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Friday, January 25, 2008

"Allentown Speak Out" This Saturday

Two weeks ago, Allentown critic Scott Armstrong was kind enough to publish a powerful essay about Allentown's very real problems. A flood of seventy-two comments followed, proof that we need to pay more attention to what is really going on.

So Allentown blogger Michael Molovinsky has scheduled a forum, Allentown Speak Out!

Where: Faith Baptist Church, 219 N. 12th St. (between Turner and Chew)

When: Saturday, Jan. 26, at Noon.

Here's how he puts it.

Speak out about issues in Allentown that affect our quality of life. Speak out about the new Home Inspection Law that most homeowners do not know about. Speak out about the Parking Authority and Lanta. Speak out about crime being under reported. Are you concerned about rising school taxes? Are you frustrated by zoning that negatively impacts our school system? Are you tired of City Hall and The Morning Call framing the issues. It's our house, it's our garden, it's our future.

There will be no hors d'oevres, no cash bar, no hired consultants. Just honest discussion. Real, as opposed to contrived, discourse.


Anonymous said...

and the mad salivating rantings of a whiny, weasely little man, with no solutions, only cheese to go with his whine

Bernie O'Hare said...

. . . as opposed to someone who anonymously slams him with snide remarks about being "whiny, weasely little man."

Those are code words. If you want to disagreee w/ MM or slam his ideas or wave pom poms, that's fine by me. If you want to call him a cook, that's fine. But I am native to this area, and I know what people are saying when they refer to someone in that fashion.

I'd appreciate it if you kept your anti-Semiticism to yourself. My father did not spend 6 mos. in a POW camp for you to slam someone bc he is Jewish, no matter how sly you try to be about it.

If you read Armstrong's essay and the comments that followed, you'd see a number of solutions were proposed. MM has been proposing solutions on his blog. His complaint about LANTA had a solution.

Perhaps your problem is that it is just not the final solution. Knock off the anti-Semiticism.

the observer said...

where did you come up with that rant. i too was raised in the area and i never equated those words with anti semitic feelings! i too think MM is a whiny ,bitter old man.(from what i can glean from his rants he calls a blog)he no longer lives in the city but wants to push his will onto the city fathers.
it seems no one wants to hear him anymore. he fashions himself as a cursader for the people but yet lives in swanky south whitehall.

Bernie O'Hare said...


You can't be a very astute observer. Growing up in Hellertown, I often heard Jews referred to as weasels, whiny, and little.

I'm aware where MM lives. We all are. It's pointed out nearly every day. I'm also awarte where he works - Allentown. I'm aware where he spends most of his day - Allentown. Is residence a prerequisite to being able to speak about Allentown? Allentown's problems affect the entire LV. Its crime problkems affect the entire LV. We don't just have the right to speak about them - we have an obligation.

If want to criticize MM, be my guest, but I agree with those who think it's time for the personal shots to stop. And I do think that in some instances, it borders on anti-Semitic. And this area is far more famous for its anti-Semiticism than its racism or xenophobia, let's not delude ourselves.

Back in the days of Max Hesss, he got to pay more than other stores to advertise at The MC. Know why? Because he was a Jew.

Let's stop[ using the code words. In fact, let's try treating each other with a little respect. Attack what he says or does, but let's stop calling people names. This is not grade school.

Dottie said...

I admire Mr. Molovinsky for organizing public meetings and forums for concerned citizens to speak out. Allentown's only newspaper chooses to mock and dismiss the citizens who have the courage to protest in front of their building, instead of reporting on the reasons why they are protesting.(See the Queen City Daily Blog from last week)

MM shows a genuine concern for the citizens of Allentown. It's ashame how thoughtful people who raise questions and concerns are immediately dismissed as whiners or complainers, or Allentown haters by some people in our town.

Chris Casey said...

I don't see the anti-semitism, but I do see a cheerleader. MM annoys me at times, but i don't launch vindictive tirades at him. He's entitled to his opinion, and at least he can say he stands up to be counted. Far too many anons launch missives from obscurity without scrutiny. Tomorrow will be an interesting day, there is much happening civic wise. I'm going to try and make all the festivities I can, starting with the Dem bi-county breakfast!

the observer said...

i musy have lived a sheltered life!

i am of the belief that you should live in the municipality you are speaking out about. not work here and retreat to the safe burbs at night. i too live in south whitehall i work downtown i don't go around preaching this is wrong ,that is wrong ,but my way is the correct way. i just observe the carnival go by.
i would not know MM if i walked by him on hamilton street and i try not to take personal shots but if someone is going to preach to the masses he will have a target on his back. I don't think it is a attack on him but on his persona.

Bernie O'Hare said...


Your prespective is that of someone who grew up in Ohio. I grew up here. I do remember Puerto Ricans being called pork chops. It was a term of derision, although I thought the team mascot by that name might erase the negative connotations. I do remember Jews being called weasels and whiners. I have two friends who read this blog who also grew up in Hellertown. If I am wrong and am being too sensitive, one of them will correct me.

But that's why we should not be calling each other nasty names in the first place. It feeds out darker sides.

If my back and jeep are willing, I'll be at Mike's gathering. Not yours. I need to be able to run a little faster before going to a gathering of local dems.

Anonymous said...


I enjoy the "give and take" on your blog, but one thing that's for sure is that there are many small minded people living in the LV, many I'll bet are "natives".

I don't know MM either and it matters not to me where he lives because very often it takes a person with a different perspective to notice and to point out flaws, problems. As long as it's done constructively, I'm OK with this type of criticism. The key here is that he seems willing to back it up by meeting in public and creating a forum to effect change. Why would you need to live in Allentown to recognize what's wrong with it?

I have never beed to Alaska, but I'll deduce that it's cold there.

Bernie O'Hare said...

i am of the belief that you should live in the municipality you are speaking out about.

I disagree completely. I don't think Bill White lives in A-town, but he'll blog about it or do an occasional column. What happens in A-town has a dramatic impact on the quality of your life in S Whitehall. And if you work in downtown, you have something to offer, even if your views are different than mine or MM. You might have answers thant no one else can see. Must you be silent bc you don't physically live in the town?

But calling people names helps nothing. I've had enough of the personal snarks directed at him and am really starting to question the real motivation behind them.

LOLV could take issue w/ him, but at least she did so gracefully and with some respect.

michael molovinsky said...

i've certainly felt the victim of personal attacks on the blogosphere, but have not equated them with anti-semitism. questions about where i live are just another personal attack and a diversion from the real issues. Is the home inspection act in the homeowners best interest? has the lanta changes been in the best interests of downtown? are press conferences and technology enough to help combat crime? i'm sorry to inform those who find me small and whiny that i have been in the forefront asking these questions. if you have any doubts that allentown may not be moving forward as much as the administration claims, it may be in your best interest to put aside your dislike for me, and attend the meeting anyway.

Bernie O'Hare said...


Calling you small, weasely or whiny - these are clearly persoanl attacks. Perhaps I'm too sensitive when I call them anti-Semitic, but it's only a matter of time before name-calling degenerates like that.

Anonymous said...

bernie, your the man, cant wait to hear you defend sam bennett when all the personal attacks arise on this blog the next time her name comes up.

Bernie O'Hare said...

You won't be hearing anything. You might be reading it. And if you scroll back through prior Bennett posts, you'll read (not hear) that I have defended her from purely personal attacks. I don't like them.