Monday, January 07, 2008

Will Grube Continue to Lead Norco Council?

When Northampton County Council met in December to approve this year's budget, one important member was MIA - Council Prez Wayne Grube. That absence continued as recently as Friday, when DA John Morganelli was sworn in for an unprecedented fifth term. He hasn't been seen at the courthouse.

Anyone who knows Grube knows this reliable war horse hates to miss a meeting. Part-time council member or not, he is usually a courthouse fixture.

Next to Ron Angle, Wayne Grube is also council's most vocal member. He's the council member who dared call Charles Dertinger's American Heroes Ordinance a "half baked deal." He was the thorn in side of a council that attempted to force county exec Stoffa to accept an IT contract that was $1.8 million higher than the contract ultimately negotiated. And unlike most pols or people, for that matter, he's actually willing to admit mistakes.

He and I have had a love-hate relationship over the years. I love him, and he hates me. He really has plastered notes on my jeep, calling it an eyesore. He really has tried to have it towed away. For my part, I really did once have him served with a completely bogus subpoena. I thought it was hilarious. He didn't.

Last January, I thought he should step down as council president. But over the past year, he proved me wrong, keeping a tight grip on meetings while ensuring that everyone is heard. In the middle of a meeting, he would occasionally look at me and start shaking his head. Sometimes, he'd step out and whisper to county employees who had items on the agenda, putting them at ease with his gruff, "Dutch uncle," approach. 2007 was actually his finest year as council president.

Today, Northampton County Council reorganizes. Will Wayne be there? Four of council's nine members have less than a term under their belt, and his leadership is sorely needed. I have no guesses or predictions for you. I've avoided discussing this sensitive topic among council members or county workers.


Anonymous said...

The Wicked Witch of the West will lead us to Kansas. Angle will be indicted for false claims and King Stoffa will stumble for another year. These are the predictions for '08.

Anonymous said...

Annon 12:02

I'm not sure about all your predictions but McHale the Republicans favorite Dem next to Stoffa will be the new Council Prez. Grube will be VP.
The Republicans cut the deal with her majasty in case Stoffa doesn't run for re-election they want her as the Dem. candidate. This boosts her Name and cements her support against the new Council Dem's.

Anonymous said...

any word on wayne? i hope his health is ok.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Anon 5:37, That's my concern, not the political intrugue.