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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Jake Towne: Charlie Dent Won't Answer My Open Letters

Jake Towne is an independent candidate for Congress. He calls this the "Fighting Fifteenth" Pa. Congressional District for some reason. That might be a good name for a military unit, but a Congressional district? Does he picture us mounted on steeds, preparing to invade New Jersey, with him leading the charge across the Delaware? That's a little bizarre.

Towne is upset with LV Congressman Charlie Dent. The incumbent has declined so far to answer eight of Towne's lengthy open letters.

"I handed my latest letter to him, and must confess that I am exasperated. I am a citizen in his district, I have written eight (8) open letters and many more unpublished letters - many from before my candidacy even began. He has not answered a single one, even though I have taken the care to hand him paper copies of each open letter in person."

Open letters, by their very nature, are usually intended to publicize the author's position on an issue, as opposed to that of the recipient. Towne may be a constituent, but he also wants Charlie's job. Does he really expect Dent to draw attention to an underfunded challenger?

"Call me an optimist," Towne tells me.

Towne's most recent open letter suggests ways that Dent can improve transparency with online public feedback, monthly reports detailing positions on bills as well as office finances, online bill submissions for constituents drafting legislation and on-demand town halls. Jake tells Dent, "I am available for consultation either privately or publicly as I have spent a lot of time refining the idea and I have great ideas on the specifics of how this system should look like."


Anonymous said...

Who are we fighting? The idiots in the Stupid Sixteenth? or the buffoons in the Fumbling Fourth?

I hear that people from the Eleventh District call themselves the "Excellent Eleventh" and that they'll cut you real good if you enter their territory.

Anonymous said...

Dent should file a criminal complaint against Towne. Fightin' sounds like a threat. and so many letters? Harassment.

Jeff Stoffa said...

Can you say restraining order?

Anonymous said...

Who are we fighting? I don't know, maybe the people in Washington putting you and your children into debt for the rest of their lives to bail out failed businesses and Wall Street Execs while simultaneously taking your rights away one by one.

And, since when is it harassment to try and talk to your congressman to get answers on where they stand on the issues and make your voice heard? That's what you're supposed to do in a free country. Maybe if more people were demanding answers from their representatives instead of sitting home complaining to themselves about what goes on in DC we wouldn't have the problems we have now.

Anonymous said...

"Towne is upset with LV Congressman Charlie Dent. The incumbent has declined so far to answer eight of Towne's lengthy open letters."(Mr Towne's)
I would suggest, with humility, that Mr Towne grow up if he is to be a candidate for any office. A better question is, who is Mr Towne? Colloquially speaking, I ain't never heard of him.
Maybe if Charlie and the public knew who he is, he might be treated differently. Mr Towne at least have the courtesy to tell us who in the h*ll you are and what you have done to deserve an opportunity to run for a congressional seat.
Bob Romancheck

Robert said...

These comments are ridiculous... Maybe this is why Jake Towne is calling it the Fighting Fifteenth. Because we have to fight for our freedom and liberties not only against our elected officials but also against attitudes like this. So, now it is a criminal offense and harassment if you write letters to your congressman? First and foremost, Towne is a constituent. He deserves a response from his congressman, just as any other constituent does. Most Congressmen seem to forget that they are public servants. Dent owes him a response.

These comments here are a prime example of what we are fighting against. People who think that it is a crime and harassment to send letters to an elected representative. I, on the other hand, think it just proves that Dent is just another elected official who thinks that he is above us. Regardless of the question, Dent needs to respond to his constituents. He serves us. We do not serve him. He needs to remember that.

Robert said...

@ Bob Romancheck

Jake has been trying to get his name out there. It is not easy to go against a political fixture like Dent. I had the opportunity to meet Jake this past weekend. We spoke about numerous issues. He is very knowledgeable on all of the issues that we have discussed. He is a defender of freedom and liberty. He needs to be heard and needs to be given a chance.

You can find more information about Jake Towne on his website. http://towneforcongress.com/

Also, If you want to speak with him directly, i am sure that he would love to answer any questions that you have.

Bernie O'Hare said...


It is stupid for any politician, especially if he is Independent and already in a position to be viewed as a kook, to assign a name to a congressional district that sounds like a military unit. I shoud not have to explain that.

Towne is no mere constituent, but has been actively campaigning against Dent. While it would be nice if we could all sit down and discuss issues, doing so with Towne is bad politics. You expect Dent to just give his opponent more visibility? That's just nuts.

These are lengthy letters, and there are lots of them. They are open letters, which do not beg a reply. It's not like he's having trouble getting a passport.

Anonymous said...

Bad politics, perhaps. I am less interested in political strategy than I am in good and limited government.

I have confidence in Dent, but not so much that I hold him above answering a constituent, even one who is interested in Charlie's job.

This tends to make him look like the boxing champ that dodges the contenders.

Kind of like Cunningham's dealing with Ott.

Bernie O'Hare said...

It is analogous to the way Cunningham is handling Ott. It may be bad for democracy, but it is smart politics.

Terry said...

Oh please, are you really taking up for C. Dent in this? This is the problem in America today, these politicians don't think they have to answer to anyone. It looks to me like J. Towne is asking some pretty good questions of ole Dent and I'd like to know those answers myself. What is he afraid of? GIVING Towne more exposure? HA! Is he that big of a baby? Anyone who has met Towne, knows that he will never brush you away and that he truly is concerned about a)his district and b)our country. Sorry but Dent is going to have to sit this one out..he's not responding to the people? The people will not respond to him come Nov. 2010.
This link will provide you with any questions you have about Towne: TowneForCongress.com

not so casual observer said...

I have been at a townhall meeting where Congressman Dent spent time answering Towne's questions and had a lengthy discussion with him afterward. If Towne had come to the Republican COnvention in Northampton Borough he would have had the opportunity ti discuss matters with CHrlie Dent then, as did some other folks with "alternative views". You can jump on one of Dent's telephone town halls to ask a question. Mr. Dent is by far the most accessible COngressman I have ever seen.
This is PR manuever plain and simple. If mr Towne really wants to cahnge things I suggest that he start with local office and gain some experience in both public service and what it takes to win campaigns. Then run for a larger office. His tactics are juvenile and futile they will only hurt his future.

Bernie O'Hare said...

I'm inclined to agree with Not So Casual. I was at the Nazareth Town Hall, where Jake had a question, andf Charlies gave a detailed answer. I did see them speaking when it was over, too.

Anonymous said...

I'm guessing the Fighting Fifteenth is a reference to Stephen Colbert. He calls all Congressional Districts the fighting whatever in one of his bits.

Anonymous said...

It is pathetic that O'Hare needs to attack this guy because he uses a light-hearted nickname for his district. Give me a break. A military unit? You are reeeeeeeaaally stretching for Dent here. It's unsightly, actually. Tough guy O'Hare becomes fuzzy all over for Congressman Dent. Haha!

Anonymous said...

Bernie....you are an idiot.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Wow, what brilliance! Is that from a Jefferson quote about liberty? Last time I checked, I had a First Amendement right that even extends to criticicism of calling this congressional district the "Fighting Fifteeneth."

Anonymous said...

I instantly recognized the "Fightin' FIfteenth" reference from Stephen Colbert's "Better Know a District" segments on "The Colbert Report." You guys are really making too much of this. (And the reason this post is anonymous is because this site won't recognize my password for some reason.) --RadCenter