Saturday, January 05, 2008

Norco Not Alone in Electronic Voting Machine Woes

If you think Northampton County is the only place in the world besieged with problems caused by touchscreen voting machines, think again. A report to be published in The New York Times Magazine tomorrow should scare the hell out of anyone who believes in the electoral process.

Instead of adding certainty, this new technology has created doubt. Machines fail and count backwards. Printers that supposedly create paper trails jam. Against this backdrop, Northampton County has very little time to choose and train on a new system for April's primary election.
"What happens if the next presidential election is extremely close and decided by a handful of votes cast on machines that crashed? Will voters accept a presidency decided by ballots that weren’t backed up on paper and existed only on a computer drive? And what if they don’t?"
Pennsylvania has already been selected as the state most likely to experience voting machine trouble in the next presidential election. “If it was Florida in 2000 and Ohio in 2004, everyone is saying it’s going to be Pennsylvania in 2008.”


Anonymous said...

It looks like some links to certain local blogs have been eliminated.

What is the story behind that Bernie?

Bernie O'Hare said...

I went thru the links last night and weeded out those that are inactive (no post in 6 mos.). I also separated the poliblogs from the rest. I'll have a post abput this later. I'll link to any local blog, political or not, so long as there is one post every 6 months. The one exception id LVDem's blog. He's the original, and will be linked so long as I maintain a blog. If I'm missing any, let me know, My goal is to link them all.

Dear Maddy said...

At least this time we can make sure a Democrat wins! Wink!

Anonymous said...

A real Democrat

Bernie O'Hare said...

True, but we always screw it up. You bastards always find out we have dead people registered to vote and rain on our parade.

Anonymous said...

Tell the county administration to grow a set and stand up for the lever machines. The BS blowing around that NY is changing is a freaking smoke screen by the PA State Government who also doesn't have the b@lls to stand up the the pathetic Feds - who screwed the whole country up.