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Thursday, January 31, 2008

So What Are the Columnists Saying?

Philadelphia Will Do, as a few of you might have guessed, is a Philly blog. It's blogger, Dan McQuade, aka D-Mac, is so demented he made fun of a dead race horse on Christmas.

My kind of guy!

He also torments Philly columnists, who are also mostly dead, with abridged versions of their columns. Hey, I can do that, too! So here's a recap of what our LV columnists and mainstream bloggers are saying.

Bill White: Brian Monahan sucks, but you don't get to vote him out because he's a lawyer or something. Oh yeah, Williams Township sucks, too.

Joe Owens: I'm running for president, you know. Shhh! Don't tell anyone.

Paul Carpenter: Hey, guess what? I ride a motorcycle without a helmet! Bet you would have never guessed that!

Jim Deegan: The Giants can kick the Eagles' ass. And Jesus' divine derriere, too!

Margie Peterson: This is my last column for the sucky Morning Call. But they're letting me trash them to prove they're not really discriminating against me. (Wait 'till I sue their asses!) And something about journalism.

John Micek: I don't have a hormone deficiency. Ask my wife. If O'Hare keeps insisting I can't grow a beard, I'll kick his ass. I'm a lumberjack, damn it!


Bill Villa said...

Here's what MC reporter Debbie Garlicki says when she answers the phone at work: "Hello, District Attorney's office ..."

Bernie O'Hare said...

Dude, I'm unfairly trashing the columnists, not the reporters.

Angie Villa said...

Paul Carpenter:
"Special needs kids are just lunkheads, and the teachers are morons, music and art are just unnecessary frills. Now get me some coffee Margie!"

Bill Villa said...

Dude, I'm unfairly trashing the columnists, not the reporters.

Oops, my mistake (and mea culpa), I mis-read columnists as communists ...

Bernie O'Hare said...

I mis-read columnists as communists ...

No, that's me.

Bill Villa said...


Does John Micek have a "column?" I know he has a blog (where he has blocked me from commenting), it's called "Total People in Discussion: 0."

Bernie O'Hare said...

Micek should have a column. I included a few MSM blogs as well. He's one of their best. Informative and entertaining. He's blocked you? I used to assail poor editors, reporters and pols day and night with incessant snotty emails. And then I met the Mailer-Daemon, who regularly blocked hundreds of my instructive emails.

I was forced to start blogging.

The number of comments on a blog is no indication of its readership.

Bill Villa said...

"Micek .. He's blocked you?"

Yep. After my first (and only) comment at his blog. And I did not use any "bad words," I swear. Okay, I did use these 3 words, "DA Jim Martin," and in a "critical and questioning" way, and I get the impression that this is not allowed at John's blog ... and this isn't all that surprising I guess, since you'll never find anything critical or questioning re: DA Jim Martin anywhere in the pages of The Morning Call "newspaper" either.

SPECIAL OFFER: If you can find anything critical, questioning, or even remotely negative about DA Jim Martin in the pages (or archives) of The Morning Call, I'll give you $100.00.

Bill Villa said...


No takers, eh? I didn't think so ...