the employers will find someone who will. Nothing personal, just business.

Now, my dad is bona-fide conservative and would definitely throw in "breaking the law is never a means to an end" to qualify any statements with respect to Steinbrenner.

And, these days, I am sure many people (especially the younger generation) view Steinbrenner as a greedy pig capitalist (exploiting and robbing everyone along the way) who busted Reggie Jackson and Dave Winfield's chops because he is a disgusting, rude and racist Republican.

(Steinbrenner got in the face of white players, too, such as Goose Gossage or Don Mattingly - but surely those players deserved it. And manager Billy Martin was just a hot-tempered drunk, so, hey.)


...back to the Indians, whom Steinbrenner had tried to buy as part of a group from Vernon Stouffer in 1971.

With no success, so, a year later, Steinbrenner became major partner of a group of investors (including eventually famous / notorious automaker JOHN DELOREAN) that ultimately took the New York Yankees off the hands of CBS Broadcasting, Inc., who had the team since 1965.

Since 1973, the New York Yankees have won the World Series six times (1977, 1978, 1996, 1998 and 2000).

The Yankees also won the AL pennant a further five times (1976, 1981, 1999, 2001 and 2003).

Over that same period, the Cleveland Indians won the AL pennant twice (1995 and 1997) but claimed no World Series championships.

The last time the Cleveland Indians won the World Series --- 1948 (with BOB FELLER starring).



Do men make history, or does history make men?

("Men" here is defined as men AND women --- so get lost political correct clowns, take the circus and go pleasure yourself or something elsewhere. Personally, I have seen ENOUGH of the PC act - it's f---ing insulting AND very boring to boot.)

ironpigpen said...

Indians Hall of Famer Bob Feller is a great story, too.

Bob Feller is credited with being the FIRST MLB player to enlist in the Armed Forces, on December 8, 1941, after the attack on Pearl Harbor.

Feller earned five campaign ribbons and eight battle stars as a gun captain on USS Alabama.

How might Feller's career numbers been different if not for the WWII interruption of his career?

Where would he rank on the list of all-time greats if he had four more seasons (in his prime) worth of Feller-type pitching numbers?

Anonymous said...

This is all OT, but since you are not refuting ohare or pointing out Phillips issues it is allowed.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Last time I checked, this is my blog, not yours. Yeah, the comments are OT, but I like OT comments about baseball, especially when it is PigPen.

You are free to continue to refute me or condemn Phillips, and I am just as free to defend my positon.

I will not allow a continuation of the personal attacks and name-calling.

Anonymous said...

I tried posting a comment at Michael's blog last week. I was defending Bernie, but did not attack Michael. I told him I love him. Michael never posted my comment. Maybe it got lost somewhere and he never saw it, or maybe I botched it, but it's not on his blog.

I have never had a comment taken down here, even though I'm anonymous. I just avoid the personal attacks.